Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lets make this VERY clear, lady

Due to some rather nasty comments from an Anonymous woman on the blog recently, I feel to the need to make this post in order to make some things VERY clear.

The first comment;
Your description of women as 'spoilt brats' says some very interesting things about you. Firstly, it indicates that you don't view women as adults, but rather children, who are incapable of providing for themselves and demand too much of their men. What rubbish. As a 20 year old you should be fully aware that most women are self-sufficient. Secondly, your view of women in only a negative light makes you a misogynist, thus your blog should have the much catchier title 'An Irish Misogynist.' It's cowardly to align yourself AGAINST a movement rather than openly admit your odious view of women. Furthermore, you really should have more respect for Irish women. As a twenty-something example of one, I am nothing like the women you moan about here, nor is any woman I know.
Look, woman, while I'll admit much of the material I read is from either the US or UK, that doesn't automatically mean that similar BS doesn't happen in Ireland or thats its just ' an American problem! ' That is a load of nonsense designed to cover women’s tracks. As for V - Day, I can't exactly remember seeing too many V - Day ads targeted at MEN only, I saw and heard several ads that are targeted towards women though but thats not my point here.

Secondly, contrary to what you think, I do not hate women. If I did, then this blog would have a LOT more hateful content and my fellow MRA's would disown me. In fact, I have several female friends in college and at home. I get along with women just fine. However, what I do have a problem is how feminism and modern society in general, has allowed women to get away with murder and how its now men, good men, that are being discriminated against!

Next comment;
You know what's hilarious? These women that have STDs didn't somehow incubate them inside their bodies: they caught them from some nasty man they had sex with. Yes, that's right - 'sex with' - it takes two to tango. For the record, I'm a sexually-responsible Irish woman with a boyfriend who has always been free of STDS. Your dismissal of all women is dangerous and needs to be corrected.
I know they didn't incubate them inside their bodies and I know its takes two to tango but like I said in the post this comment came from; Bebo / Myspace is not the place to talk about such things! Also, I noticed you used the term ' nasty man ' to describe the guys they got the STDs from and you call me a Misogynist!?

Look, another reason I'm here in the first place is because I have seen, with my own two eyes on countless occasions, girls my age going out with absolute SCUM, I'm talking about the type of men who are likely to abuse them and treat them like crap. These guys are also don't go anyway in life and they can't see beyond the present and the quick thrills that come with it. Meanwhile, the good men, the ones who'd actually treat her well, are left to ROT. I'm one of those guys left to rot.

Because of feminism, the dating scene has become a sick, twisted and overly complicated game in which in order to succeed, you'd need to sell your soul to the devil! Err.... no fucking thanks! I want to keep my soul, thank you very much!

Also, lady, I smell a whiff of shaming tactics in both comments in a weak attempt to get to me. That might have worked on me when I was 15 but it simply WILL NOT work on me today so fuck off with the shaming language!

Have I made myself clear, Lady? Or are you just going to send more worn out shaming tactics my way?

Until next time,


Thursday, March 08, 2007


I'm just dropping a quick message letting everyone know that I'm going to busy for a while, I have 3 projects on the go in college at the moment and various other things that will keep me busy so don't except so many posts from me here for a while.

I've being too lazy and now I'm worried I might fail SO I'll be busy trying to keep my marks up and such. Don't worry I'll be back soon... or whenever I see / hear / read / experince something Femi - Naziish that pisses me off and I'll be needing to write about it.

And of course, theres that Jaw Operation!

Laters everyone