Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Anonymous ’ MRA ‘

This post, like most of my posts here, has being written in a word processor with spell check enabled.

OK, someone who claims to be an MRA and who runs his own blog and tells me I’d end up resenting him if I knew who he was has being making some nasty comments here in the past few days criticising me for the fact my posts are apparently full of spelling mistakes and tells me that I should make more effort in making my posts and that as a result of my laziness, I am embarrassment to the Men’s Right Movement.

I want to make a few things VERY fucking clear here.

* This blog is a collection of my thoughts and observations about living in a feminised society. Did I mention anything there about research? Of course not. Unless its for something relating to Graphic Design or college, I generally speaking, don’t do research. It seems that our Anon MRA has a problem with this and so demands I stop posting until I put more effort into my posts.

* I write the vast majority of my posts in a word processor with spell check enabled, with the exception of some of my shorter posts. I really don’t know how my posts could be so full of spelling mistakes, as you claim they are.

* As for the whole Galileo thing , he took back everything he said because he was threatened with fucking death! If YOU were threatened with death because if you research led you to, would YOU take it back to save your skin?

One thing he said has alarmed me…..

You stupid motherfucking cunt, what did you get in the leaving? You didn't even get into proper college after school so don't be shiteing on about MY education

OK, How the fuck did you know that? I’ve never spoken about what college I’m going to or how I got there in this blog, the only places I would have spoken of it is on the mancoat fourms or the Men’s Chat Network. Your attacking me because I didn’t get into a proper college after school? Not only are you insulting me but your also insulting all the people who go these apparent ’ improper colleges ’ that you describe. That is fucking LOW. OK then, if your so fucking smart, then your welcome to tell me exactly WHAT college I go to and how did I get there. I will however, not publish that comment to protect my identity.

And for your information, I got 330 in the leaving, 5 Cs and 2 Ds. Does that make me dumb? Does it mean I’m uneducated?

Now, a message to all other MRA’s, arguing amongst ourselves is going to SOLVE NOTHING. We are living a culture where feminists are wrecking society as we know it, men are being reduced to nothing more than sperm donors and human ATMs and thugs run rampant. Instead of giving other MRAs who methodology heat because you don’t like the way they do things, DO YOUR OWN THING!

God damn it, I’ve being left ostracized from enough things in my fucking life because of who I am and how I do things. What shit are you trying to pull here? Are you trying to ensure by hiding behind An Anon id, that I would end up distrusting most MRAs because I’d think one of them is saying this shit? If you think I’m going to resent you so bad if I knew who you were, then I don’t fucking care. If your so sure about it, Then IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

There are plenty of other MRA blog’s out there. So if you don’t like one, there are plenty of others that will satisfy your needs. If you don’t like one blog, there is no need to read it!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Man bashing in the Irish Media: Road Safety Ads

I've never really looked into examples of man - bashing in the IRISH media yet. ( Then again, I generally stay away from such media! ) So, I thought I would and what better examples to start off with than the infamous hard hitting road safety ads that are broadcast here. Obviously, while these ads DO have a good, well intentioned message ( I'm well aware of this so please, no comments about it! ) it is usually done under the guise of the male being the person who causes the whole damn mess.

And before you ask, no, I don't know what's its like to be in a car crash and to have someone I know either killed or maimed for life as a result of such an accident.

Warning: Graphic Content

Here's the most recent one that I've seen;

I've seen some over the top road safety ads but this one takes the biscuit. I've never heard about or seen any similar accident like the one depicted here ( If anyone knows of a such an occurrence in real life, please tell me in the comments section )

The first thing worth nothing is that it was a male who caused the crash by driving too fast and not paying attention. He looks young and dress like a typical male around my age. Hmmm...... What does that make you think? That all young male drivers are nothing more than accidents waiting to happen and as a result, all young men should be charged through the roof for car insurance? I think the demonisation of men comes without mention as well through this ad.

Another thing worth noting that apart from our speeding male who causes the crash, all the other male victims of the accident died. Those being the guy who got almost totally impaled by one of the cars and the other male driver in the other car, both females survive, hence, the main one is maimed for life. What's the subliminal message here, I wonder? That men are easily expendable and that if they die, not many people will care? Instead, femi - nazis would think ' Yay! That’s one less man we have to worry about! ' Think about that one, readers!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Vote Angry Harry!

Unlike the Irish Election campagin that's going on at the moment, heres one that I actually encourage people to vote for;

Blogger's Choice Awards; Angry Harry

Angry Harry is one of the many MRA sites and I am urging all my fellow MRAs and everyone who believes in free speech to vote for this blog and make it number 1 and throw off the top.

If he wins, this will be a huge boost for the MRA movement and will force men's issues out into the open.

Until next time,


Sheeple, Rants and The End Game

Hey everyone! Thank god my exams are over! Now I have the prospect of…. A Jaw operation to look forward to in June! ( It BETTER be worth it, its seriously going to mess up my plans for this summer and 2nd year in college! ) I doubt very much I’ll go to any end of year class party, though. Well, I know that one’s on but if I don’t get any personal messages form college mate about it, I’m going to assume I’m not invited and won’t go. That way, I’ll prevent another fiasco like the one I’ll talked of recently!

I know this blog has being reading like a rant rag lately but honestly, why should I apologise for it? Its bad enough that as a male I get discriminated against in the West but throw in the fact I have to deal with a dysfunctional family ( There doesn’t seem to be any FUNCTIONAL families anymore. ) and the fact I feel everyone else has getting passes I never seem to get among a hell of a lot of other things it would drive anyone mad!

However, I still carry on. Why? Sometimes, I don’t know why I persist when all the odds are stacked against me and then there are times where I think of when after I graduate, I can finally have my revenge on all those who wronged me. Why should I think revenge ( I mean not physical revenge, more of a spiritual thing ) is wrong? The church has being teaching people that it is wrong to stand up for what they deserve.

I mean…. WTF? Heck, even when they thought us this in school, I thought to myself ’ Huh? That doesn’t make sense ’ That is sheeple talk! Look where that got 32 people over in VA! Look at all the crime in this world, look at all the wrong and yet those in power tell us NOT to stand up for what we deserve? BULLSHIT! If that’s the case, we’d never have made it out of the caves, or even survived at all in the caves!

Mankind got to where it is today because of men who stood up for what they believed they deserved! Only the strongest survive and they are the ones who stood up for themselves. Jesus Christ, the media makes us look like fucking wimps who can’t stand up to bullies, who get away with everyone if you do something against, BAM! Your fucked!

The system will stop at NOTHING to break men like me, posing obstacles every fucking step of the way. Right now, I have no real money, no social circles and I’ve never even being kissed! Its all thanks to the evil feminist movement which made women think that emotional gratification is fun and letting good people rot is EXTRA FUN! What kind of sick world do we live in?

Its getting to the point now where I don’t care about what people think of me, they can hate me and think of me as weird or as a little toy to fuck around with all they want, I don’t care. I had it for so long that I accept I’ll be a loner for life. Heck, in college, where apparently, there would be much less assholes for me to deal with, the situation there is actually worse than what it was in secondary school. I mean, WTF. How the fuck did THAT happen?

There’s too much coldness in the world. Because of the advances in communications technology, the world is actually a lonelier place! Think about that one! I can personally tell you that the idea of me ever having close friends is not going to happen, all because of how fucked up society is! I’m a lone wolf, always have, always will.

That’s what will make the men’s movement all the more dangerous when the shit hit’s the fan. Lone wolves, like me, who don’t have anyone to worry about are the ones will lead us to victory. Heck, it is my belief that the MRA movement needs a martyr in order to truly get the ball rolling! Someone who so set in their ideals, they are willing to DIE for it!

If feminists really think all men are evil and don’t deserve even a whiff of their golden pussies, so be it. Come with even more extreme false statistics, how about you come and say that EVERY WOMAN will get raped in her lifetime! Make staring at a woman a crime punishable by death! Using IVF and tell all wannabe fathers to go fuck themselves. Have your fun with all the bad boys and thugs, get fucked and chucked because its sooooo exciting. Do EVERYTHING in your power to piss as many men as possible. Tell they are nothing, that women are better and men are pieces of shit to be used as slaves and nothing more.

Then, femi - nazis, you will see the greatest backlash in the history of humanity! You will be DESTROYED by BILLIONS of VERY VERY PISSED OFF MEN! Oh, what will think then? No one will there to save, not even the elite and their complex mind control shit, EVERYTHING can be broken, nothing, absolutely NOTHING is fool - proof! Enjoy your thrill for as long as you can, feminists because when we the men raise up, you’ll all regret ever being born female!

Until next time,


Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Irishman Against The New World Order

Forget Feminism, these are the REAL enemies that we facing.

I would like to make announcement....

You might have noticed there are now 3 separate links sections on the side panel, covering topics such as MRA sites, Russian Women and The New World Order. Well, this post is about the latter; The New World Order.

Dear readers, as some of you may already know, Feminism and the destruction it has caused over the past 40 years, among many others things was no accident, it was planned. The thing that some fo you may be asking me is; Who the hell is doing it?

Well, contrary to what you may think, its NOT Aliens from the Planet Zog where humanity is a grand experiment ( Well, it is but it isn't Aliens doing the dirty work ) nor is it God's plan because after, why would ' A caring, forgiving God ' constantly allow events like 9 / 11 or Katrina to happen?

We've all being fooled, guys, its some of our own. While I can't point a direct finger, it looks as if some very old organisations, like Freemasonry or The Illumanti, have being the ones behind it all and all other sources of social chaos for an extremely long time.

But this isn't the right place to be talking about this. After all, this blog is called An Irishman Against Feminism for a reason. With that, I would like to introduce my new cousin blog, which will be dedicated to dealing with such issues;

An Irishman Against The NWO

Of course, there will probably be instances where something will happen where I will be posting separate commentaries from the perspective of Feminism as well as the NWO but I will say this in any post in which I do.

Before I finish, I would like to Thank TJ for sharing with me the links to Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt and Break For News, which is what has gotten me interested in all this in the first place. The fact you can download stuff from both sites and listen to them on offline is very useful, I already have serveral Alan Watt Blurbs on my ipod.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2 things I'd like to promote

I'd like to take the oppurtnity to promote two things;

First and formost, as has being covered by many other MRA blogs;

Robert and Rob EQAUL Parenting Bike Trek

Although this is taking place in the US, I'm sure the rest of the world is going to notice when this actually happens and I encorage everyone's support for this great cause, one of the key causes we MRAs fight for; EQUAL PARENTING!


Save Net Radio

On May 15th, new royality fees for online radio will come into effect that are so high, that it will KILL ALL OF THEM DEAD. No one wants this and I strongly urge my US comrades who belive in freedom of expression and free speech to support this and contact thier respective congress members about this ( more details on the site. )

Until next time,