Monday, November 20, 2006

Ireland: State upholds its first conviction of ' Marital Rape! '

Great, this is nice to hear... not!

The Court of Criminal Appeal has upheld the first ever conviction for marital rape in the State.

A Sligo man who was convicted of raping his wife after the birth of their child almost ten years ago had appealed his conviction to the court.

The man was found guilty in November last year and sentenced to six years in jail.

His estranged wife had told the court that after the rape, he had told her the guards would not be able to touch him as he was her husband.

Well, dude that was VERY bright because not only have you given Irish women a reason to look down on men as scum ( as if they not already ) the state has now opened for tidal wave of similar cases that will more than likely come along now, I wonder how many of them will trivial or made up?

Screw this. While I might not go as far as being a life long Celibate, ( well, by choice anyway, if that turns to be the case.... so be it ) I'm staying the hell away from marriage! It will DEFINITELY do me no good!


Anonymous said...

The IRA needs to start murdering women who are pro women's rights.


Anonymous said...

C'mon MikeUSA, please........

Anonymous said...

As if any woman would marry you anyway!! Pig! I am pro women's rights because all "men" ever did was fuck up the world!!!! All "men" do is rape and beat up women to show their "power"...whatever... It's time for women to fight back! Without women, none of you "men" would be here! Women deserve to be heard! Women deserve the world, because we sure as hell would make it a lot better! Women are stronger and smarter! "Men" need to stop pushing women around! You know the smartest person in the world IS A WOMAN! Look how much women do!! WOMEN ROCK!!!!! I AM DAMN PROUD TO BE A WOMAN!

Anonymous said...

Feminism includes your wife, mother, friend and daughter my good man. if your daughter came to you covered black and blue at the expense of a husband who simply could not withhold himself, indeed possibly because he believed his wife was 'his', and therefore susceptible to any whim and any need he must bestow, i wonder would your opinion be so damning and heartless. i understand that yes, many men do not see rape as women do, even anal rape by men towards men is considered only cried about by pussies, i mean, would you not enjoy a bit of 'surprise sex' anyday or anytime?, however, considering the fact that you do not know the entire history of the wife and husband involved i do not believe that your statement holds any valid point at all, despite one of intense ignorance and emotional coldness. However, maybe it is not my place to deride your views, it is the internet and the utmost podium of free speech, though i would be happy if you took an opinion form the other side of the fence into account. Though, i must inform you, the subjugated, objectified and submissive women those (i'm not saying you) may masturbate to on a lonely night in in front of the computer screen, are not real, never will be real and never shall be. Damning 'Marital Rape' and opinions like yours, from my own valid experience, are a direct cause of such base fantasies and repressed sexuality. I'm sorry Mike, but it seems you have been brainwashed.
lots of love

Anonymous said...

mike. you do realise that what you are doing with your blog 'an irishman against feminism' is announcing to the world that you are afraid that women are smarter and more capable than you are. i wonder if you are a misogynist or just genuinely frightened? // mikeeusa: have a wee look at the history of the ira / irb and you will see the active contribution women made to the organisation.