Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hillary's Opponent in 2008?

Giuliani squares-up to compete with Clinton

Two picks from the article;

FORMER New York mayor Rudolph W Giuliani and New York Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton, who briefly competed against each other in a Senate race in 2000, look set for their biggest re-match yet.

Political observers believe Mr Giuliani, twice divorced and moderate on many social issues, will have a tough struggle in the primaries, where conservative voters tend to dominate. But there is no candidate as popular as the former mayor.

Leaving the NWO talk aside for now, I for one feel that Mr Giuliani would make a VERY fitting opponent for Hillary in the US presidential elections next year. I'm not American but that still doesn't stop me ( and most other MRAs as well ) from being concerned about the potential disastrous after effects worldwide if Hillary was to be elected as president! Besides, it also looks as if the guy has experience of divorce court as well to boot!

There is plenty of evidence out there to support what my views as well. Sadly, most people I know would call me sexist around here if I spoke against her ( and trust me, I did once to no avail ) ah well, it seems like we have so way to go yet.


Beretta said...

I live in the US.Over here,if a politician's lips are moving they're lying.

NHY said...

Heh, kind of reminds me of Irish politics as well! :D

CLovIS said...

“I live in the US.Over here,if a politician's lips are moving they're lying.”

I think that goes for politicians in general lol.