Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Belated 2007 wishes!

Hey everyone, Happy Belated New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed New Years Eve! I know I did, with the help of... ahem.... some shots! :p

Into 2007 we go then. The year of the seven, its a lucky number, you know. Maybe this could just be the year that feminism and all the lies that it represents, is finally blown open to the public! Many mainstream sources are starting to say ' Oh my god! What the hell have we done!!??? '

Maybe it could because the powers that be, the owners of all the large cooperations, ( mostly MEN, remember, lets stay out of the whole area of NWO here ) realise that maybe they too are in danger of being screwed by over by the VERY society they've helped create! I think the whole Paul McCartney / Heather Mills thing has gotten them alarmed, they could be next and rightly, they now want to be rid of it!

I'm quietly optimistic about 2007. For one, I can say that the nice guy in me is now DEAD. There was no longer any place for him, so he passed away. I'm now more hardass, a real good guy. I still play the dating game, yes I do but now I play it by MY rules! Why CARE?

As many other blogs have noted, there has indeed being an explosion of MRA / MGTOW related blogs on the internet but it is still in its infancy, the REAL battle hasn't even started yet! The early adopters, like Pook's Mill, MRA Revolutionary, Captain Zarmband, Mirror of the Soul and the likes will be looked up to.

I hope to post more personal observations, more examples of Irish Femi - Culture and the likes. I also wish to touch on the NWO and all the things that surround it but alas, that is all to come... in 2007.

Have a safe journey in 2007, comrades.


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