Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby survives being dumped. Mother traced but NOT expected to be charged!

Baby Survives being dumped ( WARNING: This link is from and contains actual images of the baby where it was dumped )

thought to have been born a month premature, was found wedged into a muddy hole in a public park. Reports seem a trifle confused as we were told the mother "aborted" the baby at 8 months gestation. It seems more likely that the baby was born unexpectedly early. Naturally we will try to clarify this.
Firemen were called and freed the baby before rushing him to hospital. The baby boy survived with no serious injuries and will be placed up for adoption.
The mother was traced by police but was not charged with any criminal act
I know, I know, what was I doing looking at Honestly, I only go the site when I get bored and this was the top link that greeted when I came onto now. So, please, leave that lecture aside, please.

Good lord, what type of MONSTER would do such a thing? I mean seriously, its bad enough the baby was dumped but at least it survived! Nevertheless, the mother was NOT CHARGED with anything. Maybe she dumped the baby because it was a boy? You never know.

I bet if a man did this he would be thrown away into jail with NO hope of release but oh its a woman, she dumped her own baby and most be treated with utmost care and dignity. Someone please tie up this womans tubes in case she dumps again and the baby dies and is greeted by images of a decomposing baby found!

Its a sick world we live in.

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Callum Phoenix said...

You know out of all the things that antagonise me, there is nothing worse than violence against baby boys or toddlers. The rage it incudes in me is as godlike as it is inconspicous [very]. I actually wrote a short story abotu a boy who was abandoned at birth and his incomprehensable pain and the sheer cruelty women are capable of. Nothing hurts me more than this. Nothing.