Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another nail on the coffin for Sony?

( or How NOT to use the online market in your game, in this case, GT4 )

According to the Famitsu inteview with Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo HD will have two SKUs on the PS3. One of these games will ship with no cars, all of them will be purchased via microtransactions.

The other, Gran Turismo HD: Premium, will ship with two courses and 30 cars, with an additional 30 cars and an additional two courses online at a later date. The Premium game is being considered a prologue to the PS3's eventual Gran Turismo 5.

The microtransaction-focused game, Gran Turismo HD: Classic will be the online-focused entrant into the GT-series. In this game, players will (reportedly) start with no cars or courses available to them. Instead, they will need to purchase their stable of cars and courses to race on. The pricing reported in the Famitsu piece indicated that cars would cost between 50-100 yen ($0.43-$0.85) and courses between 200-500 yen ($1.71-$4.26). There are approximiately 750 cars and 50 tracks available for purchase in the GT: HD Classic.

A complete copy of the game will cost gamers somewhere between $426.50 and $975, and that's without factoring in whatever Sony decides to charge for the menus (since that's all you'll get with GT HD: Classic).

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OK then, this is just plain crazy. Really, it is. Not only is the Gaystation 3 ( Sorry, I'm not homophoic but I refuse to refer to it by its proper name )

* Going to cost over $500 ( or in Europe, probably 800 Euro or more! )
* Delayed in Europe until 2007
* Uses an anti - competive technology that will probably flop
* Rips off idea from pretty much EVERY other company.

They are now expecting us to pay for a bunch of menus! NO WAY! Geeze, Sony really ARE digging thier own grave! Well, its not Sony here, but still, it just comes to serve what ' amazing new technology ' you can expect from PS3!

I'm sure the Internet will be out raping this so I won't add anything else. All that I'll say is that I'm Anti - Playstation. I reckon they ruined the games industry. So to see them in ruins will serve them right!

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Callum Phoenix said...

Finally someone who sees the light lol I never liked the playstation at all - mostly due to the games and controller. I worshiped the n64 as I found the games [esp. Nintendo] to be pure genius. Gamecube was good too and am really trying to save enough to buy a Wii and play Zelda TP [and Mario Galaxy!]