Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas time.

Bit early for Christmas, huh? Ah well, it close enough for me!

To be quite honest, I feel more like a Scrooge right now than a St Nick, Christmas isn't exactly my favorite time of the year, namely because of annoying family and the HUGE sense of boredom that looms on the day itself! Lovely!

I really don't mean to bitter, I honestly don't but with all that I've realized over the past few months, whats the point in celebrating? Christmas is just another boring day for me and many others. All it is a glorified excuse for excess in eating and drinking ( OK, I'll admit I'll be going for the excess eating bit but I have my reasons for not drinking. ) , an increase in binge drinking and hospitals and cop stations all over the world being packed with drunken fools or worse still.... what about those who end up in the graveyard? Scary thought, I know.

People have forgotten, in the midst of all the chaos of Christmas shopping and the rush that surrounds it, the REAL meaning of Christmas; Its a time for giving. Christmas is NOT a competition where ' he who gives the most expensive present wins! ', that is not the meaning of Christmas at all, what ever happened to the idea that its the thought that counts?

You must remember, that originally, Christmas was a time of penance and peace brought about by the birth of Christ in the Nativity. What does all this excess have to do with the birth of Christ? I even wrote ( and read out loud in class ) an essay about the corruption of Christmas in English once when I was in secondary school! Maybe my old geography teacher was right when he said that Christmas, as we know it, will be gone in 50 years time!

And whats all this nonsense about Christmas being banned because it ' might offend other religious groups? ' What a load of NWO BS! You DO NOT go around persecuting the majority for the sake of the minority! I think this article from save the males will sum that up!

But in all in all, even if I'm being a bit of a scrooge in my personal experience this year, I still nevertheless want to wish all my readers and all members of the Men's Chat Network a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And finally, heres a bit of Christmas humour, courtesy of good ol youtube

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