Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jaw Operation

I'm getting a Jaw Operation as part of Orthodontist treatment done on me on Monday, March 5th. For that purpose, I've created a new blog which will deal with my experiences and anxieties.

Operation: Fix that Jaw!

For obvious reasons, I want any comments on that blog to be neutral, so I will reject any comments that link me to my MRA activities here or anywhere.

Just thought I'd let everyone know.

Edit: The Operation is tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous right now as you could guess. Wish me luck!

Edit 2: Ever hear of Murphy's Law ' Whatever can go wrong, will ' ? Well, I've just had such luck. I developed a cold over the weekend and due to the fact its kinda dangerous to go under in such a condition, it has resulted in the operation for today, at the last minute, being canceled! The professor made the call, I guess he's really only looking out for my overall health ( even though my father didn't see that way, he thought it was time wasting as he was told he could go away ), kinda knew this would happen after I got that info slip with my appointment date on it. What is going to happen now is that I'm going to start drinking a hell of lot of orange juice between now and the rescheduled appointment.

Kinda sucks though, I was psyched for this and all and then THIS happens! If I get sick at the same time of my next appointment for surgery, I think a visit to my GP will be in order to figure why the hell my immune system is so crap!

Ah well, at least I enjoyed that bag of chips I got for lunch. :D



Brad said...

Our Thoughts with you bro.
You will be fine!
Pray hope and dont worry!
I was through something similar.
Youth is on your side!

Anonymous said...

God bless you and protect you during the procedure, and may He grant you a speedy recovery.

And when you are ready to return, we will be patiently waiting.

Best Wishes and Good Health,

Cordelia said...

Hi, I am a woman reading your page which came up when I searched for "anti-feminism".

I agree with you in your disgust of the behaviour of the girls on Bebo.
Believe me, they are not sleeping around for the actual physical pleasure, like a guy would.

It is something else that's driving them, like a misguided desire to be liked and appreciated by the guys they sleep with. Or perhaps peer-pressure. Very tragic.

I wish I had grew up in an environment that encouraged a holding back on sex, and traditional gender roles. Instead I grew up in ultra 'modern' Sweden.

In my own experience, guys really respond to being put in leadership role in a relationship. I think society is loosing out tremendously by undermining gender roles.

But hey, please convince me that you don't actually dislike women (as opposed to femism?) You come on a bit strongly here and there!

The girls you talk about are more victims in this situation than anything else. They did not invent feminism!

Curiepoint said...


I cannot speak for other men here, as they are well capable of speaking for themselves. I don't know if your post is addressed explicitly to the owner of this blog or if you meant your comments for everyone on this forum, but I shall try illuminate from my point of view.

It is often stated by men here and on other blogs that we do not hate women as a group. I would imagine some of us do, and some of us do not. For my part, I am utterly and completely indifferent to women, as they are strangers to me, and hardly worth knowing beyond that which they project. I know that they exist, and I acknowledge that existence, but beyond this, they simply do not matter to me.

With regards to your comments about women who are succumbing to peer pressure or wanting appreciation from men by sleeping around, I must strenuously disagree. I call it immature and juvenile, and ultimately reflective of their own crushed self-image. The conundrum within this mind-set is that in order to overcome such influences, one must take the steps to do so alone and of their own volition. It is, however, much easier to blame men for the way these women act, and thus it is implied that it's up to men to do something about it. I can assure you, it isn't...and we will not.

The current generation of women may not have invented feminism, but they tacitly agree with it's principles. With very few exceptions, their voices still parrot those of the previous generation, and remain quiet in the face of injustices endured by men and boys every single day. That silence and utter lack of a sense of justice is damning. It makes them every bit as much our foes as were Andrea Dworkin, Gloria Allred, Marilyn French, and the latest Queen Bee of Misandry, Kim Grandy.

I don't think men are losing out their leadership positions, so much as they are slowly coming to the realization that the only leadership truly worth having is that which they command of themselves. As women became more self-absorbed and demanded that they be payed homage and opportunity, so too have men shifted their focus on leading, protecting, and providing for others. Now, we lead, protect, and provide for ourselves.

Finally, nobody is a victim in this world, least of all women. For years, your gender has demanded that you be freed from your perceived shackles of male oppression; well now you have it, warts and all. We don't want anything to do with you anymore. We fight you, your sense of entitlement, and your corruption of human dignity and law. We men always have fought against such things from other agencies of evil...but now it's solely for our own benefit and not at all for yours.