Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Essential Reading; Pook’s Mill

I know I've already have this on my links list since, well, forever but I thought I'd make a post and emphasize this blog more.

Pook's Mill

While this blog hasn't being updated in a while, I still strongly urge EVERYONE, especially those who are new to the concept of MTGOW, to go and read ALL of his previous posts. The guy does a truly fantastic job at explaining how to free yourself from the Fematrix.

I steam from, where his posts there have legendary status, especially his legendary ' Secret of the Jerk ' post there. I can personally remember being utterly gob - smacked by his posts on the site. While Mirror for the Soul was my first exposure to a MGTOW blog, it was Pook's Mill that was the blog that first had a major impact on me, exposing the lies of feminism to me, influenced me to become a part of the MGTOW movement and ultimately, start this very blog.

Pook also isn't your usual MRA, which I'm admittedly guilty of being. This guy doesn't agree with the idea that ' society is going to collapse! ' ' The world is ending ' or all that other doomsday crap. Instead, he encourages an optimistic and hopeful outlook for the world.

I can't explain this myself so I recommend you to go off and get reading!

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Davout said...

If you're interested in Pook's advice on dating etc., here it is as distilled by one of his acolytes in pdf format:

the black avenger said...

you are right on everything you say of pook, which is why I am ABSOLUTELY disappointed that he hasn't been posting often. but whatever is going on with him i don't know. i'm sure he has his reason.

maybe he's working on that site that he said was going to put up. he is a legend though. what i like about him is the focus on self instead of women. he gives practical tips every man can use.

also, he brings the intellectual side into mra, which is definitely needed. but for his posts at i would not have none what an mra was.