Saturday, January 13, 2007

ALWAYS trust your instincts

' Never give up, trust your instincts '

- James McCloud, Starfox 64 / Lylat Wars

I was out tonight, well, I always go out every Saturday, same time, same place, a local bar in town. Its my thing I do at time of weekend, depending on the crowd, I either stay late or leave early. I have seen a lot of skanks around, I'll admit, a lot. You should have seen the place on ' Little Women's Christmas ' last week, It was DISGUSTING!
However, a chain of events tonight occurred and its after ticking me off.

You see, one of my many little posses I have thought it might have being funny to try and convince to me to chat up a certain girl in the group and telling me to sit on her lap as it was her birthday. My instinct told me that they were lying because she wasn't exactly in a celebratory mood! I was later to proving right as later, when I was hanging around the group and one of the lads was REALLY trying too hard to convince us and then she shouted at me to ' FUCK OFF FOR A MINUTE! ' Needless to say, I was a little shocked and insulted and to tell you the truth, had this happened back in my nice guy days, I would have being broken by it! ( Side note; I don't even like this girl too much. I kept on asking ' WHY? ' when the lads insisted on me doing this crap! )

Turns out that she had split up with her boyfriend earlier today and she was not in a good mood and pushed by others and me indirectly, she took it out on me! I was cool with it but I think I'm going to hold a bit of a grudge against said girl from now on! ( As well as placing her into my DUMP category ) My instincts were right, I was being made a fool out of! Had I ignored my instincts, I'm pretty damn sure I would have gotten a lot more than a verbal bashing! Years of being victim to these bad jokes have me weary and I'm sure I've missed legitimate opportunities as well but what the hey, if I want to find a girl, I'll do it myself, thank you!

I'm aware many other guys may have being treated in a similar manner to this, either by their girlfriends, mother's, wives, friends or even people they don't know! Listen guys, don't take to heart, they seem to have nothing better to do than worry about their so - called ' problems ' and then take out their frustrations on YOU, either verbally or even physically! Guys, remember this, if your a MAN, you do not need to or rightly should put up with that crap! If I were you, I'd give her marching orders at once! I'm aware that some married / long term relationship guys are worried about divorce and being screwed over by it but remember this; she may take your money, your assets, your children and even your life but she can NEVER, EVER take your soul! He who has a soul is already rich beyond his wildest dreams!

We all have problems, each and every one of us ( I've being quite public about mine ) BUT just because something crap has happened to you recently doesn't mean when someone is fooling around that you have to snap at an innocent bystander! Its a little thing called CONTROL. I know its probably hard to do but it can save time, friendships, money and even lives.

So, the moral of this story is; Always trust your instincts and you will NEVER go wrong!


Anonymous said...

Man dating SUCKS.
The best advice I can give you is dont bother!
The power in rejecting feeds womens egos.Too many men come over needy and crawly when asking for a date.They are made to think by the media etc that this is the way to behave it is pathetic.
More and more men realise that
it is time wasting pointless exercise.IGNORE women.You will have a more rewarding interesting life without them.If you go out on a date with them,keep it real YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT YOU have loads of interesting stuff in your life RIGHT!when it reaches 10.30-11.00 pm tell her:
"Your taxi is here,love"

beretta said...

Most women have the emotinal maturity and stability of a young child,
and should be treated as such.The lack of logic circuitry seems insurmountable,due to faulty wiring.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog while searching for my favorite Star Fox quote... you need to get a grip man. Why are you mad at this woman and not your friends? Of course this woman doesn't want some random guy fawning over her the same day she got dumped. Would you want some stranger getting up in your face while you're going through a difficult and frustrating time in your life?

Yeah, a lot of women suck. So do a lot of men. Ce'st la vie. Get over your creepy man victim complex.

Whitney said...

Oh hey... that was me on the last comment. Meant to login but I forgot. Also, despite my name (in the US, Whitney has widely become a female name), I am a man.