Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Panic Attacks!

I have no doubt that many of you have heard of the countless terror alerts, wars and rumours of war, the imminent collapse of the stock market, the foiled ‘ terrorist attacks ‘ , 2012 and so on and so fourth. The message, while varied, is generally the same; The World is going to end! We’re all going to die! Everyone is going to live on the streets! Everyone is going to starve! We’re going to get nuked any day now! The cold war is returning! Etc, etc, etc!

None of these threats are ever likely to happen and even then, never underestimate the human spirit and will to survive! The whole point of such reports in the media is to SCARE people. That’s the real purpose is to have people living in fear. People are afraid to go out of their homes, in fear of being attacked by some phantom thug or terrorist. They are afraid of talking to each other, in case that person is a member of some random extremist religious order who will then use that information against you!

Your so scared that you willing to give up your freedoms in exchange for security. God damn it, fucking trees and dogs have more rights than humans now! I care about the environment and animals but remember who the hell is supposed to be the top breed on earth; Man! Natural resources are meant to be tapped for our benefit. Are you really willing to freeze to death in a forest of wood because the trees apparently have feelings too?

People don’t see much point in planning a future, seeing that the whole show is going to end in 2012 anyway. ( Note: I DO believe that something is going to happen in 2012 but nothing as drastic as what we’ve being told and definitely not the end of the world! ) Hell, why not take up drugs and other self - destructive habits, we’re all doomed anyway, so why not?


Has it ever come across your mind that you might just be taken on a wild goose chase? Everything these days is crisis this, crisis that. Crisis every-fucking-where. There is a health crisis in children and they fat and lazy. Hmmm, lets see. Over at the nice guy forums, a member by the name of fschmidt post this;

Here in San Francisco, we used to have wonderful playgrounds for kids. But they have been remodeling them. I just saw the result of the remodeling of what was the biggest and best playground. The high swings were replaced with low swings. All the fun hiding places for kids have disappeared. Most of climbing structures are gone. It is the same pattern as with the rest of the playgrounds here.

Women prefer toddlers to children, but men prefer children to toddlers. These playgrounds used to be primarily for children, with some (enough) space for toddlers. After remodeling, they are almost entirely for toddlers. Women don't like children because they can't control them the way they can control toddlers. So women have effectively castrated our playgrounds and eliminated the things that were fun for kids; swinging high on tall swings, hiding in obscure places, and climbing tall structures. American women don't just inflict misery on men. They inflict misery on children too.

I responded that by saying this;

By doing this and through extreme political correctness, they have effectively made being a child illegal. Instead of being outside playing in the woods and talking with people, they are stuck instead, playing videogames and eating junk food laced with dangerous chemicals as a result they become fat and obese. The feminist government then go off and blame these people for getting fat when in fact they probably caused it all in the first place!

This isn’t just limited to San Francisco, its all over the west, America, the UK and even Ireland as well. Sure, parents as well as the child itself have to carry some of the blame but seriously, society and big government has to carry the bulk of the blame of this mess. Yet those ignorant bastards have the guts to turn around and blame it all on us and that we most change our ways, we most tax you even more to put in place in even more programs that don’t work!

Couple that with the fact that children spend most of their days locked up in a classroom, often with little or no PE at all. ( There was no time for PE with the Leaving Cert here in Ireland! ) and you then you have the reason why children are so fucking lazy. And even when they get out, you can literally say that an unspoken rule is ‘ No playing in the playground! You most be politically correct! You might hurt someone and Oh Noes, we’ll get sued! ’ Guess what? Its not all the child’s fault. The feminazi mother, who can’t fucking cook and instead orders fast food every day and big brother government with their insane PC agendas have to share the blame as well!

What about the great crisis in education? You know, the one where people go through school and come out not even knowing how to read or write? The one where boys are shafted in favour of girls, who are likely to end up bitter with cats and hating their jobs! Anyways, we all know how ‘ oppressive ‘ man has being to woman in the past, don’t we?

Education these days is nothing more than a social indoctrination program. All you learn is how to be ’ a good citizen of the world. ‘ In other words, dumb as shit and doesn’t ask questions! That is all it is anymore. You do not learn anything of importance to you. Besides, they keep on revising and watering down everything! Be it history or English! I am not kidding. Its all about being a part of a group. Those who can actually think for themselves are shunned for being ‘ weird ‘ ( Trust me, I know all about that aspect! )

Idiocracy anyone?

Man, I could write a book about all the bloody crisis the media is telling us about but I’d like to move on…..

In all seriousness, there is really no need to be afraid! Sure, of course, take a few precautions. There is no harm in learning martial arts or stocking up on some canned foods and learning how to live off the land if the shit hit’s the fan and you need to get the fuck out of civilisation, pronto! All this fear mongering and panic is ARTICIFICAL. That is all it is.

Anyways, I’m sure many of you remember one such ‘ crisis ‘ that turned out to be as flat as a pancake and we saw that we’d being had and people made money out of people fears. I am, of course, talking about the Y2K Bug. For those who are not in the know, it was where at midnight, 1999 going into 2000 due to an oversight where computers only used two digits for years, like 87, 93. As a result, computers would think its 1900! Oh my, did the propaganda machine go into complete overdrive! We were told that the power would fail, that planes would fall from the sky, things would explode and the world would end! OH ONES! We need to buy all this expensive trash to protect ourselves from Y2K!

Of course, nothing happened. Everyone, including a 13 year old me, had being scammed. I brought into the panic and wasn’t too happy that I, along with many others got had. At least I didn’t have the means to buy expensive trash! That is why when I first heard of the whole 2012 thing, I was sceptical because here is something that can easily be blown up sky high like Y2K again and as we know, herds tend to forget things quickly! Unlike many others, I was wiser from the whole Y2K incident!

That is just an example of how the government, the media and big business used the whole Y2K thing to fool the public, have people living in fear and make a killing in the process! The whole thing was a scam from start to finish!

I’m disappointed that so many people are living in fear, for whatever fucking reason. They most be safe, they most be Politically Correct, they most prepare, they most isolate themselves for safety. You might survive whatever is going to happen but I you’ll only exist. You won’t be living life, only existing. Is that what you really want?

Don’t exist, live!

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Verlch said...

People will be afraid of whatever the press tells them too be afraid of!

Stephen said...

Those who would keep us in fear stand to make a lot of money. Plus, their egos are stroked because they love controlling people. Actually, the world is going to end soon and you can thank feminism for playing a huge part in it. They destroyed the American family so now America's days are numbered. A nation is only as strong as its families. A feminized society refuses to call a terrorist a terrorist so Islam will win in Iraq and America. The next president is going to be a Democrat. And since Democrats are by nature pacifists,they are going to pull out of Iraq and you can expect more terrorist attacks like 911. Another example of feminism bringing about the end of the world is the fact that when Social Security first started there were roughly 40 workers supporting 1 retiree. But now that Americans have aborted 50 million babies , the worker to retiree ratio is about 3 to 1. Starting January 2008, the first of 80 million Baby Boomers will begin retiring. When they flood the market there won't be enough workers to support all the baby boomers. Add to that the fact that our government leaders have stolen all the money out of the treasury and it's obvious that we have a major disaster on our hands. Did you know that John Kerry is worth around 200 million? You don't get rich serving in government. He's typical of most politicians. I can cite many other examples of impending doom for this nation and the world. But there is no reason to live in fear. Take a look at:


They will tell you how to prepare for the "Last Days."