Friday, September 29, 2006

Thoughts: Today's society and where it might go, from an MMORPG prospective.

I was working on another post when I went off talking about this instead. It might of interest to some guys here, though. Might give afresh prospective on things. This is more a thought than anything else, Its what I think of today’s Feminist Society and where it might leads us, from the prospective of an MMORPG, as this is how I kind of see life, as one big MMORPG!

Maybe you could say I see the world from the prospective of an MMORPG. No, I’ve never played one and don’t plan to. What I mean is, I see life as a video game, complete with certain missions to complete and that getting a girl is one of them. In the past, this would have being a compulsory and easy relatively easy mission for most players to complete. However, in today’s society, this mission has become vastly more complicated. It also doesn’t help that the fact most of today’s player’s are also either absolute wimps and end up failing the mission because, even though they talked and thought it out well, they did NOTHING.

Likewise, there are other player’s who rushed in and treat the girl like crap, they get the girl but end up failing the main game completely! What about those who actually pass the mission? Well, in most cases, their class is changed to slave and they are now such to the girl, who gains weight and robs you of all your gold and if you divorce, you automatically lose ALL your properties, gold, etc. and are left with NOTHING.

The developer’s ( in reality and from my prospective, this is God but feel free to use whatever suits you ) saw this and was completely disgusted by this serious bug. However, it is not easy to fix and will take at least 2 generations to do so. Until then, the developer decided to put in a temporary fix; they made the ‘ get a girl ‘mission optional by default. At first, the player’s who decided against taking the mission were in the few and far between and were scorned down on. However, as time progressed, more and more player’s saw the light in this and decided to skip the mission also.

The head player’s tried in vain to overrule this option by using cheats that effected the game world, taxes, and police states along with other things. However, they still could not stop it. Eventually, there was a great crisis in this world. Not enough new male players were coming on and this led to a great crash in the world. The big player’s were torn down and the whole world rumbled. Not much was left, except a small group of player’s who decided to return to old values.

The developer saw this and it was good. The bug was fixed. The players as a whole saw their fault and the mission to get a girl was once again made compulsory. The world returned with a vengeance and better than ever before. The developer loved this and rewarded all those who survived greatly.

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