Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm just dropping a quick message letting everyone know that I'm going to busy for a while, I have 3 projects on the go in college at the moment and various other things that will keep me busy so don't except so many posts from me here for a while.

I've being too lazy and now I'm worried I might fail SO I'll be busy trying to keep my marks up and such. Don't worry I'll be back soon... or whenever I see / hear / read / experince something Femi - Naziish that pisses me off and I'll be needing to write about it.

And of course, theres that Jaw Operation!

Laters everyone



Anonymous said...

Take your time, get your education and get well.

Hopefully you will have the time in the future to continue this vitally important work; not just fighting the destruction of your beautiful people and nation by feminism, but the murder of the following generations if feminism triumphs and abortion is legalized. But until you can return, God speed and good health.

Dr David Banner said...

Take it easy my friend.Study hard too but take time out.
I had some minor incidents of rude and cheeky females the last 2 weeks as they are work related I had to put up and shut up.
the effect is more and more
putting distance between me and women.I notice an explosion of anti feminist sites I grow confident that we will kick them out of power.PS did you know you are mentioned on a feminazi site seems like you have them worried..!Best wishes
Dr David Banner

Anonymous said...

Didn't get to say it during the actual day - but I hope you had a wonderful, blessed St. Paddy's Day.

God. The People. The (final Celtic) Nation.

Don't let the feminists, Marxists, or *any* other enemy kill your Beautiful People, distance you from God, or contaminate your Nation. It may not seem it, but this blog is part of the fight, and I thank you for it - a round in your honor!

Get well, arrange your life, and then when life permits it, take up this sword again. It is my belief that your Beautiful People will be the last hope for civilization. Keep the flame, Son of the Fianna, there is much you still have that others have lost forever...