Friday, June 22, 2007

The End of Eternal Bachelor

As and some of you will have no doubt noticed, the blog Eternal Bachelor has just being closed down.

The Final Post

Man, this is sad to see. It was actually one of the first MRA blogs that I read when I first came across the MRA movement last year and it was a good blog but alas, Duncan had good reasons for closing it down and I wish him all the best in the future, you’ve made a huge contribution to the MRA movement and will be sadly missed. Thanks for everything, man.

On that topic, over at Pook’s Mill, Pook made an interesting post in relation to the end of EB that is worth reading by everyone. It’s called ’ RIP Eternal Bachelor ‘

Pook’s Mill

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Uzem & Luzem said...

There's got to be more to the story otherwise he would have just left the blog up.

Duncan was / is a truly great writer who told it like it is. Ironic that I found his site the week before he took it down and liked it so much I started copying and pasting the good stuff like mad. I worked backwards from June 2007 and got to June 2006 - 250 pages in MS Word - before I needed to take a break. Here's one of his posts that sums everything up brilliantly:

"Women are always spouting about empowerment...well we men are empowered too. Empowered enough to reject any of the following female types:
1. Golddiggers
2. Used up skanks who have shagged half the planet
3. Old bags covered in tattos
4. Old bags whose tits are now level with their ankles
5. Females who spout about empowerment but who simultaneously want you to keep them financially
6. Loud-mouthed skanks who constantly blame men for all their problems.

Unfortunately, this more or less rules out the entire female half of our population, which means we now look for women who meet our biological needs only. This means we date women in their twenties who we have no intention of having a long lasting relationship with, since they will inevitably meet at least one of the exclusion clauses as listed above.

If this annoys you....tough. We do not need to "grow up" or any of that shaming crap you throw at us which, by the way, only reinforces our contempt for you. You are the ones who need to change to meet our criteria as marriage is not compulsary and is our choice. If you don't like this situation, then blame yourself and the feminists who created a world where men do not want to marry women because the risks of being ripped-off are too great. Of course, you could always buy a cat."

His blog will be missed.

Maelstrom said...

Shocking to see it closed down, but I started my own blog now.

dan said...

NHY, as I stated in Fred X's blog, I too am most saddened to see EB go off-line....but not to worry, there will be more out there. If I can start my own blog, I will. In the mean time, I'll keep up the fight in my little corner of the world (Florida, USA), and won't soon forget the many great articles and blog posts there as well. As someone once posted on Duncan's site, "today's (falsely) accused and convicted man is tomorrow's disgruntled blogger." I would like to add to that: Today's man, who thought, who KNEW his woman is "the one" only to find out what a cheating bitch she is, is tomorrow's MRA site blogger. The man today who finds out he can't get access to certain things because of his gender, is tomorrow's MRA blogger, today the man gets a restraining order by some bitch, tomorrow, he is an MRA blogger, today the man is being ass-raped in divorce court, losing his children through biased custody laws, tomorrow, we will see his site rise up. If one site goes down, two more will rise up.

One of the things I commend Duncan on is that he adds "Don't co-habitate" to staying single. It is not enough not to marry. Living with your girlfriend is begging for a disaster. NHY, God-bless and keep up the good work.