Friday, July 27, 2007

How The Men’s Movement Should Go Foward

Hey everyone, firstly, I’ve decided to maintain both my blogger account as well as my Anti - Misandry blog. This means I have two blogs so that in case one goes belly up, I can fall back on the other one. ( I always write my posts offline so there is no need for me to worry about losing material. ) I guess I was being overly paranoid but hey, better safe than sorry as they say!

Anyhow, In spite of all the circumstances of the past month, with the closure of several high profile MRA blogs, not many of us are pleased with how things are at present. Some people have gone into the theory that the government ( in this case, the UK government as all high blogs closed the past month were based in the UK ) has begun censoring men in effort to prevent this from going mainstream while others have seen as a sign that the men’s movement is maturing after the initial ‘ angry ‘ phase, so to speak.

What I can see, is that in spite of these looses, the MRM ( Men’s Rights Movement ) is still growing. I’m not just talking about the internet here, I’m talking about in other areas, some men have gone public, like Fathers 4 Justice while others have being more discreet and decide to go their own way via their own independent thinking. I’m pleased with the growth, however, it is my belief that the MRM should never become a mass political movement like feminism.

I’m not saying the MRM should not have an active influence in the world, it definitely should but what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t want the MRM to end being as bad as the beast that is feminism, then it must never become a mass organised movement. I have a few reasons for this;

1. History has shown that any mass movement that starts with purely good intentions ( yes, even feminism probably started off like this ) usually ends up being hijacked by some psychopath from the top who in turn distort the goals of the movement in order to help achieve their own agenda or that of the elite, as what clearly has happened in the case of feminism.

To counter this, I believe the MRM most always be a leaderless and ( to a certain extent ) disorganised movement, instead valuing the power of independent thinking over that of group - think. With that in mind, the entire corrupt political system will have to completely over - hauled, doing away with the need for political parties, senates or presidents and instead giving the power to run the country the people directly if this type of idea is to prevail.

I’m aware that certain people will be better suited to lead than others so maybe the best way is to have this disorganised movement splits into different parts for each country of the world and have a different person chair each meeting, much like the formula used in Alcoholics Anonymous, which might be worth looking into as a prospective way of organising this leaderless movement

2. There is a possibility that some members of the MRM may be in actual fact, spies who are snooping in the activates of MGTOW and MRAs and reporting back to their seniors ( government ) and then figure out how to counter - act our efforts. While this may be a mad conspiracy theory in some people’s view ( Personally, I hate using the term ‘ conspiracy theory ‘ ) I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true.

To counter this will be tricky, will stretch the bounds of ethics but is possible. I believe if the MRM becomes a big influence, than any of the big speakers for the MRM will have to allow a full and comprehensive background check and if they are found to be in actual fact, spies or psychopaths placed there by the elite to distort the movement, then to put it quite bluntly, they will KILLED. We will have no time to be polite about it or any other niceties, if your found to be working for the New World Order’s Agenda, then off with the head, I say!

3. As with other movements in the past, if we do get our way, it is quite possible the movement will end up becoming corrupt ( even without the influence of any N.W.O. agents or anything like that ) as the years progress and people complacent and greed for more power and money sets in. This will result in the oppressed group becoming the oppressor’s which will result in another revolution down the road and then we’ll back to square one all over again!

A possible way to counter this to have a charter drawn up that once drawn up, CAN NOT be altered in any shape or form by anyone EVER. One might say it will become a religion without the mass brainwashing or scare - tactics associated with all other mass organised religions. It would be more of a philosophy of life, not much different to MGTOW in its current shape and form.

We will also need to see the bigger picture, beyond our lives and into future generations. ( The elites do this so why can’t we? ) We need to ensure that ALL future generations are taught about the evils and struggles of the past, full and unabridged so that none of it can ever, ever be allowed to happen again!

Men, if we want to achieve a real and lasting change, we must be willing to change EVERYTHING. The whole present, inhumane and highly corrupt system most go! We most need to come up with a new system and approach to life, one thing it would include would be doing away with the concept of money, voting and democracy completely. This WILL definitely not happen within our lifetimes, we will need to see the bigger picture and plan for our sons, grandsons and great grand sons to carry on our dream through to completion.

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Anonymous said...

Bachelors anonymous. I like that. No organization that can be attacked. Just an unorganized unarmed individual insurrection of passive resistance.

Some MRA's don't like that idea. They think you have to march around waving flags and making demands. I say screw them. That's not bravery. That's suicide.

It is a fight stay clear of a corrupt system that looks to crush men. It's all the fighting that needs to be done by opting out of that system.

Do that and you doom it to collapse under it's own weight.