Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

To all the MRAs reading this, Merry Christmas to you all! May all your dreams come true this Christmas season!

To all the femi - nazis, manginas and trolls here too, I hope Santa brings you all a bag of coal!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Time

I’ve said last year that I’m a bit of Scrooge, Christmas isn’t exactly my favourite time of year. Maybe that will mean I’ll end becoming a workaholic later on in life!

Joking aside, I actually love the lights, the decorations, things like that. I’m very much a visual person and I love the time and effort into the detail around homes, shops and the like to make them as ‘ Christmassy ‘ as possible. I love Christmas lights that are hung up in towns and cities as well, EXCEPT where I live, they use plain bulbs instead of Christmas lights here and a fucking pole for a Christmas tree, cheap bastards!

Unfortunately, its what Christmas has become that I have a problem with. OK now, lets see, I’m barely back in college in September and a fucking Christmas shop has just opened in the local Shopping Centre! ‘ We believe that people are spreading out the purchase of Christmas decorations over the year! ‘ So, they claim. Well, if that was the case, why don’t they have a Christmas shop open all year round!? ( Crap, I’m giving them ideas, shut up, NHY! )

And what about those toys all the kids seem to want that supplies of become oh so magically short in the run up to the holiday season? it’s the same bloody thing every year with the so - called ‘ most wanted toy ‘ , be it Furbies, Robots that can make your fucking tea or whatever it is. Haven’t any of you noticed that the top toy is strangely ALWAYS in short supply in the run up to Christmas? ‘ Wouldn’t have they made enough to keep up with demand? ‘ You might ask.

Well, the truth is, the short supply is deliberate and intentional. In fact, they could have plenty of them but the truth is, supply is controlled, they might tell you they have none when in fact, they might plenty of such and such a toy in the backrooms! This is done to create the ILLUSION of demand outstripping supply. Why? So that they can jack up the price of said item, that’s why! You really don’t want to disappoint little Jack, do you if you can’t get him that Robot you promised him for Christmas so you’ll be willing to pay an arm and a leg for it! The film Jingle All The Way comes to mind here. Yes, I know, its sick but hey, that’s the marketing machine working at is best for you!

Speaking of the marketing machine, at this time of year, the thing is roaring along so loud at this time of year, some of us can’t get to sleep over it! ‘ Get him this! Get her that! Get Susie this doll! Kiss your girlfriends ass with this useless ( and well overpriced ) diamond! ‘ The pressure is awful, its implied that if you DON’T buy a present for every single relative you have, even if you don’t like them, then you’re a bad person! Sorry but the only person I buy a Christmas present for these days is my sister!

And what this about if your not dating someone at Christmas, then apparently, you’re a loser? Once upon a time, it used to hurt me, and I thought I’d never be loved and was always lonely at Christmas and would never be loved because I wasn’t this thing or that thing. Ugh, it’s a vicious circle, huh, guys? I don’t really care now, sure it would be nice but I’ve learned that it isn’t so bad, why should I worry, at least I’m not having to waste my money on buying useless shit for some girl who might only be using me as an human ATM machine, so yeah!

Mangina’s think its alright to suck up to their masters, sorry I mean girlfriends, with expensive shit at Christmas time because they MIGHT just get laid this time. Chances, its not going to happen, buddy! She’ll probably complain to you that its not expensive enough, about how all men are evil and then tell you need to ‘ man up ‘ at the same time! lol, contradiction!

Admittedly, Christmas is a rather lonely time for me. Where I live has nothing for me, the place is a mess and I have no faith in this dump! Most of the youth are of the scum type, anyway and I want nothing to do with it! ‘ Yay! Its Christmas, lets go bushing! ‘ Nothing new there, really. Meanwhile, the good people are left, neglected and questioning what the hell is this all about. I know that because I often asked such questions myself.

People in general are so gosh damned, I don’t know, artificial. You all feel guilty because you drank too or ate to much at Christmas! Again, that’s the media using shaming language again. Enjoy yourselves without having to worry later, for goodness sake! I couldn’t care less if you gain a few pounds by actually enjoying yourselves over Christmas, like I said, shaming language. Again, the media plays on such things, you are aware that we’re going to get bombarded with fitness ads in the new year?

Now, New Year Resolutions aren’t a bad thing…. As long as you stick to them. That is. If not, they are just superficial. Sure, it’s a new year, a new beginning but trust, just because it’s a new year, that doesn’t mean you’ve changed! Your still the same person you were at 11:59pm! Besides, there are PLENTY of other and indeed more powerful occasions that you can resolve to change yourself for the better.

One thing I read on a message was one guys New Years Resolutions include getting a girlfriend! UGH! OK, lets get this straight, you say you want to get a girlfriend then don’t say it as a bloody resolution! One thing that I believe and find hard time fully implementing into my life is the notion that by eliminating desire for something, you will get it!

And at this time of year, maybe that might the best thing to practise….

Until next time


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Awakening!


Do you remember me? Yes, its NHY here ( or as some of you might refer to me to as, Irishman. ) coming out of hiatus ( well, briefly at least. ) for the Christmas holidays, I most say, I even surprised myself as I kept my word! I did update some links and did some other minor bits and bobs around here during the hiatus, though. Its good to see the ‘ big 3 ‘ weren’t kidnapped, gang raped by femicunts or anything like that. Captain Zarmband, Eternal Bachelor, I welcome both you back and Fred X said that he will return but only when he’s ready, so let him be.

As for myself, college has had me busy, really busy actually. Man, the workload is actually pretty heavy! I like it that way, though. Keeps me on my toes, even if I am, so I might say, a somewhat laid back person ( but not entirely lazy, I seem to work better under pressure anyway. ) I’m more comfortable with myself this year in college as well. Maybe it’s the fact my braces came off a week before we started back or all the dicks in my year got placed into the other group this time around? Perhaps it was just me using my imagination against myself and as the saying goes ‘ I think, therefore I am! ‘

While I’m around during the Christmas holidays, I’ll probably be revising or deleting some posts in this blog because quite frankly, I look at some of my earlier posts and they make me cringe. I usually write my posts on the spur of the moment, when I have time. It probably explains why some of them are so full of crap. I know that ranting is a good thing but I can’t be doing it all the time, in essence, my future posts are going to be more thoughtful and observing.

So with that, I’ll end my brief re - introduction here.

As always, until next time,