Sunday, April 22, 2007

Update on some things.....

Before I post my article for today, I'd like to mention that I'm in a crunch period in college t the moment and am very busy and haven't be able to come on as much during the week. I don't want to fail, you know.

Also, in regards to my Jaw operation, which has already caused me enough hassle, the new date set for it is June 11th, unless this nurses industrial dispute here causes it to be canceled AGAIN, in which case I'd very pissed off! Unfortunately, due to the recovery period, which involves getting my mouth wired shut for a month, it means I'm not going to miss out on most of the summer. :( That being said, I'm thinking of exploring deeper the wonders of ROM hacking while I'm recovering, so all is not lost, I guess.

So, thats all really, just letting you lot know why I haven't be posting lately!


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