Monday, January 22, 2007

For your amusement....

Some er.... pro feminist humour..... :O ( its amazing what you can find on college computers! )


Anonymous said...

Great to see a fellow Irishman wide awake to the feminist dominated world we live in.
Mass suicide of Irishmen been going on for years.Unfair employment laws.Massive discrimination men everywhere squeezed out of many jobs.University is infested with feminist propaganda merchants.
Check out
Mens rights websites are growing in number keep up the good work comrade.Ireland forever!

KellyMac said...

Wow, NHY. Those were brutal! *shakes her head at the stupidity of radical feminists*

Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend. I never heard of fatmammycat, but congratulations! Sounds like you got yourself a real winner there lol. You've attracted their attention. You're doing your job.

I'm gonna put a link to your blog on mine, if you don't mind :)


Anonymous said...

Aha ha the good hearted Kellymac
Bless her!
See a woman who knows the truth!
Methinks more and more are wakening up!
I look forward to sincere freindships with women in the future based on mutual respect and trust,when the cloying deceitful smoke of feminism is blown away by the winds of change! We would all love eachother men and women alike if state and media would feck off!

Anonymous said...

This is typical feminazi "humour" feminism is a hate movement and it is supported by the state and their buddies in the media.
Just look at how crap and - what PC drones and femi hags infest RTE
TV3 is PC and TG4 feminst biased creeps.