Monday, July 16, 2007

Laptop Problems - Resolved

Unfortunately, due to the fact the DC jack in my laptop has failed, I won't be on as much for a while unilt I get this resolved either by sending it back to Dell for repairs ( something that might cost nearly 400 euro! ) or I buy a new latop. Its annoying that my mother is trying to make go the send back to dell to repair route when a whole new machine would be a more econmical choice in my books!

Kinda sucks, really?

UPDATE: This issue has now being resolved, father rerouted the plug at the back but it is now a lot more fragile so for a laptop, its not really that portable anymore! Ah well, at least its back in a working state - from AC power - again, which means I'm back as well. Thank God, I thought I'd end up waiting a few weeks for this mess to be resolved!

Anyways, until next time,



Fred X said...

Hope to see you back soon comrade

some 30+ guy witha sense of what is going on said...

Even Fred X posts to such blog.
You guys should wait till you grow up before fighting something bigger then you, i.e. feminism.
Both your blogs are deleted from my feed aggragetor.

Fred X said...

What the hell do you mean 30+ guy? Explain yourself

Anonymous said...

Never to young to start...I admire their youthful enthusiasm.Their youth is a big threat to feminazis!!! Good that they know more about what is REALLY going than do MOST middle aged people. (I am middle aged)
Feminism needs to be PURGED FROM universities, the media the government,and in fact from EVERYTHING!