Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Take on MGTOW

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you may think what that sign on the top of the page means. I’m aware many of you already know this but here I am going to offer my own views of it.

Firstly, this logo is the symbol of MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. Their manifesto I will post here based on the one on the MGTOW website.


The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!

By instilling masculinity in men, we make men self-reliant, proud, and independent.

By instilling femininity in women, we make them nurturing, supporting, and responsible.

By working for a limited government, we are working for freedom and justice.

Women have other qualities is not interesting to men because we don't need them! Femininity will be the price women pay for enjoying masculinity in men!

This is the aim of "Men Going Their Own Way".

By holding this point of view, we are helping other men and, more importantly, we are helping boys grow up to become men.

This goal is to take away everyone's "right" to vote on other people's affairs thus rendering it impossible for political organisms and ideologies to impose their personal will on everyone else. It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect - but not directly and not as a political ideology. Only the future will show
what happens and by going our own way we are preparing men and boys for that future.

It is important for men to have a practical approach to implementing our strategies.


We have 3 main strategies:

1. instilling masculinity in men by:
Demanding respect for men
Serving as good male role models
Living independent lives
Fighting chivalry

2. instilling femininity in women

We will hold women equally accountable to men and ignore and shun those who refuse to take any responsibility for their own circumstances. Thus we induce women to take a complementary position with men instead of a competitive position as is now the case.
Feminine qualities we want from women:


3. Limited government

In order to be independent of society, and live within it, while at the same time work for limiting governmental influence upon our daily lives, men will:

Go Their Own Way
Support other men
Legally reduce any taxpaying
Truthfully act out any duties in accordance with their conscience
Use any rights to the benefit of other men as well as themselves

It is those 3 strategies that come together in one.

Lets make things clear, MGTOW is NOT a political movement and apart from some websites, isn’t an organised movement either, it’s a philosophy of life. We are simply individual men who, after seeing how society is slowly decaying from within, simply decide to say ‘ Screw this, I’m going my own way ‘ and so go forth and do things their own way.

To put another way, if current society as we know it is being run on a unreliable, crash - prone, bloated resource pig of an operating system ( Think Windows here. ) then MGTOW is a whole new operating system for the minds of those men who are able to handle it. A more attractive, flexible, cheaper and generally more reliable system of living.

One of the real beauties of MGTOW is that is so flexible. This means, as an individual man, as long as your life on your terms, not that of some mis-guided parent, skank, some insane feminist or highly corrupt and PC mad politicians, then your one of us, truly a man going their own way.

For some, the marriage strike that now in full swing is more than enough for many men but for many others, that isn’t enough. There are the ones who are speaking out, much like myself. There are ones who are going off and marrying foreign brides, the type of haven’t yet being corrupted by the foul beast that is feminism.

Then there are those who continually strive for improvement in all areas of their lives, be with eating a healthy diet, developing their mind, connecting with nature, the list is endless. I don’t know of any MGTOW who are not doing at least doing something in this area, this is generally speaking, a universal trait of MGTOW, we continually strive for improvement. Why? Because we know we’re not perfect but we must strive not to be perfect either because perfection is boring.

MGTOW don’t subscribe to the propaganda machine that is the media. We know that it lies, based on sensationalism and is generally speaking, depressing. And I wonder why there is so much unnecessary drama at home with the family! In fact, MGTOW don’t subscribe to the popular culture at all. Instead, we create our own culture, one that we can call our own.

MGTOW are gentlemen but that does NOT mean we are wimps either. As I have spoken of before in a previous post, we are polite but if the need arises, we can be aggressive as well. This type of philosophy is necessary if one is to succeed in life as we must grab every opportunity we get in life by the balls and squeeze it HARD. There is no such thing as a successful wimp.

For the websites that exist where MGTOW gather, we are then a brotherhood, bound by the fact we have adopted the philosophy of MGTOW into our lives. Everyone there looks out of for each other and offers the type of advice on life that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Its little wonder that when my father offered me advice that confused me, I brought it up on Niceguy’s MGTOW forum as I knew I’d get the best advice. Not the stuff I wanted to hear but the actual truth. They say the truth will set you free but it will hurt at first. No truer words can be spoken!

Some might say that an MRA and MGTOW are both the same type of person. That’s one of those both yes and no answers. Many other MRA’s have adopted the MGTOW philosophy, some have not but may follow a similar lifestyle in that regards. While certain MRAs might be cynical of how life has played out to them, MGTOW fully embrace the doors that have opened to us as a result instead of mourning at the doors that have being welded shut!

To be honest, I’m still learning as you can see from reading my blog, some of the posts read like something from a personal rant journal but I couldn’t care less. One of my character traits is that I like to speak my mind, even if it offends someone without me realising it ( depending on the person I usually apologise after I realise my error, unless I meant it ) I’ve learned so much about myself and the world around me.

All this simply because I’ve decided to just go my own way. Even when I was only 9, I was already going my own way. I was cast as a cat in school play and fully embraced the role, to the point I crawled on the ground to get the cat impression right! I didn’t care what people thought and the end result was fantastic, we did the play for competition and my character was directly complimented by a judge afterwards. Fuck it, I’ve always being going my own way, only I didn’t realise it!

As a fellow Man Going My Own Way, I see things getting better for me from here on in and that is a good thing. My jaw operation I spoke of was a success and as I’m fast healer, the pain and swelling is pretty much gone. My new smile and bite are going to do wonders for my self - esteem and its worth the hassles at the moment but I guess that fits right into the MGTOW philosophy, in order to get what we want from life, we first endure some hardships in order to get there. These hardships are there to test you and you will come out a stronger and better person!

So, that’s my take on the MGTOW philosophy.

Until next time, keep going your own way!



Anonymous said...

Under this philosophy, would I, a woman, still be allowed to be an engineering graduate student conducting research in photonics and biomedical engineering, or would I have to quit and go nurture some children?

moonreft said...


Your knee-jerk reaction is typical, your not offending anyone here.

You have a right to be a self-rightious female. This has been ingrained into most young ladies of the west. What was implied here was that WW have shot themselves in the foot with forceing this garbage.

Just remember when you are 30 somthing, still alone, childless and barren from STD's or abortions that there once was a group of men that respected true values.

BTW might want to save a cat from the local pound. You might need something to emote to for the rest of your life.

dan said...

One of the main keys to instilling masculinity back into men, which is Constantly overlooked, is putting a stop to undeserved chivalry. We treat women like ladies who flat out refuse to act like them. Just last week, while on a crowded bus, I saw three manginas give up their seats for three girls who didn't even look at the guys, let alone say "thank you." One girl looked at me as if to assume I was just going to let her sit down. Hell no! I'd been working all day and I was tired. She gavve me the most evil eye I've seen in awhile, but, shaming language, nor shaming LOOKS would not change my mind. Men still ask girls out, pick them up, get the door for them, spend money on the date, giving WOMEN all the veto power. And as long as we continue to be chivalrous, we are GIVING them that power and cementing our doom by making them overpriced when they were overpriced to begin with.

Anonymous said...


Just remember when you are 30 somthing, still alone, childless and barren from STD's or abortions that there once was a group of men that respected true values.

I have a long way to 30, and I've recently become engaged to my boyfriend of 2 years. I have never had an STD or an abortion because I always practice safe sex and get tested regularly.

I will most likely earn more money than my fiance (he is only planning on earning an MS while I'm going on to the PhD). That's OK with us.

We're planning on having just 2 children, and I will stay at home with them for the first month, then he will take over as the primary caretaker.

Also, I don't like cats - you can't take them backpacking. I'm a dog person myself :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, anon 7.10, don't you know you don't exist? No, EVERYONE is miserable and women are only interested in bagging a rich man. And if you got into Engineering it's because of pro-woman policies (despite that fact that the CAO is anonymous and the Leaving Cert is, by anyone's standards, totally skewed towards a 'male' way of learning). And if you're in a relationship, you must be a cunning used-up slut and he must be a 'bad boy' (because according to NHY they are the only ones who get girls). Honestly, don't you realise that the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD is soooo unhappy? I mean, it's true for NHY so it must be true for everyone!

MizDarwin said...

Huh, abortions and STDs aren't graduation requirements from engineering programs in the U.S. Things must be different in Irish universities. No wonder y'all are suffering a brain drain.

Anonymous said...

Hey, mizdarwin, I'm a 'normal' person who keeps getting drawn back to this blog because it is so COMPLETELY untypical of Irish society as a whole. Believe me (as an Irish woman), most people would laugh their heads off if they heard the shite NHY comes out with. Sometimes I doubt he's even Irish. Seriously, we have plenty of problems, but his idea that college women are std ridden and having abortions left right and centre, is completely freakin ridiculous. I dunno if he spends too much time reading US MRA wierdos, or just never leaves his mammy's upstairs bedroom, but he has NO IDEA what modern Irish life is for young people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28, sweetie, I was just joking. I got mad love for the Irish (I live in Boston, it's kind of required) and hope to visit your fine country someday. I just found the automatic conflation by moonreft of advanced engineering degree = Abortion! was too funny to pass up. They should make it a slogan: "University of Dublin: Get an STD with your PhD!"

NHY said...

I think its about time I commented on what people are saying.

Anon 12:00am: My understanding of the MGTOW philosophy is that as long as we as men are left to our own devices, then we don't really care what decisions women make, pure and simple.

Anon 10:35: No, EVERYONE is miserable and women are only interested in bagging a rich man.

I agree with this. The ironic thing is that the media in general presents society as if we HAVE to be always happy and trouble free. What a load of BS, sure, its good to be happy but when combined with the other emotions like sadness, fear and anger then that is what makes you truly HUMAN.

People are miserable because they can't live up to this impossible ideal, become depressed, amny of them self - destruct through work or abuse of the body, through drugs, alcohol and god knows what else.

Another thing, don't take my word for gospel, go out and make your own observations of this world and arrive at your own conclusions.

Anon 1:28am: Oh dear, another one resorting to childish insults.

I'm a 'normal' person who keeps getting drawn back to this blog because it is so COMPLETELY untypical of Irish society as a whole. Believe me (as an Irish woman), most people would laugh their heads off if they heard the shite NHY comes out with. Sometimes I doubt he's even Irish.

If you ask me, The idea of being a ' normal ' typical person in society = being another drone. This is something I never subscribed to. I'm well aware that most people I know would laugh their heads off with the ' shite ' I come out with because they can't really see things for what it is.

but his idea that college women are std ridden and having abortions left right and centre, is completely freakin ridiculous

I don't recall saying stuff like that about Irish college women, unless you think I was painting ALL Irish women with the same brush in my posts, I don't. I know that there are in fact, some decent women out there but from personal experience, there isn't that many around.

Anyway, abortions are still mostly illegal in Ireland and you'd have to travel to England to get one. I know of only 1 person who did this and that from Secondary School!

I dunno if he spends too much time reading US MRA wierdos, or just never leaves his mammy's upstairs bedroom, but he has NO IDEA what modern Irish life is for young people.

There are also Australian, Canadian, UK and even other Irish based MRAs and more besides as well and these people are not weirdos, in fact, if you met us in real life, you wouldn't know if we were MRAs or not!

I admit I hid away from the world when I was younger ( I'm talking until I was about 12 or 13 in case you go off thinking I hid from the world until I was 17 or something!) but when I did first venture out into the world, I was shocked at how the world worked.

I have no idea of what life is like for modern Irish young people? Hmmm, now lets see. Either they go to school, work a job they probably hate and then at the weekend go ' bushing ' ( that's illegal drinking in hidden areas ) in the case of under 18s or go out to the bars and clubs and get drunk and often end up in brawls and / or killing themselves from various things, including alcohol poisoning. Yeah, that sounds like the life of a typical Irish young person.

Don't think I'm lying. I have seen this with my own two eyes and still see every weekend where I live. There also plenty of reports and media coverage on this topic to back this up.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon 12:00am and anon 7:10pm.

nhy said:
My understanding of the MGTOW philosophy is that as long as we as men are left to our own devices, then we don't really care what decisions women make, pure and simple.

This does not seem to agree with the Prime Strategies, which say:
2. instilling femininity in women
...Thus we induce women to take a complementary position with men instead of a competitive position as is now the case.

According to my parsing of this sentence, women would have to leave any workplace that men want to work in, for fear of competition. How do you propose that I continue on my career path without competing with men?

Anonymous said...

I'm a different anon, but I have a question about that part of the philosophy to.

"Instilling femininity in women" Surely this is just brainwashing by another name? Character traits (passivity, aggression, femininity, whatever) shouldn't be 'instilled' in women (this makes the philosophy sounds very controlling). Surely the goal should be for everyone to be themselves? I know plenty of gentle, non-aggressive 6'+ men with huge muscles, and I wouldn't want them forced to start acting tough just because of what they looked like. Similarly I don't think female genitalia means a person should be forced to be 'feminine' (whose definition of feminine, anyway?)

MizDarwin said...

What I like is the explicit acknowledgment that "femininity" is an unnatural, societally-created construct; if it weren't, it wouldn't have to be "instilled."

This is usually a point you only find made by fairly radical feminists.

Anonymous said...

All MRAs want is REAL Equal Opportunity - NOT the ENFORCED "equal outcomes" we see all around us. Where female garda are
employed at less than the height requirement for men,where they are not required to the same physical standards,there are many more examples of this. The restoration of right of men to free assembly and all the other problems men face in this feminist infested society(SUICIDE.UNJUST FAMILY LAW RAMPANT DISCRIMINATION IN FAVOUR OF women-LESS ACCOUNTABLE FOR CRIMES ETC...ETC...)that ordinary men face in a TOTALLY pc corrupted society.
To anon - women are not required to leave the work place, if anything segregation of men and women in the workplace is better idea, in view of all the bogus claims of sexual harrassment and "discrimination". We believe in FAIR open competition for jobs - not all the quota queens we see everywhere.women can do wtf they want we dont care! MRAS will have the right to work for themselves without state interference that means FREEDOM and FAIRNESS.If this does not happen life wont be worth living in western nation in the not too distant future, the state and media cant go on oppressing ordinary working men for ever without expecting a backlash. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK NHY!!! there are many MRAs in Ireland and we wont be silenced.

Anonymous said...

"All MRAs want is REAL Equal Opportunity - NOT the ENFORCED "equal outcomes" we see all around us."

No, that's NOT all you want. All this shaming language about STD's and abortions and every single western woman only spreading her legs for the bad boys and thugs shows us that MRA's want something more than that. It seems like any woman who wants to go HER own way for awhile at least does all of the above in your eyes.

If you stuck to your first statement, you'd see a lot more women on your side.

Anonymous said...

JUSTICE and FREEDOM are ALL we want, as for abortions
most MRAs are against because they beileve, in the truth. Which is that it is murder, many MRAs dont have ANY relationships with women because of this and any other evils. MANY MANY MEN are giving up on relationships completely - too much hassle, and family law which is designed shaft men.
Sleeping around gets STDs male or female.Its not recommended but thats up to you..
We no longer care about whether women are on are side, very few listen to facts reason, or the mass of proof of our grievances. Most are programmed to hate,indoctrinated by the media and college, most dont listen to reason or proof. I have lost friends and even more work mates to the mens suicide epidemic,had a job wrecked by a false accuser and more besides. You simply want to demonise us but deep down you know this society is drenched with injustice.If women were killing themselves in the numbers men are much much, more would have been done by the state and women would be listened to as a priority, and men would help too.You anon and many women like you only prove our point further that you are currently only thinking of yourself.
I realise that women reading these blogs get a shock, at the anger here, because the state and media censor these uncomfortable truths about a society on the brink.
These blogs are just ordinary men saying dont let that happen.

Anonymous said...

Female gardai have different height/fitness requirements, but so do gardai in their forties and fifties. They don't have to be as fit as 21-year olds fresh out of Templemore! The requirements are designed to ensure all gardai have a reasonable level of PERSONAL fitness. That's why they are different depending on age/sex. Or do you think we should kick out all the oul fellas once they hit forty? A young female recruit could run rings around any of them.

Anonymous said...

No she would not..Most men in their 40s or even 50s could run rings around, and flatten 20 something females with one punch. That statement shows how far this deluded pc shit has gone.

But if we are to have female officers let them deal with female lawbreakers in a SEPERATE force! THAT WOULD BE REAL EQUALITY!!!!!

Lets have a SEPERATE GARDA force one for women one for men.

After all feminists and many women tell us how they dont need men and how independent they are!
When physical standards were higher a lot of men were refused, rightly so...
Now with pc law its compulsory to hire dwarf feckin lesbians!
The same thing happened to the fire service in the USA where there was a minimum weight you must be able to lift- defined whether or not you could be a fire man. WHAT no women! so lower the standards. Drag the person on the floor (of the burning building) I kid you all not ...was the feminist answer...You women who want all this pc stuff should be asked when in a burning building who you want to rescue you a pc "equality" fire crew or one based on the maximum standards of strength and fitness.

Anonymous said...

I here add proof and I can get this from many other sources.This is the shocking revealations about women in the military:

We all have to ACCEPT that others male or female are better at other things than us. At school I readily accepted that there were girls and boys in the class who were more talented and smarter at maths english and physics. Merit and merit alone should determine
who does what not pc baloney.
End of...

MizDarwin said...

"I realise that women reading these blogs get a shock, ..."

Replace "shock" with "laugh" and you're a bit closer on, dearie.

Anonymous said...

So you seriously think that fire crews are incompetent? Go into a station and tell them you think their dragging-across-the-floor training is a load of bollocks and see what they tell you.

Cute image of a 50 year old PUNCHING a woman by the way, but that was not what I said (and it's fucking wierd that that's where your mind went). A 22/23 year old female garda, just qualified, could almost certainly chase down and disarm a 50-year old senior garda. In a flash. You do realise that disabling criminals is a SKILL, right? If you trained a young teenager, they could do it too.

And you never answered: 40 and 50 year old gardai are NOWHERE CLOSE to meeting the physical requirements Templemore trainees do. Should we kick them out?

I repeat (cos you don't seem to get that the gardai isn't a fucking weightlifting club) the requirements are to ensure that gardai have a reasonable level of PERSONAL fitness - that is, a 50 year old can't be a total slob, but as long as he's in reasonably good nick, he can do everything expected of a garda and more. Yeah? By your logic, we should not have any police/firefighters over 40.

Anonymous said...

Lets see you laugh,misdarwin when fire woman dyke drops you from the 13th floor.Again for the umpteenth time you and your type can only answer fact, proof and reasoned argument with utter childishness. I guarantee you and your airhead friends, will get a shock sooner than you think!Go on back to kiddies web and dont waste our time here little girlie! Go! you are dismissed!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? The post above yours gives a very detailed argument why differing requirements exist for different ages/sexes. You have not responded to that point at all (you must surely concede that disarming criminals does NOT require vast brute force, but is rather a physical skill that could be learned by most adults). Before you suggest OUR arguments are childish, you might want to reconsider slurs like 'dyke'.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:38,

The thing is, I do care what happens to men, and I do realize the injustices that society is forcing them to live under. I have also known and loved several young men who have committed suicide, died of drug overdoses, and killed in accidents. I also know several men who pay more than they can possibly afford in support and not see their children as much as they should. It's all wrong, and I agree that we are not moving nearly as fast as we should as a SOCIETY (men and women) to correct this problem. I see that men who are not dying are still having their souls sucked out of them.
I'm not the only woman in the whole world that's capable of seeing that. There are many evil women out there, and there's a few really good ones. The rest of them are asleep, and they deserve the opportunity to be awoken and presented the evidence that there are extreme biases toward men. I believe that women are capable to see the truth, not totally emotional and irrational and childlike such as some believe on some of these blogs.
I don't care if you want me in your movement or not. The truth is still the truth. As for relationships, I understand where you're coming from. I didn't want relationships with men either a few years ago. Just as there are obviously things you don't like about women, there are things I don't care for in men either. But I fully respect their rights as human beings, and it just isn't right for half the population's most pressing needs to be ignored.
Also, I agree that abortion is indeed murder.
The problem I have is when I see "western women are femcunt whore drunken irrational STD ridden cat loving idiot bitches". That isn't remotely true. Yes, women's attitudes need a serious adjustment. But the nice girls are about as evident out there as you nice guys are. Hidden. Not in bars or clubs. Just being normal.
The laws need to change and society needs to change to respect EVERYONE's rights.

NHY said...

Anon 4:17pm

I can agree with that, there are extremes of both ends of the spectrum, there are extreme feminists and there are extreme MRAs, just as they are extremists in every group in society.

The sad thing is that as result of the way things have gone, is that a wedge has being driven between both men and women. No one talks to each other no more, people are more isolated than ever before.

To be honest, this whole gender war should have never happened but it did because the powers that be only see an opportunity for to exploit both groups and squeeze yet more $$$ from us. That's all it is to them, a money making racket! In the end, BOTH sides lose, while those in power laugh all the way to the bank!

The masses in general are indeed asleep and blindly follow trends and do what daddy media tells them to do and what is right.

Men and women are different as night and day, in the way we act, talk, socialise and even think. Therefore, equality in the sense of what feminists wanted, is both IMPOSSIBLE and UNNATURAL.

I'm not saying that women can't leave the kitchen, no way. What I'm trying to say is if we ever want to achieve TRUE equality, then both men and women HAVE to treated differently to allow their unique abilities to prosper. Of course, they will always be exceptions so this type of system would also need to be FLEXIBLE.

Just my two cents / pence ( :D ) on this current debate.

MizDarwin said...

"To be honest, this whole gender war should have never happened but it did because the powers that be only see an opportunity for to exploit both groups and squeeze yet more $$$ from us. That's all it is to them, a money making racket! In the end, BOTH sides lose, while those in power laugh all the way to the bank!"

Now that, NHY, is a bloody good point. Generally whenever there's anger and scapegoating between two groups of people--men and women, Jews and gentiles, parents and non-parents--it's because the ruling classes don't want to be held accountable for their exploitation, and find it easier to divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

All police need skill THAT requires force and strength and no matter what you say standards have dropped. If that means less fit persons going to a desk job then fine.The garda currently are a joke.I have seen quality police forces and they are needed now more than ever.At the moment you like seeing women as garda and it makes you FEEL good. A feminised force that leaves ordinary people vulnerable -wheres their shame? I witnessed a riot situation where big burly female officers were tossed aside by rioters
half their size. The link to the military research tells a shocking story of where we are headed. Your notion of one little skill about disarming a criminal is hilarious and niave. At the moment you happen to like things as they are.
However when the evidence becomes personal and you lose a family member, or suffer directly because of lowered standards and incompetence in the police or fire service(You twisted I said about fire service standards they REQUIRE LIFTING skills as well) you might change your pc tune then.
I laugh when I see female police in England waddling after shoplifters.I also asked ex police for their opinions.They ALL agreed with me. One said he had met only ONE decent female officer in his whole career. Reports of female officers hanging back in really demanding situations and not even pursuing criminals in town centres are numerous. TV and movies have filled womens heads with shit.
What I have stated a seperate force for women is fair and it stops all the expensive harrassment cases and discrimination cases. If women are just the same - in skills and strength a SEPERATE force is the place to prove it.

Yes NHY is right about the divide and conquer strategy.I have told many women this but they insist on hating men and suporting feminism which will betray them in the end to disater it has already started. The media and advertisers play on this all the time. Bertie laughing about suicide is a bit of a give away about those who rule us.
I never wanted division between men and women but all I ever hear from women is contempt, insults and hostility -not tomention FALSE ALLEGATIONS! Many times I have tried to make peace but they enjoy hating men so I just leave them to it.

Anonymous said...

As this thread was about MGTOW
the point of it is men breaking out of the shackles of this pc and unjust society.The state and the media are at the root of much of this.They need to be brought to heel.
Its all fine talking MGTOW but the question is how?
MRAs wont be niave enough to say what on public blogs.The disappearance of some MRA blogs already points to possible state clampdown.They - the state are worried already about islamic extremists.Yet the very state brings them into western nations for cheap labour. The state - the politicians line their own pockets and dont give a damn about ordinary people.All of this does not bode well for the west. I wonder if in fact its too late the rot has set in, and the west could end in chaos and disaster. The chaos and vulnerablity to attack -made by the pc state - with Islamic terrorists providing the disaster.

Anonymous said...

Re the female police question a recent quote from a long serving PC: "Over half a century ago I joined the Glasgow Police and for several years walked a small beat on three shifts in all weather six days a week on three shifts. It was almost exclusively male with a higher physical standard than today. The few women members were strictly cocooned in their own department and most certainly had no supervisory remit over the men with whom they had minimum contact. The Force was then efficiently run and absenteeism was a negligible factor. At the first sign of change with the propspect of integration between the sexes in uniform leading to a marked decline in standards, I opted for a very early retirement. I no longer make claims to having been a serving police officer in the light of today's debased police service whose ineptitude has long been the concern of a suffering public."
...a Scottish officer one of many
police to point out the disaster of mixing men and women as police officers. Inferior service and the public more vulnerbale just to please EOC feminazis.
Then there is the cost and inconvenience of maternity leave.
What a mess !!!

Male Samizdat said...

Anon 12:00 AM:

You want that career? Fine, have it. Just know that men want supportive, helpful wives, while women always want to marry up. Men recognize this and are simply turning their backs on women.

Oh, and you're going to have a higher degree and earn more money than your husband-to-be? I feel sorry for the poor man, because while you're pounding your chest about your "empowering career", you'll actually be looking at your husband with resentment and disdain because he doesn't measure up in your eyes as a man, because he won't be the provider.

In fact, there's a very recent news article about this very topic:

I have already written a blog entry, which will be posted in a few days (I usually write several at once and then post them over a span of time).

Finally, to address the content of the blog posting, MGTOW can best be described as a cultural movement.

Now, Anon 12:00 AM, shut up and make your fiance a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd like a supportive, helpful husband. I don't intend to marry a man unless he fits that criteria. Ooh, can I have a reactionary nutjob movement, too?

Sometimes I doubt I'd be a good mother, obviously the solution is to ban fathers, then I'll HAVE to be the kid's favorite.


Anonymous said...

You MRAs have such a tiny perspective on the world it's staggering. As for the man who suggested that a woman with a PhD should feel bad because her husband only has a Masters - what is WRONG with you?

MRA posts generally slur women with terms such as 'gold-digger', yet when a woman (as many do) is easily able to support herself (and her husband and family to some extent) you insult her. Grow the hell up and stop thinking that there should be such a binary divide of weak/strong, supportive/independent, responsible/respected between women and men.

NYY, you say you wish we'd never had to fight a 'gender war' - well, people in privilege NEVER wish to help the oppressed. I'll bet some slave owners in America never wanted to fight the 'race war.'

Male Samizdat said...

Anon 5:45 AM:

Apparently you didn't actually read my previous comment. I'm not surprised - you probably just saw a man had posted and went on the attack.

The problem with a wife earning more than a husband is the wife's attitude toward the situation. No matter how much she earns, she will always feel (and we know feelings are the center of the female universe) that her husband should be earning more than her - and it erodes her respect and love for him (if she ever actually loved him). She ends up divorcing him because she doesn't see him as a "real man".

The problem with the opposite situation, when a woman is earning less, or not earning at all, is that far too many women squander the money the husband earns, and those wives demand, demand, demand that he earn more to keep up with her status-driven buying (when she should be buying based on necessity). That is called "golddigging". Since he can't keep up, she divorces him, because she doesn't see him as a "real man".

Moral of the story: Modern women should just go find themselves some real cats.

Anonymous said...

NHY, what is the EVIDENCE for your claim that a woman will disrespect a man earning less than her? The arrogance, in assuming to know this about women, is astounding. Modern women and men see each other as equals: therefore, happy couples don't care who earns more.

The suggestion women are incapable of managing finances is an infantilising view of grown adults and deeply offensive.

Given that you object to women earning more *and* earning less than men, you must favour the feminist goal of equal pay.

The fact that NOBODY has responded sensibly to my point about MRAs degrading women who support themselves shows how little thought there is to this ideology.

Fidelbogen said...

mizdarwin said:"Replace "shock" with "laugh" and you're a bit closer on, dearie."

The proof of the pudding, in this case, is in who laughs. . . last.

It is still rather early in the game to know the outcome, but one is confident that time will tell.