Friday, May 18, 2007

Sheeple, Rants and The End Game

Hey everyone! Thank god my exams are over! Now I have the prospect of…. A Jaw operation to look forward to in June! ( It BETTER be worth it, its seriously going to mess up my plans for this summer and 2nd year in college! ) I doubt very much I’ll go to any end of year class party, though. Well, I know that one’s on but if I don’t get any personal messages form college mate about it, I’m going to assume I’m not invited and won’t go. That way, I’ll prevent another fiasco like the one I’ll talked of recently!

I know this blog has being reading like a rant rag lately but honestly, why should I apologise for it? Its bad enough that as a male I get discriminated against in the West but throw in the fact I have to deal with a dysfunctional family ( There doesn’t seem to be any FUNCTIONAL families anymore. ) and the fact I feel everyone else has getting passes I never seem to get among a hell of a lot of other things it would drive anyone mad!

However, I still carry on. Why? Sometimes, I don’t know why I persist when all the odds are stacked against me and then there are times where I think of when after I graduate, I can finally have my revenge on all those who wronged me. Why should I think revenge ( I mean not physical revenge, more of a spiritual thing ) is wrong? The church has being teaching people that it is wrong to stand up for what they deserve.

I mean…. WTF? Heck, even when they thought us this in school, I thought to myself ’ Huh? That doesn’t make sense ’ That is sheeple talk! Look where that got 32 people over in VA! Look at all the crime in this world, look at all the wrong and yet those in power tell us NOT to stand up for what we deserve? BULLSHIT! If that’s the case, we’d never have made it out of the caves, or even survived at all in the caves!

Mankind got to where it is today because of men who stood up for what they believed they deserved! Only the strongest survive and they are the ones who stood up for themselves. Jesus Christ, the media makes us look like fucking wimps who can’t stand up to bullies, who get away with everyone if you do something against, BAM! Your fucked!

The system will stop at NOTHING to break men like me, posing obstacles every fucking step of the way. Right now, I have no real money, no social circles and I’ve never even being kissed! Its all thanks to the evil feminist movement which made women think that emotional gratification is fun and letting good people rot is EXTRA FUN! What kind of sick world do we live in?

Its getting to the point now where I don’t care about what people think of me, they can hate me and think of me as weird or as a little toy to fuck around with all they want, I don’t care. I had it for so long that I accept I’ll be a loner for life. Heck, in college, where apparently, there would be much less assholes for me to deal with, the situation there is actually worse than what it was in secondary school. I mean, WTF. How the fuck did THAT happen?

There’s too much coldness in the world. Because of the advances in communications technology, the world is actually a lonelier place! Think about that one! I can personally tell you that the idea of me ever having close friends is not going to happen, all because of how fucked up society is! I’m a lone wolf, always have, always will.

That’s what will make the men’s movement all the more dangerous when the shit hit’s the fan. Lone wolves, like me, who don’t have anyone to worry about are the ones will lead us to victory. Heck, it is my belief that the MRA movement needs a martyr in order to truly get the ball rolling! Someone who so set in their ideals, they are willing to DIE for it!

If feminists really think all men are evil and don’t deserve even a whiff of their golden pussies, so be it. Come with even more extreme false statistics, how about you come and say that EVERY WOMAN will get raped in her lifetime! Make staring at a woman a crime punishable by death! Using IVF and tell all wannabe fathers to go fuck themselves. Have your fun with all the bad boys and thugs, get fucked and chucked because its sooooo exciting. Do EVERYTHING in your power to piss as many men as possible. Tell they are nothing, that women are better and men are pieces of shit to be used as slaves and nothing more.

Then, femi - nazis, you will see the greatest backlash in the history of humanity! You will be DESTROYED by BILLIONS of VERY VERY PISSED OFF MEN! Oh, what will think then? No one will there to save, not even the elite and their complex mind control shit, EVERYTHING can be broken, nothing, absolutely NOTHING is fool - proof! Enjoy your thrill for as long as you can, feminists because when we the men raise up, you’ll all regret ever being born female!

Until next time,



Pete Patriarch said...

Will you abandon the men's movement when you get a girlfriend?

NHY said...

I most certaintly will NOT abandon the men's movement when / IF I get a girlfriend. I consider myself a bit far down the rabbit hole now to ever go back. Which in my view, is a good thing.

Thanks for the concern, though.

Anonymous said...

Good post and I totally agree. I am also a "lone wolf" in this cold world. Stay strong brother cause men are the leaders in this world, we are at the top of the food chain. "For evil to prevail in this world, the good man has to do nothing." and "Being passive in the face of evil is not a virtue."

Luke Skywalker said...

Hey NHY:

It's like I said before. Go to as many end of year parties as you want, and help yourself to all the food and beer you want.
I mean, if all sorts of other people are going, and there's a huge crowd, then what are they going to do? Pull you aside and single you out? Trust me, they would embarrass themselves immensely if they did anything like that.

Sure they might whine about it the next day on bebo, but who cares. You're the winner in the situation, because you got all the food and beer/wine/pop you wanted, and all they can do is sit and whine.

Anonymous said...

'If all feminists really think men are evil'...Umm, we don't. Not one bit. I love my boyfriend, brother, father, male friends, and so on. Your view of mainstream (and much radical) feminism is quite inaccurate. Laura

dan said...

Laura, there you go, typical fembot, ....with your shaming language. This is exactly what NHY, Duncan, myself, and all MRAs are talking about. When you say (in regard to feminists) "we don't" {think all men are evil} one may conclude 1. you are a feminist and 2. you speak on behalf of the majority of or all feminists. You love your boyfriend (until you get tired of him), your brother, father, and male friends. WOW!!! Gentlemen, we stand corrected....let's just shut down all our anti-feminist web sites, because LAURA, the feminist speaker of the house, loves the males in HERRRRR life!!

No, Laura, while NHY admittedly rants (I think rightfully so), he makes a hell of alot of points that can be backed up. These MRA sites have well-documented FACTS and when feminists like you come on, you have NOTHING other than shaming language. Google mediaradar for feminist and NOW quotes if you think your group isn't a hate-man orginization.

Anonymous said...

Dan, could you please clarify where I use this 'shaming language' you speak of? Why do you say I've given you no facts, when I have, in telling you how I feel about men? That I like men is a fact. You know nothing about me, yet feel free to insinuate that I don't truly love the important people in my life, am a fembot, and related to a man-hating organising. This is ridiculous. I'm a feminist, not a misandrist. Learn the difference and open your mind. Laura

dan said...

Laura - be glad to spell it out for you. To NHY you said: "Your view of mainstream (and much radical) feminism is quite inaccurate." Then to me you said: "Why do you say I've given you no facts, when I have, in telling you how I feel about men? That I like men is a fact." You like men and you're proud to be a woman. I like women and am proud to be a man. Cool. But, here is where the problem starts: You have labled yourself with the moniker of feminism which, fair or not, gives you some negative baggage and you will be judged for it. Furthermore, you critcize NHY saying his views of mainstream and much radical feminism is inaccurate. Ok, how? Why? I asked you to look up some quotes from Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzung, Jane Fonda, Andrea Dworkin, just to name a few and you tell me if the quotes they say aren't full of man-hate.

I never doubted your Sincere love for the men in your life, albeit I was sarcastic. The "Shaming Language" I refer to is the typical wording women use such as "Well not all women/feminists think like the radicals...." or "I love my husband and so, there! I'm not a man hater." To say "I'm a feminist not a misandrist." Is like saying "I'm a good Nazi, not a Jew-Hater." If you're really one to denounce feminazism, you should easily be able to see te unfair advantages women have over men in education, the workplace, child custody laws, police favoring women in domestic violence disputes. I could go on about affirmative action, "positive" discrimination, false rape claims and anomynity, misandry in movies, the news, tv shows, the papers. You want to fight for a noble cause, Laura, join the MRA....and yes there are women on our side. I suggest YOU learn the difference between feminists and MRAs and YOU open YOUR mind.

Anonymous said...

Well Dan, you say you like women. With your logic that all feminists are somehow complicit with man haters, then you are complicit with the misogynists because some MRA's truly hate women!
Would that be fair?

Anonymous said...

And I still don't get what's shaming about her language. If nothing else, maybe she was showing her ignorance.
I thought "shaming language" was insults to one's manhood and ability to get laid, not expressing one's opinion or what one really believes feminism to be, whether or not they are misguided.

dan said...

ANON 9:42-5, I am an MRA who happens to like women. Some MRAs hate women. I am not accountable for them just as Laura is not accountable for man hating drones. I am simply implying that by giving herself the title feminist, she is automatically placing a negative barrier around her that PEOPLE will judge. If she goes out and tells 100 people she is a feminist, and I tell 100 people I am a Men's Rights Activist, we would both recieve unsettling reactions for different reasons. MRA: I can almost guarentee you that over 90 of the people wouldn't have a clue that there even is such a thing as the MRA. Why? You'll never hear about it in the news or see it portrayed let alone glorified in movies and on TV the way feminism has been. I would either get shrugged shoulders/puzzled looks, they would think it is a poor attempt of humor, or, lastly I "must be a woman hater." Feminist: The men, if they are real men not manginas, would avoid her if they had any sense. Older people would conjure up memories of the 60s hate speeches by feminists and Laura would not be looked a the same ever again.

You're right Anon as far as she didn't use TYPICAL shaming language (i.e., "you can't get laid so...." or "you have a small dick, "your mamma beat you as a child..." ect..nevertheless the condescending tone was there an I had to point that out.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I see your point now. I suppose I didn't understand why people get worked up over terminology, but I see your view a little better now.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I know many people hae a negative idea of feminism, but I and other young women are working to change that. My feminism is based on equality for all people.

You say that women have unfair advantage in the workplace and so on but this is untrue. In all countries a pay gap between childless men and women doing the same job exist, which is not easily explained. It is one example of something that needs to be changed. I don't support the polarisation of the sexes. And this brings me to another of your points:

You refer to well-known radical feminists such as Dworkin. Certainly you find anti-male sentiments expressed in their writings. However, 1970s radical feminism is *not* the ideology of *mainstream* feminism today. The goal is to eradicate the gender pay gap, end sexual violence (false rape claims are not as common as the real thing)and to make society more family-friendly (flexible working arrangements, maternity *and paternity* leave for example). This will benefit both men and women.

Why oppose something we all can enjoy? Laura

dan said...

Laura, where to begin, I wonder. I'll give you this: I truly think you personally have good intentions and you desire a more harmonious atmosphere between the sexes. You touch base on the gender pay gap *myth*, rape accusations and a more family-friendly society.

Let's start with the pay gap theory: What makes this feminized fabrication so misleading is that it is a raw comparison of men and women. An HR employee (which is 90% female btw,) who averages 40 hrs a week is thrown in the mix with a lumberjack who works 80 + hrs a week. Also, your sisters fail too often to mention, that entry-level hire women with bachelor's and masters degrees make about 130% of their male counterparts' salaries. It seems that men out-earn women, Laura, but let's look at the Choises made. Men, on average, do far more dangerous jobs than women. In California, for instance, a prison guard at San Quentin, Lompoc, or Tehachapi (spelling?) can earn $70,000 a year + full medical benefits and a very nice retirement plan after 30+ yars of service. It is known that women PREFER to take leaves of absence for care-giving. "Why don't men share domestic responsibilities so women will be more free and uncumbered to pursue their dreams...." Look, I was engaged three times, so I know that married couples talk about one specializing in a task and another in the other. I know the ARGUMENTS that follow all too well!

Now, onto Sexual Violence. Feminists argue that only 2% of all rape claims are false. MRA sites claim at least 41%. There is a 1996 study by the U.S. Department of Justice using DNA to prove the innocence of the accused. With one exception of a man of limited mental capacity, individuals were later exonerated by DNA tests. The accused, however, spent an average of 7 years in prison. Feminists have broadened Rape beyond intercourse. A woman who decides, after the fact, that sex wasn't a good idea, was not RAPED! I've been pressured into sex by female co-workers in the past. I consented, but deeply regretted afterwords. Now had I done that to a female, that would be "date rape." And don't even get me started on DV and the VAWA. I'll discuss that in a future post.

Lastly, you want to make society more family-friendly. That's very nice. But, and this is one of those things where I don't care what other people say but.... Society WAS family-friendly. Four things ruined that. And people will debate this, that's fine, but here goes: 1. The Sexual Revolution 2.The Gay agenda 3.No-fault divorce and yes 4.The Feminist hate movement. These four factors are more closely intertwined than one may think. I will discuss this too in a future post. Right now I have errands to run and it is my only day off from work.

Anonymous said...

Dan, your condescension towards me is misplaced. I choose to base my discussion of rape statistics on actual research, not propaganda perpetrated by those intent on woman-hating and maintaing the patriarchy (ie, many, but not all, MRSAs).

'It is known that women PREFER to take leaves of absence for care-giving' you say. Rubbish. SOME women prefer this, but so do some men. As you well know, it is within the remit of MRAs to let people think that what women and men want is based on outdated stereotypes such as this.

Most importantly, I want to make society family-friendly - for WOMEN. You are wrong to say that we had it good in previous decades. This was a time of no birth control, no advanced education and choices for women, and certainly no financial independence for each person in a relationship (which is a by-product of what you call the "gay" agenda). MRAs want to sustain this hateful situation and that's why sensible women and men cannot tolerate it.

dan said...

Ladies and gentlemen, at long last we see feminazism in it's TRUE UGLY COLORS!!!! I've been waiting for a response from you, for like uh TWO MONTHS NOW! Oh, and before you try to shame me saying "You don't have a life," 1. I work 6-7 days a week, 10-12 hrs a day as a Sous Chef, 2. I write music for weddings/funerals, and other church services, as well as conduct music ensembles, sing for recordings, and arrange dinner shows and concerts. I have about 15 min. a day to look at these sites. Anyway, Your "actual statistics" come from POLICE REPORTS. Police, as we know, are HIGHLY funded by feminist organizations such as NOW and are heavily one-sided....A FEMALE POLICE OFFICER TOLD ME THAT PERSONALLY during a luncheon one time!!!! She KNEW in many cases that the woman was lying but had to follow "**** county procedure." One feminist actually said that a man getting falsely accused of rape is a "good thing." GOing to prison for seven years like these men did, to you that is a good thing?

And where did I even talk about Maternity Leave? One of my male co-workers is taking leave for his wife. You need help, woman. "Your condescension towards me is misplaced...." You know, don't take it personally that I'm attacking the lies brought forth by your group. Of the MRAs out there, many of whom are much worse than me in name calling and such, you pick ME to argue with. You gotta admit,I've been quite a gentlemen compared to the others. That doesn't mean I'm going to let you shoot the MRA down.

Lastly, you want to make society more family-friendly, "for WOMEN," showing your true bias! Most of us MRAs are merely trying to tip the scales so heavily leaned against us. I am OH SO RIGHT to say you had it good - not perfect, but not horrible either!! Do you refute that the majority of dangerous jobs are taken BY MEN?? 95 %, give or take a few points, of fatalities in jobsites are MEN! The majority of casualties in war are MEN! There are foundations and charities, as well there should be, to fight breast cancer in women. There are NONE to fight prostate cancer for MEN!!
Oh, and Financial security was given to MARRIED COUPLES!! My father, who works in a hospital, has insurance coverage that I cannot get AND I'M HIS SON!!! I'm his flesh and blood. Yet two people who CHOOSE to shack-up and have sex with someone of the same sex get full coverage. Of course, Feminazism, th gay agenda, no-faut divorce, and the sexual revolution ENDED and DESTROYED families!! "We had no birth control..." women didn't sleep around like they do now either. I ani't no angel....I was engaged three times, I did more than my share of dibbling and dabbling....but now I see that I was wrong in doing so. I didn't knock-up anyone or get STDs though I probably deserved to. "No advanced education for women...." REEEEAAALLYY??? Ever heard of Columbia University in New York City? THey were giving out college degrees to WOMEN in the 1800s!! There were women doctors in the 17-1800s, as well as women passing bar exams and all-women schools. Er mmmm, did your sistas fail to mention that? You say I don't research? Laura, baby, you're outta your league here!! Do some homework and consider becoming one of us! Most of us do want freedoms for well as men!! 'Til Next Time -