Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Awakening!


Do you remember me? Yes, its NHY here ( or as some of you might refer to me to as, Irishman. ) coming out of hiatus ( well, briefly at least. ) for the Christmas holidays, I most say, I even surprised myself as I kept my word! I did update some links and did some other minor bits and bobs around here during the hiatus, though. Its good to see the ‘ big 3 ‘ weren’t kidnapped, gang raped by femicunts or anything like that. Captain Zarmband, Eternal Bachelor, I welcome both you back and Fred X said that he will return but only when he’s ready, so let him be.

As for myself, college has had me busy, really busy actually. Man, the workload is actually pretty heavy! I like it that way, though. Keeps me on my toes, even if I am, so I might say, a somewhat laid back person ( but not entirely lazy, I seem to work better under pressure anyway. ) I’m more comfortable with myself this year in college as well. Maybe it’s the fact my braces came off a week before we started back or all the dicks in my year got placed into the other group this time around? Perhaps it was just me using my imagination against myself and as the saying goes ‘ I think, therefore I am! ‘

While I’m around during the Christmas holidays, I’ll probably be revising or deleting some posts in this blog because quite frankly, I look at some of my earlier posts and they make me cringe. I usually write my posts on the spur of the moment, when I have time. It probably explains why some of them are so full of crap. I know that ranting is a good thing but I can’t be doing it all the time, in essence, my future posts are going to be more thoughtful and observing.

So with that, I’ll end my brief re - introduction here.

As always, until next time,


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Hawaiian Libertarian said...

Welcome back, and Merry Christmas NHY!