Sunday, April 01, 2007

On Politeness

Recently, over on Fred X, I banged on the nail on the head with the following post ( We were talking about how SYG is slowly turning into a mangina central ) ;
I hadn't yet linked to SYG on my blog but after reading, I'll NEVER be linking to SYG on my blog and I encourage others to take down the link from their blogs.

And yes, Fred, I know what you mean when you said being nice is going to get us nowhere, I've noticed my tone is getting harsher on my blog as time goes by.

Being polite doesn't win wars.
Being polite doesn't get you ahead in life.

and so on.

The greatest men in history were anything but polite in their dealings and that’s why they left their mark in history because they had the balls to go after and capture their dreams!
Although Fred X already has an article on this, I feel the need to expand on what I’ve bolded from my comment and gives my views on this issue.

As a nice guy ( or maybe should I say one time nice guy? ) it was in my instinct to be kind and polite to everyone. Needless to say, an awful lot of jackasses abused this fact and made me look like a fool, very often in public as well! Need I mention I was pushed around by pretty much everyone as well? I think the fact girls simply ignored me for scum comes without mention as well!

Needless to say, after all this and the Anon fem - hag that has being posting here the past few days, I’m through with being polite. Being polite never got me anywhere! The only time I ever achieved anything in my life was when my boiler of anger exploded and I become aggressive instead of passive.

I am very fed up and pissed off with being polite and conforming and end up being treated like shit as a result and I’m sure loads of other guys are fed up with being polite as well!

Consider this; Think of all the greatest men in history; I’m talking about the likes of Julius Caesar, Galileo, Michelangelo, George Washington, Patton and so on. ALL of these MEN had one thing in common; They were NOT polite. They had BALLS of steel and almighty courage.

For example, Michelangelo, one of my favorite Renaissance painters, was a jerk, he had ferocious temper. When he was painting the Sistine Chapel, he was so set on it being perfect, he refused help and did it ALL BY HIMSELF. This nearly killed him but he still insisted on doing it his own way. The result; One of the greatest paintings / fresco's in history, made all the more amazing by the fact it was all his own work. What if he was polite, then I doubt that it would have being as amazing.

Galileo? He was laughed at, tried and imprisoned in his home until death for going against the church’s view by suggest the world was round and wasn’t the center of the universe, what if he being polite and conforming, where would we be today?

Patton was one of the greatest military minds of the past century and an true leader. He achieved this by firm but fair with his soldiers, giving them abuse when necessary and such. When he died, such was the respect he had from his soldiers that 20,000 of them volunteered to carry his casket. What if he’d being polite? He wouldn’t have the respect and the Army would have being in serious trouble, like it is today!

I think you get my point; EVERYTHING ever achieved by men were achieved by REFUSING TO BE POLITE. Many people hated their ways, Caesar was assassinated for heaven’s sake! But in the end, their names were written in history as men of courage and RESPECT.

I know what this is like myself. I used to be in the reserves here in Ireland and I did on camp with them back in 2004. It was done over two weeks, the first week, the two Sergeants in charge of us were too polite and laid back for their own good. Heck, one of the Corporals there would have done a far better job!

However, they were only standing in for the proper guy. I heard about him from others who’d done the camp before and admittedly, was a little scared! He was a take no shit type of guy. He didn’t take kindly to poor presentation, sloppy marching and the like. Needless to say, the first day we had him, WE WERE BRUTAL and he made us suffer as a result but boy, in spite of that, after getting over the initial shock, I thought to myself ‘ Holy crap! This guy means business! But god, he has won over my RESPECT because of it! ‘ He was firm but fair, like any REAL Sergeant should be!

Look at what we achieved in the 20th century, we got cars, lighting, electric heating, computers, CDs, etc. Who invented all these? Yes, that’s right, MEN invented them! Men who, in spite of others saying ’ NO ‘ to them, still persisted and ended up winning as a result!

Now, thanks to feminism and the oppression of men, look what’s after happening! Western society, as we know it, is literally at a FUCKING STANDSTILL! We’re stuck in an endless era of going out, getting drunk, working in jobs we hate and so on! Why is all this happening? Because there not enough MEN around, just a load of polite, pussy - whipped, women firster manginas! As result, NOTHING is being achieved, we’re stuck with incompetent leaders, biased laws, a joke of a health system, ridiculous taxes, a disgraceful media. Tyler Durden from Fight Club said it best;
Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.

See? As a result of all this politeness, all this PC nonsense, we have ALL ( men AND women included ) become nothing more than mindless drones, following the same fucking repetitive pattern over and fucking over, never breaking free from it! They never get the balls to STAND UP and say ‘ Fuck this, I’m going my own way! ‘ Why? Because there are too fucking AFRIAD of offending someone! Of course someone is going to be offended! Like I said earlier, the greatest men in history offended a LOT of people in their lifetimes, did that stop them? HELL NO! They carried on following their hearts and souls! Did they actually give a fuck about these people who complain about their ways? I Doubt it very much.

As for any fem cunts who come on here and try to tell me off and use worn out, illogical shaming tactics, I’ve got two words for you: FUCK OFF!

So, in conclusion, what the world needs right now, is a MAN, a REAL MAN to come along and save it from itself! The world needs someone who does not give a fuck about what others think, refuses to conform and is willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING, even his life, in order to achieve his dream! The world DOES NOT NEED yet another fucking pussy - whipped puppet of the NWO leader, thank you very fucking much.

To all the MEN out there reading this;
The time for being polite has come to an end, got up off your arses and follow your hearts desire and DON’T LET ANYONE tell you other wise!

Until next time,



Stephen said...

Amen to that. A-fucking-men.

TJ said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Now that my Celtic friend is True Evolvement...When a man can get to his own place where he just doesn't give a flying feck what anyone thinks or feels. So long as he is operating from a rational and ethical stance, nothing else (or) anyone matters.

Amazingly, when you are operating at this level you have left the masses (95% of humanity) behind. You can NEVER go back to where you were.

WARNING: It is extremely unproductive and harmful to attempt to go back.

The benefits are enormous as you re-gain control over your own life. There is no other way of achieving fulfillment. You will now see things with amazing clarity as your knowledge and power grows exponentially.

You will find that you will be living much of the time in your own head. It will become increasingly difficult to put up with all the irrational psycho garbage that we are consistently being inundated with from the Mangina's and Feminazi's.

As you mentioned, it was the great men throughout history that did NOT seek approval from others and essentially opposed what the masses were blindly doing. Why go off the cliff with them. But keep in mind you cannot stop them…It has never been done in the history of humanity. The masses always crash and burn.

A major lesson that will save loads of wasted time and energy throughout life is to assist only those that are awakening or awake. No lost cause rescue missions allowed on this path of life. You can only throw small nuggets of information out there and if they bite terrific. If not you are gone on your cheerful way!!!

For many invaluable insights into what is going on in the world and the agendas behind them, check out Alan Watt. He's a Scotsman living in Canada and has loads of free downloadable material (MP3's & Videos).

Another great source for information is your fellow Irishman Fintan Dunne. He too has loads of great free MP3's.

This is wonderfully enriching material to listen to in the car or on your pod between classes at the university. There's enough information here to assist in awakening the true individual as to what is happening all around us as society is unraveling.

Go your own way and enrich your mind…You are leaps ahead of the other lads your age!!!

All the Best,

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT post, NHY. You are absolutely right. An excellent film that illustrates the point about the army is "We Were Soldiers." The role of Sergeant Plumley (played by the VERY tough-looking, masculine Sam Elliot) is a perfect example. He is a dour and relentless disciplinarian yet there is no one on the field of battle who you'd rather be with.

"Being nice" is not a virtue; often it is cowardice masked with a smile. Politeness is reserved for those deserving. This feminism, the enemy of all mankind, is a vile destroyer of both men and women, of strength, of tradition, of identity. This enemy, those who openly and those who covertly embrace the feminist ideology, is a cancer that infects nations, kills their future and lays them low. This enemy poisons the minds of women, leads them to forsake God and People, to allow heartless strangers to murder the children in their own bodies, to betray men and engage in unnatural, immoral, sinful obscenities. There is no room for politeness when dealing with such a mortal foe. We must not be deluded; this is a war, a war for our own lives, souls, People. If we cherish all of the sacrifice of the heroes who came before us, who fought and died and blessed the very Earth with their blood, then we must never surrender to this evil, deviant, Marxist, murderous enemy. This is a war like no other, and in most ways far worse.

Thank you again NHY; and God bless you, your Beautiful People, and your Holy Nation.


Callum Phoenix said...

Here here to everything the last comrades said. I am thinking of editing all my posts and making them harsher because I have dispensed with being polite more and more over last few months.
You are right imo. Being polite and nice just doesn't cut it and your using those famous men as examples really drills this fact home.
Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure we are talking the same thing; you decide.

But, history shows that the Jews preached non-resistance to each other, even unto their one-way gas chamber trips. They know better now.

For 100 years the blacks in America were treated like dirt. They preached to their young men to be cool, and dignified, that it was superior to letting anyone see them get angry.

For 40 years, mangina men have preached that we must be reasonable, that we must not say bad things about women, that being dignified and speaking in soft dulcet tones is the way we should go.

Has anyone noticed what 40 years of being nice has got us? Nada!!!!

One blogger rejects any misogynous comments, thinking he is being superior to woman-haters.

Nice does not work, and history shows that consistently.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your examples make no sense. There are tons of people in history who excelled and succeeded while remaining charming and polite to all they met.

You spoke of Michelangelo. Well what about his near-contemporary da Vinci, who was known for his mild, pleasant, and unassuming personality? Michelangelo wasn't 'impolite' - he was an asshole, and he got what he wanted because of his enormous talent.

If you are truly, madly, once-in-a-century brilliant, you can do what you like and still excel. But for 99.9999999999% of the population, it'll get you nowhere. Michelangelo succeeded BECAUSE of his great talent, DESPITE being an asshole. Da Vinci equalled his talent, but also managed to be known for his pleasantness. Who, do you think, still enjoys the greater reputation?

I'd also be interested to know what you make of a comparison between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, since you associate lack of politeness with military success. Grant was an alcoholic asshole. Lee was known for his unfailingly gentlemanly behaviour. Grant won the civil war, and even won a term as US President. His tenure was a disaster, and his name in the history books is compromised by the fact he was a jerk. Lee, though he lost the war, is always praised as the superior person. What do you make of them? Do you really think that Grant's asshole-ness won him the war? And do you think it was worth it, seeing as how even the success he got is now tainted by his own unpleasantness?

A final note - if you're going to write a post 'On Politeness', you might want to DEFINE politeness before you begin. Give an example of a polite behaviour or response, and an impolite one. It makes it easier to understand you. I get the impression you aren't actually attacking 'politeness' (do you really think saying 'please' and 'thank you' to a shop assistant, for example, makes you one of life's losers?)

I think what you really mean to praise here is courage and self-confidence. But both those good qualities need to be tempered with consideration for others, lest they become arrogance. And then you're just another Ulysses S. Grant.

NHY said...

Anon 7:04pm; With people like you around, its no wonder there are so many pussy whipped manginas! You tell us that being aggressive is wrong and use only bad examples of male aggression to silence men into being a polite and conforming sheep.

Being aggressive is a good thing, as long its controlled, of course. Without it, we'd still be in caves or even extinct! Its aggression that drives many men to succeed.

And please, stop telling me how to run my own blog!

Anonymous said...

The guy is right man I can't believe at one point I didn't realise the reason I was bullied and tricked was because I was too nice and polite. Too be honest I am still good to people but no longer take bullshit and will not be walked over like a doormat like I used to. Us men need to start acting like men again most men are all worshipping pussy or basing their entire life on it. Christ it ain't worth that much of an effort I would rather stay a bachelor and go abroad every few years to a brothel you get to fuck without the stupid games and none of the nagging/moaning etc. I too am fed up with society what it has become just look on the TV everything is aimed for women even the once considered men channels (Bravo and Men and Motors for example) are now aimed at women too it's plainly obvious when you see female make up ads on these channels I mean really what the fuck has happened? There is nothing for men these days it's all for women and this is why I think things should change theres no improvement with situations because people don't have the balls to stand up and say something. This is why people who offend others don't like it because they know it's true and don't want to face it. Being a man I don't find guys who are polite bad as such but men are very girly these days look at that recent Metrosexual bullshit women had men trying to image themselves as true pathetic I must say. Lukily I am one of a few amount of men who doesn't get drawn into this bullshit to try and get womens approval. I understand in a way why many women go for the thug, badboy type because although they often don't give a shit about women they don't act all over sensitive and girly or get walked over like many modern men are these days. Thats just my say.

Good blog I read it regularly.

Anonymous said...

"You tell us that being aggressive is wrong and use only bad examples of male aggression to silence men into being a polite and conforming sheep."

I never criticised aggression, only arrogance. But if you want to talk about bad examples - all of the ones you use in this post are appalling.

"Galileo? He was laughed at, tried and imprisoned in his home until death for going against the church’s view by suggest the world was round and wasn’t the center of the universe, what if he being polite and conforming, where would we be today?"

Oh dear. Eh, no. Galileo was REWARDED with house arrest because he was 'polite and conforming' as you put it (I would say cowardly). He DID retract all his statements and was spared a death sentence as a result. Bad, bad example.

George Washington? Another case of gentleman soldier. He was respected by his troops despite an unfailingly gentle and polite manner. See, troops respect intelligence, strategy, courage. Washington shows it's possible to combine these talents with politeness and respect for others. I think he's a fantastic example of a 'real man', but he doesn't support your argument in this post. He was VERY polite.

General Patton... well, maybe you like him. His 'lack of politeness' led to him slapping and insulting shellshocked soldiers in hospital in WWII. Eisenhower was so appalled by his behaviour he suspended him from duty for several months. I guess he thought a leader ought to display respect and politeness for the men in his care!

As I said earlier, men like Washington had courage and confidence in himself in spades. Passiveness is a bad quality, but aggression needs to tempered or it gets in the way of success - like with Patton. Only a Michelangelo can act like an asshole with no consequences.

I'm not trying to order you about - only offering constructive criticism as to how you could make your posts better. If you brainstorm your post before you write it, and organise your thoughts, your posts will be clearer and easier to understand. By all means ignore me, but it will mean your blog never reaches the stature of some of the better-written ones you link to.

You should also watch you don't contradict things you said in earlier posts. A few months ago you wrote about how a girl in the pub told you to 'F*CK OFF FOR A MINUTE'. You said her behaviour was out of line. I 100% agree.

But consider what she was thinking in the context of this post you've just written. "God, this guy I hardly know won't leave me alone. Stupid nice girl, I always get stuck in situations I don't like. The hell with politeness! I'm going to tell him where to go!"

Incidentally, I agreed with you when you said there was no excuse for her behaviour. I think it doesn't matter how bad a mood you're in, you should still be respectful of other people. That doesn't mean being a doormat! She should have said 'Look, I don't feel like messing right now. I just want to talk to my friends.' If your friends persisted, she should have told them firmly to leave her alone, they were annoying her. See? Polite, not insulting, not a doormat.

And remember that the fact she chose to act like an asshole WILL have a bad effect on her. People who saw the way she acted will remember, and some may give her the benefit of the doubt (she'd had a difficult day and maybe she regretted being a jerk) if she acts like that again, people will take note. She'll treat other people like that. She'll find less people want to support her when she has a bad day. And you, for one, are certainly not going to hang out with her again (right?)

And you never said what you think of Grant/Lee.

Fred X said...

NHY- I'm glad you think on the same lines as I do

Do not be swayed by critics who have no understanding of what the ACT in activism means

You are doing a good job- keep it up


Anonymous said...

Tee hee - Fred thinks people don't understand 'activism'?

NHY, before you lionise him, you'd do well to consider that Fred's 'activism' consists of swearing at people on the internet.

He talks of a 'men's movement', but does NOTHING to bring it about in real life. He doesn't tell people his real name. He has no suggestions for steps to take in the 'real world'. He's AFRAID his family and co-workers might find out about his internet life. You won't see him leading a political protest, or even doing something as small as writing a letter to the paper. That is his idea of 'activism'.

NHY said...

NHY, before you lionise him, you'd do well to consider that Fred's 'activism' consists of swearing at people on the internet.

Yes, he swears but it certainly manages to catch people attention! If he was polite, I'd bet he wouldn't get anywhere as much attention as does and hence, not as many many MINDS would be reached.

He talks of a 'men's movement', but does NOTHING to bring it about in real life. He doesn't tell people his real name. He has no suggestions for steps to take in the 'real world'. He's AFRAID his family and co-workers might find out about his internet life.

And personally, I wouldn't blame him at all! I don't tell people my real name either, in case you haven't noticed and while I doubt hes afraid as you say he is cautious. If his identity ( or mine, for that case ) was compromised and people found out what he was doing online, he could be FIRED from his job and shunned for being ' hateful! ' ( and don't you fucking dare say he, me or anyone of us MRAs are hateful of women cos we're not! )

Also, this only early days of our activism, for now it is mostly concentrated online but as it grows, we'll eventually take to the streets and when we do, I'm sure people like Fed X will be leading or at least take active parts, in protest marches!

Anonymous said...

Fred knows nothing about ACTivism. He deleted my comments on his blog asking him what he did in real life. He's a coward.

Seriously, imagine if George Washington had decided to write a BLOG about 'those awful British and their oppressive ways'. Yeah, he'd have achieved a lot.

Do you volunteer for pro-male organisations? Do you protest outside courts when they pass anti-male sentences? It's not good saying you WILL do it when the movement gets started - the movement will NEVER get started unless you and Fred X and the rest GROW A PAIR and do something about it!

But you never will. I bet the idea that your mammy and daddy or your college mates would find out what you've written here terrifies you!

Anonymous said...

"So, in conclusion, what the world needs right now, is a MAN, a REAL MAN to come along and save it from itself! The world needs someone who does not give a fuck about what others think, refuses to conform and is willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING, even his life, in order to achieve his dream!"

Hahahahahaha... he won't be you, though, will he? Or Fred.

Fred X said...

Anon 2:21pm/3:48pm-

First off- you are a fuck-face


And now onto your dimwitted 'points':

you'd do well to consider that Fred's 'activism' consists of swearing at people on the internet.

Funny how the more outspoken you are, the more MEN are drawn in to the Men's Movement

40 years of politeness has achieved nothing

And I've explained exactly why being polite won't get you anywhere several times on my blog- only YOU are too stupid to understand that


He talks of a 'men's movement', but does NOTHING to bring it about in real life. He doesn't tell people his real name. He has no suggestions for steps to take in the 'real world'. He's AFRAID his family and co-workers might find out about his internet life. You won't see him leading a political protest, or even doing something as small as writing a letter to the paper. That is his idea of 'activism'.


I actually create flyers and hand them around my local community and generate numerous posters advertising men's sites and blogs on a regular basis

I even try to encourage other men to undertake similar modes of activism, especially in regards to promotion. IF you had read my blog you would see the 'on-the-street' activism I encourage

I also confront misandry and make a point of drawing men's issues to attention wherever I go- online or off

I have also contacted several organisations to complain about their misandry, but they don't listen to lone voices, hence the gathering online

Which leads nicely into this point I'd like you to comprehend (assuming your empty head can take it):

The Men's Movement is only just STARTING- and, just like NHY told you, it STARTS online

THAT'S where we first draw men's attention to the MM

You stupid twat


And if I'm achieving 'nothing'- then I'd like to inform you I generate 1,000 hits per day, every day, on my blog- and the number is growing as the weeks roll by

As for staying anonymous- look around you dickface

99% of men's rights bloggers stay completely anonymous

And for fucking good reason !

THAT'S how bad feminism is

You stupid cunt

I bet you've never heard of the Sixteen Volts blog have you?

LOL- you should do your homework before you speak such bullshit

By the way- if you put half as much time DOING something for men, instead of moaning about me and other MRA's, then you'd have been of some use at least

As it stands- you are worthless

Further, I never did delete anything of yours- you are lying

You are useless- and a liar

I've addressed you right here, right now- and you need to get with it fool

And also- you never did address ANYTHING on my blog response to you, i.e. VAWA, and why?

Because you are useless

I don't even want you in the Men's Movement- you'd be more of a hindrance than a help

PS- Get fucked

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Fred, the more you write, the more you show what a scared little pussy you really are.

You didn't even have the stones to PUBLISH my questions at your blog - what are you so afraid of? TWO comments, on your 'note 2' post, put up at different times. Don't lie and say you never got them - I had no trouble posting other stuff! What a pussy.

"Oooh, I'm useful, I hand out flyers! Honest!!" Yeah, I'll bet you do you pansy. Why not scan a few onto your blog, and encourage others to hand them out? No, too much like ACTUAL activism. Fred prefers to stick to whinging, thanks.

"I COMPLAIN to organisations" oh yeah, let's see a few posts saying who they are, what they did, and listing contact details so others can complain too.

Fred, if you really get 1,000 hits a day, why don't you DO SOMETHING with that audience. Pick a suitable day (international women's day would have been a good one, but whatever), say 'we're going to london to protest, bring signs, meet at westminster at 10am'. Ring the papers, take some photos, put them on the blog. That's ACTIVISM.

Jesus, you're such a pussy you criticise men who are working for father's rights who don't go far enough. AT LEAST THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING. You are nothing but a coward (and you know it).

PROVE ME WRONG. A few photos, your real name. Then I'll have some respect for you. Until then, you're just another pussy.

Fred X said...

Anon 8:10pm-

You haven't listened to a word that's been said to you have you

Re-read the above again:

There is a reason why MRA's stay private- a damn good one

I won't be tricked into your trap- I can see you for the vile feminazi that you are

And funnily enough- at least I have more of an online prescence, and therefore and identity, on the web- unlike you who hides behind the oh-so-used title of 'anonymous'- LOL

And you are lying- as per usual- I have no problem addressing you- I've done it at my blog AND here

Oh- for the record- I've never attacked father's rights groups- another lie you have just promoted

And you have no idea how many marches I've attended or meetings I've been apart of

In fact- you know nothing of how I try to encourage men- online and off- into activism

You are worthless- and you haven't addressed anything that's been directed your way whatsoever

You couldn't even counteract my claim that if you believe the exemption for male votes in Denmark to be 'paranoid'- then what does that say for men who feared a 'violence against women act' prior to 1994?

You have NO understanding of the Men's Movement or the issues we fight against

You have NO understanding that activism, in this field, primarily starts with reaching MINDS first and foremost

And you have NO understanding of how 'getting' MRA's to do anything is NOT an easy task in itself, i.e. just like when you said that I should choose a specific day and get MRA's to meet up on it- guess what

Aint gonna happen


Because actually, getting the few MRA's that exist in this country alone- never mind globally- to do something is hard

Just ask Angry Harry who tried to get men to join him on men's forums to email in protest against a misandrist and see the complacency that ensued

He even highlighted this in a thread called Why MRA's Fail

Or look at recent petitions I, and other bloggers, have promoted to get other MRA's to sign- and see that only a few responded

'Getting' MRA's- or people in general for that matter- to 'do' anything at present is difficult- but the more support and the more angered they get- the more likely they will be encouraged into activism

So me, NHY and other MRA's who highight bias and show men what we're facing is about the BEST thing we could be doing right now

We are reaching MINDS and sparking reactions- showing men what they would NEVER see in the outside world

You clearly have NO appreciation or knowledge of how the MM operates- and you never will either


Because of 2 things

1) You're thick

and 2) Because you haven't read anything apart from what YOU want to see


I am bored of you- bye dickface

A Feminist's Nightmare said...

Anon, FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, instead of blaming Fred and the others for hiding their real identity, you should perhaps start yourself by telling us who YOU are , you fucktart! instead of commenting as anonymous.

What an idiot you are.
Shut up if you've got nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Was Jesus polite?

Stephen said...

Polite behavior is for losers. I'm 46 and for my first 30 years I was polite and it got me 30 years of abuse. Now that I stand up for myself it seems I've run out of opponents. People fear those who have their act together. It's gotten to the point where I act polite because I can afford to and not because I'm trying to please society or women.I only found out about the MRM this December 2007. I had no idea men were fighting back. Also, I only recently figured out how corrupt feminism is. It is one big pack of lies and is the worst movement in the history of mankind. I got the balls and I'm going to fight. Take a look at my article at:


I'm proud to be a part of this movement and will fight to the end.