Thursday, February 01, 2007

A fourm!

As an experiment, I have created a fourm. If it is a success, I'll consider adding more to it and hiring staff. anyways, here is the link;

Laters, everyone.



FredXblog said...

I've just come across your blog- and have added you to my links

Keep up the good work friend

Fred X

Anonymous said...

Off topic I know but very important!! So called anti-femhag Verlch has BANNED SOME MRA'S FROM HIS BLOG BECAUSE HIS REGULAR FEMHAG CUNT POSTERS DISAGREE WITH THEM!!.. THAT IS CORRECT. A mangina who calls himself Verlch has started moderating and keeping Mikeeusa and the infamous Martha from posting because of camplaints from some WHINING CUNTS. hERE IS THE ADDRESS...HTTP://VERLCH.BLOGSPOT.COM/.
Please go to his so called "men's rights" blog and let the pussy know what you think of his traitorous ass. He is pathetic!!

NHY said...

Even though I think the post above is dubious, I am still publishing it anyway as I'm not for censorship.

I've read about this on FredX and to say the least, I'm not impressed. It seems like someone is trying to break us apart from within. DON'T FALL FOR IT GUYS!

The true purpose of being an MRA is sticking together. I've also looked at Martha's blog and to say the least, its a disgrace! ( Heck, I even got a warning saying that its content is hateful before I could enter! )

Mangina's are one thing but complete pricks like Martha are no help to us either!

Captain Ultrachauve said...

Yes these feminists morally bankrupt child killers will stoop low. Free Men be vigilant
Their whole ideaology is based on LIES It is NO surprise that they
slander in this and many other devious ways!