Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Irishman Against The New World Order

Forget Feminism, these are the REAL enemies that we facing.

I would like to make announcement....

You might have noticed there are now 3 separate links sections on the side panel, covering topics such as MRA sites, Russian Women and The New World Order. Well, this post is about the latter; The New World Order.

Dear readers, as some of you may already know, Feminism and the destruction it has caused over the past 40 years, among many others things was no accident, it was planned. The thing that some fo you may be asking me is; Who the hell is doing it?

Well, contrary to what you may think, its NOT Aliens from the Planet Zog where humanity is a grand experiment ( Well, it is but it isn't Aliens doing the dirty work ) nor is it God's plan because after, why would ' A caring, forgiving God ' constantly allow events like 9 / 11 or Katrina to happen?

We've all being fooled, guys, its some of our own. While I can't point a direct finger, it looks as if some very old organisations, like Freemasonry or The Illumanti, have being the ones behind it all and all other sources of social chaos for an extremely long time.

But this isn't the right place to be talking about this. After all, this blog is called An Irishman Against Feminism for a reason. With that, I would like to introduce my new cousin blog, which will be dedicated to dealing with such issues;

An Irishman Against The NWO

Of course, there will probably be instances where something will happen where I will be posting separate commentaries from the perspective of Feminism as well as the NWO but I will say this in any post in which I do.

Before I finish, I would like to Thank TJ for sharing with me the links to Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt and Break For News, which is what has gotten me interested in all this in the first place. The fact you can download stuff from both sites and listen to them on offline is very useful, I already have serveral Alan Watt Blurbs on my ipod.

Until Next time



Anonymous said...

Eh... 'sister' blog was hilariously ironic, but 'cousin' blog just sounds mad. Why not 'partner' or 'associated'. Or, hell, go back to sister? It's the standard term after all, changing it just for the sake of it is like the feminists insisting they're 'womyn'.

Anonymous said...

You are very correct about the NWO and Illuminati. These people worship satan and are evil. Search Google Video for many videos that will help put the pieces of the puzzle in place.

TJ said...


It is a pleasure to share these links with you and thank you for sharing them with your many blog readers.

The information and MP3's are well put together and mighty convenient to listen to on one's pod driving along or out for a walk.

It is imperative to keep in mind that, like the MRA material, most people are sheeple and don't want to know what is going on around them.

You cannot convince nor change these masses of asses. Just present your findings and move on. The "individuals" that are in the process of awakening or awakened will take the material and build on it exponentially. These are the individuals to align yourself with.

It is a lonely journey which most will choose NO part of. Similar to the MRA's dealing with the masses of manginas & feminazis out there. We as intelligent men must enjoy and relish in our Lone Wolf status…The true MGTOW is the only way.

Stay true to your path and everything will fall into place for you. Just envision the outcomes the way you would like them in your minds eye and then work towards them.

It is always exciting to witness someone diving into the rabbit hole…The adventure and discoveries are just beginning. Enjoy!!! Remember that you are to be an observer…It is best to try not to get too overly attached and emotional to your discoveries.

2007 is designated as the transition year…we are in the calm before the storm. By late 2007 the kettle will be boiled with a full head of steam blowing through the spout. It is at this time that the Magic Carpet will be pulled out from under our Western Economies. There WILL most definitely be social chaos which will usher in the police state in 2008 along with the NWO.

I can assure you that women throughout the West will NOT be feeling very independent, secure and strong at this point.

All the Best with your new Anti-NWO blog!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for calling out the NWO! However, I wouldn't blame the slide of society on "feminism". A woman can vote, pursue a career if she chooses, and still be a modest, God fearing woman! I think you're not being fair by implying that in order for society to be civilized and decent that women should be restricted to the cookie-cutter ideal of the "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" ideal. Women can make important contributions to society, and not become whores or engage in immoral activity. Some women choose to stay home and raise their families, and that is commendable. In fact, I personally feel that if a woman decides to marry and have children, she should not work in their early years because the children need the guidance of the mother early on. (To be fair to the guys: Or the father- one parent should stay home!) Some women just don't feel called to have children or get married, or perhaps they feel they are not ready or a fully-developed individual.
Anyway, I think you should just focus on the NWO, not feminism, because there's nothing wrong with a woman being strong and free, would you agree? I think you're equating feminism with "whoredom" and the "princess syndrome". That's not REAL feminism. Real Feminism is simply about strong women who simply desire to make choices for their own lives and to have the freedom to contribute to society as they are capable. If a woman marries, God says that she's to be obedient to her husband, but the husband also must consider the wifes needs. God doesn't say that single women are evil, and he doesn't say that a woman MUST get married and have children. Even Paul discouraged such distractions from God, but conceded that if you MUST have sex, it is better that you marry than sin by fornication.
Furthermore, just because a woman marries and has children doesn't mean she's a second-class citizen who can't vote, think, or contribute.