Monday, December 25, 2006

What I've learned so far.....

Welcome all, once again.

Today, I'm going to share with what I've learned in the past 6 months, ever since I became active in the growing MRA movement on the Internet. I'm going to share with you more personal experiences from when I was younger and what I now know in hindsight and other observations. Come with me, reader, as we go down the weary road and explore!

1. Family Alcoholism

As you might know, In my introductory post a few months back, I mentioned that my family is infected with something as bad as Feminism; Alcoholism. What I've learned has made me realize that my family unit has being corrupted by Feminism as well! Yikes! Alcoholism + Feminism = A definite recipe for disaster!

My mother is a controlling bitch. I'm making no mistake about this. She is constantly giving out about how ' mess up the house ' and is obsessed with cleaning it! I'd go downstairs from my room to go to the toilet and when I come back up, shes after tiding the bed again! Its literally ALL she does! She has no hobbies whatsoever! She also wants to keep my father on lease, not letting him out at all... unless shes with him.

Hmmmmm..... I can now see why he is always sneaking out to the pub and whatnot and why the idea of him going out on his own is so alien and a sign of imminent danger for me! ' Why? ' You might ask. Well, I'm usually at home and my mother is usually asleep when this happens and to try and stop him because its so alien to me is too dangerous! Of course, the mother usually wakes and who gets blamed? Thats right, ME! Is it little wonder I got so depressed when I was younger, my ego was constantly attacked like this, even though there really was nothing I could do. She used to make look in all the pubs in town for him! How embarrassing! Either that or she would go after him... only to come home drunk herself! It left me on my own in the house to look after my sister, no wonder I missed out on so much and don't invite people over, I'm afraid of getting ashamed by their behavior! She also insist I go and get her vodka because ' her nerves are shattered ' FUCK THAT!! YOU DO NOT SOLVE AN ALCOHOLIC PROBLEM WITH MORE FUCKING ALCOHOL!

In more recent times, I've obviously gotten *REALLY* sick of this crap and gotten really angry and starting to get tough and ask tough questions. However, she then uses shaming tactics on me! She would who she had it so bad when she was younger and how I've had ' a lovely life ' compared! If thats the case, how come she never talks about this when she's sober and / or with a consular? What she probably is really saying is ' I have no life, your father must have none either and so and going nuts with drink like this at least once every month and screwing you over is our way of escaping it and can't stop is! Our actions are just, even if it is wrong and hurtful to others. ' That tactic only worked once on me, the 2nd time she did it, red flags popped up all over me head! MY GOD, I feel sick, my own mother, using SHAMING TACTICS ON ME!

2. School

Leaving that aside, there was also another woman who abused her power over me, one of my old class teachers / class coordinators. When I was in second year, I was going through a rough phase in my life, my ego shattered from my families alcoholism, my brother starting to home drunk AND constant rejections from girls. I wasn't doing much schoolwork as I just didn't care as I felt NO ONE cared about me. Did she try and find out the route of the cause and help me? NO SIR! Instead, she just threw abuse at me, calling me lazy. Heck, even took me out of class once to throw yet MORE abuse like this at me and even called home! How the hell did she fail to see that there was something else wrong with me? Thank god for my maths teacher, HE was probably one of the few who saw that there was indeed something else wrong and wasn't doing this on purpose for no apparent reason. Even my old class mates say she picked on me, that how bad it was!

Why did she do that? The real reason, I'll never know. I can only guess that the power as class coordinator went to her head and she picked me out of the group because I was different, not just that, I was also in state of vulnerability! Maybe she just didn't see that there was something else wrong with me.

On the topic on school, the Irish state exams system is often regarded as one of the best in the world. Why? Most subjects still rely on one ' make or break ' state exam ( Some don't and have modules or project work beforehand ) which requires actual STUDY for such exams! As you know, males prefer that system. That being said, I think there are too, trying to change it to make it more modern! ( or maybe more biased towards girls? Uh oh ) Ireland also has the same problem with regards to teacher, they are mostly female ( however, they most come from proper teaching courses, not some ' womens studies ' course! ) and yes, guys can be more unruly in such classes from personal experience!

What have I learned? To oppose any such changes to the Irish state exams system! OK, I won't mind them doing some papers a few weeks before the rest of the exams ( I did Higher Level English and was in was the exam hall for 6 HOURS in one day doing both papers, not including the one hour break in between, I thought I was going to die afterwards! ) but if they try to modularize it and make the final exam not matter so much, then I'll be one who'll be opposing it!

3. The Datrix.... I mean dating scene.

Moving onto the dating scene, now, I'm well aware that Ireland isn't America ( maybe its a cheap clone? :) ) but some things are the same here as in America and the UK. For starters, I once again state I've lost count on how many times I've seen some of the most attractive women going with what can be best described as absolute scum! I'm talking about real low – lifes here! That guy was right, people who are kind, intelligent and educated ( like me ) are forced to grow up alone with only Miss Rosy Palm and her five friends for comfort while the ladies squander their prime years with the bad boys, thugs and players!

These women then go around and show how ' empowered ' they are by dressing up in skimpy clothes when they go out and used their body to manipulate others guys into looking at them so that they can either call them perverts for looking Or they'll use these suckers to ensure they free drink for the night! Then they'll end up drunk and falling all over the place or sleeping on the pavement! ' Yipe..... I'm sloooo..... emcowermeed! Hiccup! '

I have grand total of ZERO experiences in the dating scene because I DON'T like being a fake! In fact, I'm came here from, a well known men oriented dating advice site. Someone posted a link on its forums to Pook's Mill and the rest, as they say, is history! The problem with that site it that it encourages that you forsake your real self for the sake of a quick lay! ( Although I don't encourage the doormat ' AFC ' personality type either ) I tried to do that and well, it didn't work for me in the long run, it was.... too fake for me. DO NOT forsake your soul for a quick lay!

4. Marriage

Marriage, once sacred and for life, has all but being distorted in todays society. It has become a womans way out of work to life of doing nothing, not even cooking, while the guy goes our and nearly works to death and never sees his family, who she is ' empowered ' to leave at a play center while she joins other mothers and goes drinking! ( That part is dead true, not for all women, I hope! ) Either that or shes has an affair and the guy finds out and files for divorce.....

..... only to have himself taking to the cleaners by the female biased divorce courts! ( I'm not so sure about it here in Ireland but some info on the AMEN Ireland site implies a similar situation ) He'll be striped off nearly ALL his assets, his family and then he'll have to pay child support, which goes into the womans pocket anyways! He'll probably end up homeless as well to boot but she doesn't care at all!

Once upon a time, I wanted to get married but now, with the threat of these laws coming to Ireland and whatnot, I've decided to join the marriage strike as well!

So, there you have have it, what it, what I've learned over the past 6 months, join me next time in another 6 months when I go the weary road once again!

Till next time,



Fidelbogen said...

I have enjoyed perusing your web log; it's like taking a trip to Ireland without getting out of my chair.

I too have a feminist-unfriendly blog, called "The Counter-Feminist",

...and I would be honored to do a link exchange. Interested? :)

NHY said...

Well thank you for your comment, man. consider it done. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dating lads is a massive waste of time.Take up sports is my advice having been out and about for many years In Ireland and England and viewing the disdain of so many manipulative users.Women who go out with plumbers etc to get free work done or just afree lunch.Women who want you to pay but claim equality, it amazes me men still try. Dont they ever LISTEN to womens conversations and contempt for men?Women have been taught to hate and pour scorn on men and most do most adopt feminsim in varying degrees.The way men go cup in hand is a mistake.Better to ignore them.I regret EVERY date I ever had.Waste of time men are shafted in every area of our lives.MGTOW!