Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rocky saids it best....

I went to see Rocky Balboa on Friday, very good film, if you ask me. Its good to see such an inspirational film at a time where it seems to be out of fashion! However, there is one key scene where Rocky is speaking to his son that is worth noting.

NHY calls all whiny feminists and manginas to watch this. Yes, you lot, take note!

This is good to see, it seems as if the world is finally waking up to the fact that feminism is BAD NEWS. ( couple this with Borat a few months back and how he made a mockery of a group of Feminists in less than a minute as well, its going good so far ) The feminists forget that it is MEN who built society to the way it is today! Without us, we'd still be in caves and whatnot! If this discrimination of men continues, I can see a new Dark Age come where the masses are uneducated and ruled by a few big guys with an iron fist.

Its the last thing anybody wants but thats what we're being led to! The problem is that most people are BLIND to it! They are not people, they are SHEEPLE! They refuse to see how big brother is watching, how invasive laws are taking away our freedoms and how ' nanny states ' have left once mighty countries like America and the UK a freaking DISASTER AREA!

Some of those who do wise up who not be able to see a way out of it all. Some of them turn to drink drugs or even suicide to escape it all! They have being brainwashed all their lives to see that ' The Way ' ( get educated, get a job, make money, fall in love, get married, buy a house, etc, etc. ) is the only way and that any other way is wrong! That your not being ' a man ' by not following ' The Way ' , let me tell you this, it is the BIGGEST LIE ever sold!

I was there once, a bit like Neo when he first learned the truth, confused and lost. I took of a lot of hits psychologically, something that nearly caused me to crack. Then one day, when at was at its darkest; I finally said ' screw this! ' and confronted the nightmare. Throwing facts is a mighty weapon! After that, I realized, for the first time, that I didn't need to follow this path that I could do things my way and hence, its why I'm here today.

Those who support ' The Way ' are women, big business, corporations, governments, etc. Who ALL want one thing; the biggest false god of all; MONEY. Ignore them, my friends and if they persist, just throw facts at them! :D

Remember, life isn't about how hard you can hit but how hard you can get hit and keep on moving! Keep on moving and NEVER give up, for that, you WILL reap the rewards at the end, I assure you on this.

Until next time,



thirtyplus said...

Very inspirational. Thanks for posting :)

fatmammycat said...

ahahahahhahah, stupid cunt, imagine using a film as a code for life... Neo? PLease, you know he is fiction right? Same as Rocky?
Great, another stupid fearful fuck wit who blames women for his failings. Grow up kid, maybe you won't be such a wanker then.

Anonymous said...

Very inspirational post on taking hits.I have lost count of how many I have taken.
I lost 2 cousins 2 work colleagues and when in college
3 guys in my year.On my street 2 more all young men commiting suicide.I have seen men robbed of their homes and their kids because she met someone else.I have had my career wrecked by feminist bias women personel officers employing only women.
He is right it toughens you up and you realise you dont need a wife a career or any of the crap they offer.Men can go their own way and opt out work for yourself if you can.My advice dont date it is risky.Take up new sports.
There are many females like fmc dont waste time reasoning with them.They are incapable af rational thought.remember MGTOW comrade!

EW said...

fatmammycat: "ahahahahhahah, stupid cunt...."

Talking to certain parts of yourself again?

Now put down the vibrator and pay attention...

EW said...

You know, NHY, one of the funniest things I come across daily is when I hear a women talk about how "independent" she is. Oh hear her "roar"! Well, sorry, but those "pussy-farts" make barely make a whisper.

I have property/business "overseas". I provide my own gravity fed water from my own springs, I produce my own organic fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. All of it is done without natural-gas or gas/diesel - no fertilizers, no mechanized equipment, no pesticides, no growth hormones, no chemicals, no colorings/dyes, no "cold-pasteurization" (aka irradiation), no shortage of vitamins/minerals, no artificial sweeteners like Aspar*ame (developed as an ant poison, btw), no genetic engineering, and no short-cuts.

How many women can catch, slaughter and cut up their own meats! Ha! "Miss. Independents" have to go to the grocery store, where it is likely, some MAN has to cut the meat for her using cattle raised by multi-nationals food-industries.

I produce much of my energy requirements and if I wished, I could produce 100% of it (bio-fuels, micro-hydro generation). I produce my own fuels for cooking as I prefer to cook on wood (I planted some 300,000 Mahogany hardwood trees). I provide for my own security.

I even have my own sources of natural remedies that REALLY work and can produce my own soaps and shampoos. Did you know, that more than 50% of many shampoos contain Laureth Sulfate which was originally developed to clean garage floors? To get around my place, I walk of use a horse so I do not need a car or gasoline.

I am virtually 100% independent. A am a MGHOW (Man Going His Own Way).

Let me guess, Miss. Independent probably needs a job. She needs to go to the grocery store to get buy her own mass-produced "groceries". She probably doesn't realize most of it is the nutritional equivalent of cardboard and almost all of it contains or has been processed in ways which makes it harmful to long term health. She probably relies on the pharma-INDUSTRY for her "health" which has more of an interest in keeping her sick than curing her, and relies on the state for to subsidize her (rob from the man to give to the "independent women"). How about water, electricity, transportation, she independent there too? She probably doesn't even know what is in her cosmetics which she uses daily.

Virtually every aspect of her existence is DEPENDENT on someone else - MOSTLY MEN!

Women are lesson on reversals.

- Equality means in-equality (always when it in THEIR best interests).

More caring means more selfish (women can kill their own babies and call it "abortion", or buy shoes and clothes made by children in foreign sweat shops and not bat a false eyelash so long as it has a brand label, is in style and makes her co-workers jealous!).

Independence means dependence.

Beretta said...

I was fortunate that my Father was anti-feminist
all his life and clued me in while I was still a young boy in the '60s.
He warned me way back then never to get married.
He said that the two greatest mistakes that America ever made were letting women vote and letting them drive.No good has come from either.

ze german said...

My father, living with my mom in a "patriarchial" country, both of them having traditional values, told me on the subject of my problems with commitment:

"Look, my son, when I look around all my friends who never got married are sad sobs now. If this is the woman you think is worth it, then make some sacrifices as good women are hard to come by.

But, then again, never betray yourself, stay true to yourself, as this is your life"

Now, they are couple of traditional values. Father supports the family, and mother never put us , three kids, to daycare. All around them (I am in a more feminist country), in the happily married couples, still the woman makes the decisions in the house, but the man has a say to it, or at least thinks so (check My Big Fat Greek Wedding: "I make him think, he decides".. this is not a bad thing), but out of the home, the woman never, NEVER, demeans his man. Never nags out of the home, never belittles him. The man has the security that the wife will support him through good and bad, and will be there till death, occasional nagging at home, yes, humans, but no personality assaults, no pride braking, and definitely no shagging around.

The newer generation though, out of my 20 married cousins, 7 have already been divorced, so feminism is affecting that, too...

And the entitlement of these women is worth noting.

My father's advice about marriage is sadly referring to his generation where women would accept working for the relationship and upheld it to a high standard.

Today though, the relationship means, the man has to hold up the self esteem of the woman, the feeling good of the woman, the happiness of the woman, yda yada yada...

"My son, be true to yourself, it's your life" is the priceless sentence.

And with feminised women, this is impossible, because a man cannot give what a woman wants, unless he betray himself.

what does he get?

Sex, once offered freely to him by other women and offered freely to other men by his woman, now is dependent on 1001 conditions, all just there to satisfy the woman.

Once they are satisfied, then she has the inclination to decide if she wants to reward him.

It's an era of "me me me me me me me", and the men have to take their own souls' wellbeing as the first priority.

frankie said...

hahaha, how typical and predictable of a woman poster(fatmammycat)to use shaming tactics against men. She is a slave to her feminists and she believes lies fed to her down her throat! Of course, she is not a fan of Rocky since it is about father and son( a shocker to her ), the wife died remember? Is funny you never see women like her shamming men out in the open where people can see because she knew she have nothing to back up her claims just more shamming but she has to support her feminist sisters and that is where she gets her fuel from. You are so predictable you are boring.