Sunday, November 12, 2006

AMEN, a men's domestic abuse help Organization.

Hello all again. I'm enjoying the discussions on Men's Chat Network very much. its great to see so many like minded guys on it!

Anyways, I just want to make you lot aware of an Irish organization called AMEN, which deals with male domestic abuse victims. Of course, its more than likely under - funded. Now, it was set by a woman according to its site, was set by a woman but somehow, I very much doubt a feminist would set this up type of organization!

Also, one of the letters on the site also makes it clear to me that Ireland is as bad as America in regards to divorce laws! Ah well, that just makes the cause all the more unified!

Anyways, heres the link to the site. I haven't researched it much yet so I'll let you make your mind on it.


Right, I'll be off again. Remember, you can catch me on the Men's Chat Network as nhy2006.

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Hutch said...

Hi this is my first time on this blog, thank-you for your positive energy.

for what it's worth, I like the idea that there is some counter to the female domstic violence thing but, keep the eye on the ball, we need to stop criminalizing people. This stuff just feed the domestic violence industry.

nuff said