Sunday, April 22, 2007

My views on the Dating Scene

Firstly, I would like to start this by sharing with you an old rant I posted across several forums, including sosuave, last July, it shows how disillusioned I was about the dating scene and my chronic lack of success within it. It was also around this time I was beginning to read MRA Blogs regularly and I reckon this was my breaking point that would lead me to taking the MRA writings more seriously and adapting the MGTOW philosophy; ( I’ve fixed some typos )

Firstly, I'm sorry for bringing this up here but I so far in my time here, be able to keep it in check but I JUST CAN'T ANYMORE!

This is more of my rant about my so - called ' love life ' , or should I rather say that its non - existent?

Why is it non - existent? BECAUSE OF FEAR! No matter what I do, no matter how sociable in general I become, no matter how hard I've tried..... FEAR ALWAYS ***ING WINS!

It has made like a stalker, it has made me look like a fool and you know what, I’m sick of it, I made a fool of myself again tonight, I just know I did, walking past a group of girls several times.... ARGH!

Well, it has being a long war in my head BUT in the end, I LOST. FEAR HAS WON THE WAR! FEAR HAS GOTTEN WHAT IT WANTED.


STOP telling me I'll find someone, STOP telling me how to react.... I ALWAYS OVERTHINK! I JUST CAN'T ****ING HELP IT! I can't change it, no matter how hard I tried! I ALWAYS LOSE OUT TO FEAR!

I accept my fate now, I'm going to lonely because IT IS JUST TOO HARD FOR ME!


Everywhere I was tonight, I saw girl I liked with all the people who treated me like crap in school. THE JERKS CAN DO IT.... I CAN'T. I AM SICK OF THIS TWISTED GAME, SO I'M QUITING OUT OF IT.


I feel like such a failure, even if I get that degree and lots of money, MY RELATIONSHIPS WILL STILL STINK!


Please guys, if your a shy type around women, get help for it. I can't be helped now, I'm too old for things to be changed but there is still time for you, just go and do the right thing for yourself, please!

I'm sorry to bring more depressing stuff here but I REALLY needed to get this out of my system, thanks for bearing with me.

As you can see from this, I was quite pissed off at I now know is an unfair and grossly unbalanced dating scene. Here, I want to share my own personal views on the dating, even though, as that post suggests, I’ve being in a total of….. er….. ZERO relationships! And before I start, one thing to any femi - nazis or PUAs who might come my way; FUCK OFF.

Anyways, as you some you can see from my writings here, I’m a very straight forward, nice and honest guy and once upon a time, I was pretty much a mangina, a woman firster, would have being willing to do ANYTHING for a woman. However, as the years pass, I’ve become increasingly angry, harsh and bitter at women, why? I don’t think I need to say it for the sake of those who think Ireland is a safe heaven and will be the last standing ground of men I’m going to.

Do you know how it feels to be humiliated in public? It has happened to me for various reasons, many of them in the name of the trying to get a GF. In my second post last year, I mentioned how my first time approaching a girl didn’t go down so well. In actual fact, it was a disaster, he was me, thrown out into the real world without any help, naive and without a clue, following this girl across the street, while she shouted at me and then THROW FUCKING ICE AT ME! Man, I think guys can be assholes but at least they don’t go about in public like that!

All that most of us in the MRA movement wanted was a happy and fulfilled relationship with a woman, one where we take the role of protector and provider while she takes on the role of carer and nurturer of the both the man, the house and his family. Unfortunately, thanks to femi - nazis like Andrea Dworkin and her equally as vile and evil sisters, this has all but being thrown the window. Women think its ’ empowering ’ and ’ liberating ’ that by ignoring good men and spending their time form adolescence through to 26, 27 as a time for fucking with nice guys heads while at the same time fucking every last piece of fucking scum they found on the side of the road!

Even then, as a used up and rotting skank, she wants to abuse the nice guy even further by conning the poor guy into marrying her and making him her human ATM and if / when she divorces him, he gets taking to the cleaners and DESTROYED while she goes off laughing into the sunset while he lays there in the streets, broken! See, the nice guy never wins, its all one big lose - lose situation of you’re a nice guy, your snubbed, used and made fun of by the girls when you were younger and then when you become stable, get used as walking wallet for them as they slowly rot away, her breasts sagging, her hair getting short and she begins to get FAT.

To be honest, I don’t know why I bother anymore, I’m fighting a rigged battle and I know it. So why do I do it? I don’t know. Maybe its because I’m bitter at seeing my friends all around score while I’m left with only my hand. I’m always told by others that ‘ I’ll find someone ‘ , well guys, to be perfectly and brutally honest, having never even kissed a girl, having gone so long without……. I’m beginning to just accept that fact that in all honesty, there is no one out for me. I mean, that I’ll never know what its like to have a girlfriend, to have sex, to kiss, all that stuff.

Does this depress me? Admittedly, it does. I didn’t ask for this shit, none of us did. As a result of all this whoredom and skankdom that has infected western society, I’m never going to be able to pass on my own fucking bloodline! That being siad, I freely admit that I feel I’m at risk of being ‘ one blow job away from manginaville ‘ because of this. I’m aware of it and don’t want to be that type of person EVER again.

I’m sure most of my MRA comrades, apart from those who got the hell out of the west and married a foreign bride, feel like me at times, that they doomed to only have their hand for company for life because of how fucked up society is and how its falling apart. Firstly, we are armed with the knowledge that it is not our fault, its that of the self - fish Marxists, feminists and NOW crowd who want to create a dull, lifeless and genderless one world society of fucking SLAVES to serve them and the greatest false god of all; MONEY.

You know the dating scene is fucked up if a girl gives you a false name, teases you but when you make a move, she pretends you don’t exist! ‘ Oh, you such a great person, lets just be friends! You know what? FUCK YOU! I did NOT go after you to get that stupid line again. Fuck off and have your fun with that low life sleaze bag friend of my brothers, in fact, fuck everyone else but ME and when your in your 30s, desperate for a sucker and with a biological clock ticking so loud, people think there’s a volcano about to erupt, DON’T COME TO FUCKING ME! You HAD your chance when you were younger and YOU BLEW IT because you wanted to ‘ empowered ’ and ’ liberated ‘ and have fun with your prime years. Well, I think the classic fable ‘ The Ant & The Grasshopper ‘ applies very well here;

In a field one summer's day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart's content. An Ant walked by, grunting as he carried a plump kernel of corn.

"Where are you off to with that heavy thing?" asked the Grasshopper.

Without stopping, the Ant replied, "To our ant hill. This is the third kernel I've delivered today."
"Why not come and sing with me," said the Grasshopper, "instead of working so hard?"

"I am helping to store food for the winter," said the Ant, "and think you should do the same."

"Why bother about winter?" said the Grasshopper; "we have plenty of food right now."

But the Ant went on its way and continued its work.

The weather soon turned cold. All the food lying in the field was covered with a thick white blanket of snow that even the grasshopper could not dig through. Soon the Grasshopper found itself dying of hunger.

He staggered to the ants' hill and saw them handing out corn from the stores they had collected in the summer.

Then the Grasshopper knew:

It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.

By ignoring the good men, the ant in this story and instead squandering your prime years to the bad boys and thugs, your acting like the grasshopper in the story and in case you don’t already know, winter has an awful habit of coming in VERY fast when you not thinking about or keep putting it off. And when you find yourself in a job you hate, bitter and with nothing but a cat to come home to and when you see us good men, living the life of our dreams, the same men you brushed off years earlier, you will then know that you that what you did was wrong but there will NO going back, you made your choice and now you most live with it…. To the end, NO ONE is going to rescue you, not me or anyone!

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

I would advice you to remove your post because you are going to be crucified on the altar "of taking the piss". You wear you heart on your sleeve and your writing depicts your emotions too much; in this case it is not a good idea to be so frank and open. I feel sorry for you; you seem to be too angry at the wrong people. We live in a society were narcissism is the social norm. Each person has a right to screw up their life, and many women are miserable and they have been damaged by feminazi as much as men. A lot of them are in the matrix. There is no point in hating them; they should be pitied and should be left alone. Keep your distance.

As a well known green midget might say: "No Fear you have. Anger you have"

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

We are no longer a close nit community were everyone knows everyone on the street and the eligible mates are either from friends of the family or distant relatives. Because of this some women & men will never meet the nice person they desire and deserve.

There are a lot of good women out there and they might be hard to find. Like you, they are also shy and complain of inability to find good men. They do not hang around pubs or whore/night Clubs; most likely they spend there time reading books or socialising with family and tend to the home.

Marry a foreign bride if you are like this. Don't give up and make yourself busy.

I am not trying to proselytise you but maybe you should look into god and find a religion or good spiritual movement; it will help elevate the pain and maybe you will find someone through it. Get yourself involved.

I am in England and I thought Ireland had it better than us. I guess not, it seems we are all in the same boat.

Don't give up

A fellow human brother

Outcast Superstar said...

Great post NHY

Many of us of been in your shoes. Like you I am just a poor college student, thankfully there is only five weeks to go before I graduate from college. I was going to be a sucker because that is how I was manipulated. If women would actually use their prime years to lock up a good hardworking men, they would have their sucker.

They managed to fuck up what was clearly to their advantage and now I'm not bitter I just can't thank them enough.

Once you cut American/Western women out of your life where they become worthless to you, life gets pretty peaceful.

Such as today I watched a baseball game, took my self to the golf drving range whacking many golf balls with my driver, took myself out to a restaurant (very affordable when its just you and you aren't supporting a worthless gold digging whore), watched part of an NBA basketball game and of course catching up with the latest news of the MRA movement.

The bottom line is once you get financially stable, you can rent supermodel hot women which before you never thought it was possible. Although there is the STD risk.

Here is a Bachelor vacation book you may find of interest.

In a few weeks I will do a section on STD's and then cover Bachelor destinations.

Despite the STD risks my model is still fun hobbies to do inside the USA rent and take a Bachelor vacation outside the USA and of course never get married.

Just remember this last phrase I recently put together.

Women are liberated and not "oppressed" for 5 or 6 years, as a result men are liberated and are not "oppressed" for the next 5 or 6 decades.

NHY said...

Hey Anon, thanks for the comment. I do appriticate it. I know what you mean and I was very much aware of the risk of being ' crucified on the altar "of taking the piss" ' when I wrote and posted this.

I do admit I have some anger issues, however, not all of them come from my lack of success with women, look back on my earlier enteries and you'll see what I mean.

Also, I believe in God very much but that being said I do feel somewhat spirtiually drained at present and have being for a while and I don't really have the means at present to do something about it and nothing goes on around here for people my age concerning that.

Man, why the hell did I turn my back on going to Lourdes again this year because I was scared to ask my parents to pay the deposit?

But anyways thanks for the feedback.


moonreft said...

I recomend this read. Its not the anger but the shameing of the fair sex that debilitates men and there children of today

TJ said...

You will never find your answers or enlightenment at Lourdes, Croagh Patrick or any where else outside of yourself. What you will find are a load of fugly old fat ladies gripping for their unattainable spirituality. Why would you want to subject yourself to that mess?

I have cousins and aunts in Ireland that seem to always be making these spiritual pilgrimages all over and never finding inner peace.

The answers are within yourself as well as your endless supply of infinite joy and happiness.

As Outcast Superstar was saying...You need to enjoy YOU...your hobbies and pleasures. Stop obsessing over your shortcomings and women.

Focus on yourself and enriching your mind and spirit. Knowledge is absolute POWER.

Think about the power that you hold within yourself at a young age...Do you realize how valuable it is to hold all of this MRA knowledge. It is nearly as good as having tomorrow’s newspaper today! You are way ahead of most of the guys your age along with your understanding of women.

Here are a couple of great sources to enrich your knowledge of what is going on in the world and why it is happening. Take some time to download these free MP3's and enrich yourself. Be sure to share them with friends. As we all are certainly aware at this point, the elite have an agenda set up for us and it is not to our nature or liking...It is anti human as is Feminism. It will not be a pleasant experience at all as we are seeing now all over in our societies. Trust me…the worst is yet to come unless we all wake up quickly from our slumber and elite imposed gender war.

Here are a couple of great links:

Alan Watt is a Scotsman living in Canada filled with a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom.


Fintan Dunne is an Irishman living in Ireland. He possesses a razor sharp mind and great information. He also has a fantastic forum for superb insights into the happenings of the world.


There are years of downloadable archives on both sites that are completely free.

Learn to detach yourself from the matrix and enjoy the show...It is difficult to maintain anger when you are an observer watching the game and understanding what the players are doing and why.

Remove your emotional attachment and you will find your peace and blissfulness.

A friend of mine from here in the USA was in Kosovo working for a couple of years and on his way back he stopped off in Ennis, Claire, Ireland to visit his family. He said that it was hard to meet girls or get laid. He also mentioned that the quality of women was terrible compared to Eastern European women. He said that the women treated him and the other Scottish and Irish guys he worked with fantastic. It was very easy to get laid and have relationships with these women.

The key to it was to go to the remote villages and small towns where you would be a novelty and appreciated. Stay away from the places where all the Western Europeans and Americans hang out. He said that beautiful young women would just come up to them and start talking away to them. Trust me when I say if this friend of mine can get laid you will certainly be able to start a relationship and have sex with a gorgeous Eastern European woman that will treat you great. Take a trip on your own or with your mates to some of those countries…It is very cheap there.

Cheer up Mr. Ant with the kernel of corn…Life is getting better everyday. It actually gets much better every year as we men age. Just focus on finishing school and yourself...the women will soon be chasing you. Best of Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Trust me dont be a woman chaser its soul destroying and It is better to fill your life with other things.Be cool and learn to say less.Its normal when you are young to go through an awkward stage.Most of the dating these days is superficial games and time wasting - focus on your job watch out for feminazi infested work places too.Be cool be happy and believe me put women way down your list.Ironically if they think that you dont want them they start to wonder why. I genuinely dont want them any more I am blase and offhand with them and now they phone me,and want to go out but I value my freedom too much.Exercise and work keeps the hormones at bay its safer cleaner
and well you you have a life of your own You are missing NOTHING by not dating -NOTHING!Look at what happens to men now if divorce comes they lose everything even if she is the one who is unfaithfull!!!Look at all the hazards around dating NO WAY Run Forest RUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Irishman,

To be honest You have really made some valueable points.Your article may seem radical to many but then there is a lot of education specially for Men in your article and the Men are aware of it.

In short line the Young men should realize that "The way Nature has Created Women is different from the way A Women really is". So many religions talk about the pious and chastity of the Women over the Years but that was all because there was no freedom for speech for Women.

At the End of the Day it's hard to expect what to get out of Life.There is no specific answer as to what can bring Happiness.

But once again its a game of evolution and the Men should Adapt to this challenge.

The society is full fo miserable men and miserable women but the price is paid by nice men or nice women.

Nice Women too Pay the Price for being nice women.

"Wake up Men" for it's already Late and Do Wake up Before it is too Late.

Unfortunately the "Quest for Power" holds no sentiments.

Feminism holds its roots even in the TOP Multinational Companies.While the Companies specify the rules and behaviour , the companies are still not taking into consideration the Men can have problems with Women too and that is happening.

I do not feel sorry for you , neither do I Pity You.

Thank you for making an attempt to put your points forward which might help young men who are pretty much like you and hopefully they would not end up in situations they would not like to.

But "Being Nice or Good Human Being is Your Choice and its completely Your Choice and You Do'nt Need a God to tell you about it.You can be nice even knowing that you would not end up in a Great Manner."

Unfortunately in our socitey most of the Men and Women are paying the price for someone else's actions and More and More People are getting Pissed Off and subsequently triggering a chain reaction which keeps spreading to many others.

Take the Case of "Feminism" .At one end while the women are coming up, some women are losing their Sons in this Game of Feminism too and some women are sad to see their son end up in depression, drug addiction etc .

Anonymous said...

I don't advise him to remove his posting. If you don't like it, don't read it. He was expressing his feelings, his feelings are reasonable, so where is the problem? Why is being angry at the women who treat him like **** being angry at the wrong people?

Anonymous said...

Check this out NHY!
All you need to know...
I still recommend not dating
But the mistake men make is being a doormat.Being sweety and nice.
The reality woman are NOT even wired to like us they dont.The material girl lyrics:

LWFH said...

To begin, anything I can say here comes from both mind and soul, and I make no demands upon your life. You shall make your decisions, and that is how it should be. We can give advice, anecdotes from life lessons learned through pain and suffering, hoping all the while that you can avoid the pain we have known. That being said, I'm hoping some of us can offer pieces of wisdom that are worthwhile to you and your life, NHY.

I pray that you shall not forsake God, or Christ, even as the West attempts to crucify Him once more. There are terribly corrupt priests, true; but they are human and in humanity one can find the greatest of glory, and the deepest of depravity. The Church has been infiltrated by leftists who will lie to you from the altar. They will tell you that self-defense is immoral (an outright lie), that abortion should not be contested (a monstrous sin and blasphemy to the Lord; one of a few just provocations for brandishing the sword), that men should submit to women (we all know that is anti-Christian) and that homosexuality isn't so bad (again, strictly forbidden by the Bible). In these times of evil and despair, it is up to us as individuals to preserve His Church, as those who "lead" it succumb to temptations of flesh and coin.

I am a bit older than you, and feel older still. I have had two relationships with women. The first seemed perfect, then when she was comfortable with my presence, I noticed a mean streak emerging and she tried to control me. The relationship (never sexual - I thank God for the strength) ended shortly thereafter.

My second also seemed perfect. I was still, young (22) and a fool, and when her sad eyes asked for help, I was more than willing to play the role of the knight. Later, and completely by accident, I learned that instead of using the money to help her "family", she travelled to the seashore, where she spent several days with another man. When she returned (this was before I knew what happened), there was a coldness and distance. Eventually the relationship (also never sexual) ended; she became more and more demanding, and on occasion downright wicked. For a while I couldn't understand; I assumed it was my fault. Finally, I could take no more, and broke from my depression. We argued terribly and I ended the "relationship". About two weeks later I found out she was f-ing other men all along.

Thank God we argued, thank God she insulted my manhood and attempted to shame me. If I had married this creature my life would be in ruins, and probably over.

I understand completely NHY, why you wish to find someone, why you say:

"...All that most of us in the MRA movement wanted was a happy and fulfilled relationship with a woman, one where we take the role of protector and provider while she takes on the role of carer and nurturer of the both the man, the house and his family..."

Unlike some in this noble movement, I do not think that women are inherently evil, I do not think they must always be evil. That being said, most of those men are still men of wisdom, and women today are generally unclean, and extremely destructive to a man's joy, his mind, his very soul. I still fight this temptation; in other times, when God meant something to man, and women embraced their beautiful role in His plan, marriage and family could be a beautiful gift. But no longer. It is indeed difficult to rage against natural instinct, but if we do not, we will be destroyed. Women and their enablers have chosen to destroy the blessed covenant of marriage, and replace it with an evil servitude. We must fight the urge to be lured into that servitude. Things should not be as they are, but thus is the world in which we live, and we cannot return. Therefore we must resist, or we are not men, we are not strong.

As for your specific Nation and People, the war has moved beyond saving women; soon the EU will attempt to force you to legalize abortion. The EU is a socialist inheritor of the Soviet Union, and has embraced the death-cult of feminism; they will have the means to tighten their stranglehold on your Nation. Ireland still possesses a great blessing that nations such as America have forsaken: law against infanticide. If infanticide is ever legalized in Ireland all will be lost. This war has grown larger than the salvation of petty women and their petty neuroses; this war is now one of survival, against the feminist death cult, against the endless night of Marxism, against the slaughter of innocents that makes the bloodshed of the Holocaust pale pink in comparison. Whether we marry or not, whether we procreate or not, we are still touched by this wave of death and we are still obliged to fight it.

Your sentiments are raw and beautiful NHY. I am impressed that you have the courage to share them. God bless you and your People, you will need it. This is a war, no question. I pray you will have strength to resist the potent temptations, and I believe you will. Yours is a great tradition of strength, the blood that flows in your soul is the spirit of great champions and men who would never submit.

My best wishes and most dedicated prayers,


Anonymous said...

A good post NHY, I commend you for your courage in expressing your true feelings on the terrible state of dating today.

I must confess, that I made the rather foolish assumption that us nice,loyal and decent men were what women were looking for. How totally wrong was I!!!

Here in Australia, women are addicted to the "bad boys","thugs" and "players", whilst deliberately ignoring the genuine nice guys.

These same women will always bitch and moan that "there are no good men left". This would have to be one of the biggest contradictions of feminism ie.on one hand todays modern woman claims that she wants to be treated equally and decently, but they deliberately and consciously choose men who will mistreat them eg. the bad boys etc.

Unfortunately, being in my late thirties (and have never had a girlfriend), I think I will live the rest of my life alone.Don't get me wrong I have tried to meet girls, but most of them are so stuck up, and will not give you the time of day. And this is the catch 22 us nice guys face today, ie.if you stay at home you are 100% guaranteed to stay single, but then if you put yourself "out there" the constant stream of rejections from women only give you more negative reinforcement thus eroding your self confidence.

What more can I say?, you seem like a decent fellow, and I wish for you to meet a loyal,attractive and decent woman.

Good luck.

Inspector Montalbano

PS.I enjoy your blog.

dan said...

LWFH, Great Post! Sadly, even amongst us MRAs, there are those who want the casual sex and then to trash women! NHY, allow me to offer a slightly different point of view.
I've had almost three dozen rlationships in the last 18 years (I was engaged 3 times and I'm only going to be thirty in July) the majority of them sexual and many above-average looking women. I first did it when I was not quite 11 to a girl two years ahead of me in school. All throughout Juior High, High School, Community College and University, I had relationships with girls/women many of whom started off very sweet. "Oh yes, she'll be different....SHE is not like the others....this one is THE ONE" to no avail. I was a slow learner, but I got there. Twice I was near suicidal. Also, The emptiness you feel after spending the night with someone when you and her don't really love each other "ah man, why'd I do that?" Trust me, I know your frustration as I'm struggling with that myself. That sucks but, believe you me, that feeling I described above is ten times worse! Whoever said, "It is better to have loved and lost than to not love at all." is a complete idiot.
LWFH, you sound like a man of God as I too have become. If the MRAs are going to in this war, we need the LORD as I know many feminists are anti-Christ in their livelihood. I don't hate them, I hate what they stand for! There is a good MRA Christian Website called Shattered Men which deals with the hidden half of domestic violence. Sadly, most churches don't adress this issue. They beat up on the men telling them to be good, Godly providers and that men are dogs for making a woman pregnent and leaving. Two problems with that. 1. The men sitting there listening to the sermons, for the most part, aren't the ones who need the message and 2. Pastors rarely or never lecture women on chasity or being responsible Christians/wives/mothers and the church is crawling with single mothers and the Pastors are too gutless to adress that to the women.
Pray for the MRA