Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Day..... blergh.....

Valentine’s Day is looming upon us once again or should I say ‘ Spoilt Brat’s Day? ‘ ( because most modern day women don’t even deserve having the word ‘ princess ‘ in that title, it rightly should be ‘ Spoilt BRAT syndrome! ‘ ) is upon us.

Simple, it’s a day where almost everyone ( not just women, men do it too ) act is if they all so in looovvveeee…. Yeah right, its more like another day where the guy is expected to splash on his spoilt brat in return for….. er…… a CHANCE of having sex? I siad a CHANCE, not a GUARENTEE of having sex!

It’s a vile excuse for shops to jack up prices for cards, chocolates, flowers and other useless female jewelery crud? Why the cheesy bad ‘ Roses are red, violets are blue… ‘ poetry? How about this for a valentine’s poem instead?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’ll have them all over
When I beat the hell out of you!

Of course, I don’t condone violence, hatred or violence against women ( I’m no Martha. In fact, I just thought up that poem on the spot and mean it as an Anti V – Day Joke ) what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t like what the world around you does, there is NO NEED TO BUY INTO!

Valentine’s Day exists in modern culture solely for the benefit of women and women alone, you hardly, if EVER, see ANYTHING where Valentine’s Day benefits the man, usually, you only see the guy go through a lot of pain and trouble for their spoilt brat in order to please so that he either doesn’t get dumped ( and it doesn’t really matter, maybe she’s planning to dump his ass next day, anyway? )

So, my message to all my fellow single comrades out there, who enlightened and know the truth behind Valentine’s Day and chose to boycot it, like I am. All I offer is an alternative idea for V – Day. I shall call it Singles Day!

As for myself, I’ll be busy with college and if I do happen to get time, I might just buy one of those boxes of V – Day chocolates and scroff the lot MYSELF!




Fidelbogen said...

I too, just posted Valentine sentiments on 'The Counter-Feminist'....

Anonymous said...

Your description of women as 'spoilt brats' says some very interesting things about you. Firstly, it indicates that you don't view women as adults, but rather children, who are incapable of providing for themselves and demand too much of their men. What rubbish. As a 20 year old you should be fully aware that most women are self-sufficient. Secondly, your view of women in only a negative light makes you a misogynist, thus your blog should have the much catchier title 'An Irish Misogynist.' It's cowardly to align yourself AGAINST a movement rather than openly admit your odious view of women. Furthermore, you really should have more respect for Irish women. As a twenty-something example of one, I am nothing like the women you moan about here, nor is any woman I know.

K. said...

I don't know about you, but that poem about red and blue bruises...

It makes me smile :D