Saturday, September 22, 2007

I no longer care.

No, I don’t mean I don’t care about myself, that’s stupid. What I mean is that I longer care about the whole stupid dating game, the hoops a guy ‘ has to ‘ jump through in order to get the girl, the notion you need to be polite to a girl all the fucking time, blah blah blah.


Why jump through hoops? Why be so damned polite to them all the time? Why even play the dating game at all? I do know the game is rigged, the filthy skanks have every cheat in the book and there no consequences for their actions. The poor nice guy who actually follows the ridiculous rules of dating are cast aside as being too boring or as marriage material while the women go off with the scum with flashy cars, who deal drugs and who even abuse her!

What does that tell you women? Maybe they actually WANT to pushed around, maybe they want to be called and their bullshit, maybe they want a guy who ignores the hoops and goes straight for the kill! Back in my nice guy days, I never thought of that but now, in my awakened state, I’m not only aware of it but I accept it for the way it is.

And you what, for the first time in a long time, I feel good. I feel really good about myself. Its like with that hindrance gone, I am free to by my own man. ‘ Its only when we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything ‘ so Tyler Durden from Fight Club speaks and he is right. For a nice guy, when the pillar of illusion collapses, you are free to live your own life, your own way.

No more of this taking of BS from women. You will begin to call them out on their bullshit and not only will you get away with saying it but other guys WILL agree with you as well.

Man, I’ve changed. When I first came here, I was still hanging on to the threads of an old fantasy. Now that I’ve fallen and gotten back up, I’ve found being on the ground is a hell of a lot better than hanging from a fucking thread! Needless to say, I’ve still got aspects of myself that I need to work on but that’s what men do ( Unless your chained to a femi - nazi wife. If so, go out and get testosterone shots… PLEASE. And watch Fight Club while your at that! ) , we constantly improve ourselves. We are perfect by our imperfections. After all, Perfection is BORING.

Everywhere, everyday. We are bombarded messages from family members, your friends, work colleagues, school and the media about what is the definition of being a man. ‘ Oh, young boy! To be a man you never speak your mind, give up all your desires. Work a job you hate, buy shit you don’t need. Fall in love, get married and work until you die! ‘ That is what I call a FALSE DEFINATION!

Its false because generally most people’s views aren’t really their own. It is given to them, either through the media, through other family members and society in general. They are herd people, living in a complete dream world of perpetual childhood. They don’t realise this and they think they know everything they need to know!

What I want to say is if it the definition of what is a man being told you to by everyone feels wrong. The chances are, it probably is. If want to make the most out of your life, then it is YOU who most come up with your own definition of what a man is. If you spend your life living by someone’s else’s definition, then you will feel hollow, worthless and weak. Is that what you really want from life?

We men are hindered in today’s society. I am well aware of it. But will, that stop men from succeeding against the odds in life? No, it won’t and it shouldn’t for you. The important is to Not listen to what others think is a man, especially women! Sure, your family and friends might have some helpful advice and you shouldn’t ignore altogether but if it is up to own to define yourself otherwise, you will never be comfortable in your own skin.

It doesn’t matter if people turn away from you for being true to yourself. It is THEIR LOSS. Its just a sign of what they are going up as; SHEEP! Your going your own way by refusing to be a part of the herd while they submit to it. Besides, you can always make new and cooler friends, huh?

Life is meant to be lived. You not supposed to just EXIST, your meant to LIVE.

Until Next Time,


Thursday, September 13, 2007

This my friends, is a MAGINA!

Man, I thought I'd seen a mangina but here comes someone who blows off the lid in that department! I present to you, THE BIGGEST MANGINA EVER.

You have being warned.....

Man, if this what we face, then I am willing to promote masculinity and true manhood whever I will go in my life!

His brother is a mangina too but quite frankly, the video I saw was far too disturbing to post on a blog. Yes, it is THAT BAD.

Something tells even I could probably beat them up without much hassle and I wouldn't be surprised if their parents kill them and themselves when she see this!

Until next time,


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Panic Attacks!

I have no doubt that many of you have heard of the countless terror alerts, wars and rumours of war, the imminent collapse of the stock market, the foiled ‘ terrorist attacks ‘ , 2012 and so on and so fourth. The message, while varied, is generally the same; The World is going to end! We’re all going to die! Everyone is going to live on the streets! Everyone is going to starve! We’re going to get nuked any day now! The cold war is returning! Etc, etc, etc!

None of these threats are ever likely to happen and even then, never underestimate the human spirit and will to survive! The whole point of such reports in the media is to SCARE people. That’s the real purpose is to have people living in fear. People are afraid to go out of their homes, in fear of being attacked by some phantom thug or terrorist. They are afraid of talking to each other, in case that person is a member of some random extremist religious order who will then use that information against you!

Your so scared that you willing to give up your freedoms in exchange for security. God damn it, fucking trees and dogs have more rights than humans now! I care about the environment and animals but remember who the hell is supposed to be the top breed on earth; Man! Natural resources are meant to be tapped for our benefit. Are you really willing to freeze to death in a forest of wood because the trees apparently have feelings too?

People don’t see much point in planning a future, seeing that the whole show is going to end in 2012 anyway. ( Note: I DO believe that something is going to happen in 2012 but nothing as drastic as what we’ve being told and definitely not the end of the world! ) Hell, why not take up drugs and other self - destructive habits, we’re all doomed anyway, so why not?


Has it ever come across your mind that you might just be taken on a wild goose chase? Everything these days is crisis this, crisis that. Crisis every-fucking-where. There is a health crisis in children and they fat and lazy. Hmmm, lets see. Over at the nice guy forums, a member by the name of fschmidt post this;

Here in San Francisco, we used to have wonderful playgrounds for kids. But they have been remodeling them. I just saw the result of the remodeling of what was the biggest and best playground. The high swings were replaced with low swings. All the fun hiding places for kids have disappeared. Most of climbing structures are gone. It is the same pattern as with the rest of the playgrounds here.

Women prefer toddlers to children, but men prefer children to toddlers. These playgrounds used to be primarily for children, with some (enough) space for toddlers. After remodeling, they are almost entirely for toddlers. Women don't like children because they can't control them the way they can control toddlers. So women have effectively castrated our playgrounds and eliminated the things that were fun for kids; swinging high on tall swings, hiding in obscure places, and climbing tall structures. American women don't just inflict misery on men. They inflict misery on children too.

I responded that by saying this;

By doing this and through extreme political correctness, they have effectively made being a child illegal. Instead of being outside playing in the woods and talking with people, they are stuck instead, playing videogames and eating junk food laced with dangerous chemicals as a result they become fat and obese. The feminist government then go off and blame these people for getting fat when in fact they probably caused it all in the first place!

This isn’t just limited to San Francisco, its all over the west, America, the UK and even Ireland as well. Sure, parents as well as the child itself have to carry some of the blame but seriously, society and big government has to carry the bulk of the blame of this mess. Yet those ignorant bastards have the guts to turn around and blame it all on us and that we most change our ways, we most tax you even more to put in place in even more programs that don’t work!

Couple that with the fact that children spend most of their days locked up in a classroom, often with little or no PE at all. ( There was no time for PE with the Leaving Cert here in Ireland! ) and you then you have the reason why children are so fucking lazy. And even when they get out, you can literally say that an unspoken rule is ‘ No playing in the playground! You most be politically correct! You might hurt someone and Oh Noes, we’ll get sued! ’ Guess what? Its not all the child’s fault. The feminazi mother, who can’t fucking cook and instead orders fast food every day and big brother government with their insane PC agendas have to share the blame as well!

What about the great crisis in education? You know, the one where people go through school and come out not even knowing how to read or write? The one where boys are shafted in favour of girls, who are likely to end up bitter with cats and hating their jobs! Anyways, we all know how ‘ oppressive ‘ man has being to woman in the past, don’t we?

Education these days is nothing more than a social indoctrination program. All you learn is how to be ’ a good citizen of the world. ‘ In other words, dumb as shit and doesn’t ask questions! That is all it is anymore. You do not learn anything of importance to you. Besides, they keep on revising and watering down everything! Be it history or English! I am not kidding. Its all about being a part of a group. Those who can actually think for themselves are shunned for being ‘ weird ‘ ( Trust me, I know all about that aspect! )

Idiocracy anyone?

Man, I could write a book about all the bloody crisis the media is telling us about but I’d like to move on…..

In all seriousness, there is really no need to be afraid! Sure, of course, take a few precautions. There is no harm in learning martial arts or stocking up on some canned foods and learning how to live off the land if the shit hit’s the fan and you need to get the fuck out of civilisation, pronto! All this fear mongering and panic is ARTICIFICAL. That is all it is.

Anyways, I’m sure many of you remember one such ‘ crisis ‘ that turned out to be as flat as a pancake and we saw that we’d being had and people made money out of people fears. I am, of course, talking about the Y2K Bug. For those who are not in the know, it was where at midnight, 1999 going into 2000 due to an oversight where computers only used two digits for years, like 87, 93. As a result, computers would think its 1900! Oh my, did the propaganda machine go into complete overdrive! We were told that the power would fail, that planes would fall from the sky, things would explode and the world would end! OH ONES! We need to buy all this expensive trash to protect ourselves from Y2K!

Of course, nothing happened. Everyone, including a 13 year old me, had being scammed. I brought into the panic and wasn’t too happy that I, along with many others got had. At least I didn’t have the means to buy expensive trash! That is why when I first heard of the whole 2012 thing, I was sceptical because here is something that can easily be blown up sky high like Y2K again and as we know, herds tend to forget things quickly! Unlike many others, I was wiser from the whole Y2K incident!

That is just an example of how the government, the media and big business used the whole Y2K thing to fool the public, have people living in fear and make a killing in the process! The whole thing was a scam from start to finish!

I’m disappointed that so many people are living in fear, for whatever fucking reason. They most be safe, they most be Politically Correct, they most prepare, they most isolate themselves for safety. You might survive whatever is going to happen but I you’ll only exist. You won’t be living life, only existing. Is that what you really want?

Don’t exist, live!

Until next time,


Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Am Awake

My balls most be growing. For starters, I no longer really care about ever having a relationship with women, I’ve come to accept the fact I’ll never be in a relationship and have adapted accordingly. Thank you, women! Your selfish nature has awoken another male who will now live happily ever after as a Bachelor. Fishing, travelling, playing video games and all the type of stuff that if I married, would never get to do.

I can actually look forward to seeing the world now and taking my time while I’m at that! I will be able to start that video game collection that I know I will start when I leave the family home. I can live simply and humbly, even if I make more than 500k a year! Besides, what’s the point in buying all this useless junk that advertising literally demands we buy? I’ll buy what I need to get me by in life, nothing more. That’s not to say I won’t spoil myself every now and again but I have something many modern western women don’t have; Self - Control.

I will never own a credit card or at least not use it unless its an emergency. I will not bury myself in credit. Again its all down to self control. Why throw away your future for the sake of looking good in the present? Only cowards giving into peer pressure would do that!

I was in Bulgaria with the family last week, I brought various things on the cheap, one of which was a bootleg GBA cart with 100 odds games, mostly NES games but it also had 2 GBA games in it, one of which was Super Mario Bros 3. If you have being following this blog, you’ll know that my family think shouldn’t be playing those type of games because they are too childish and I need to grow up and cop on and be more responsible and sensible. In other words, become another drone who hates their life and feels trapped - NO FUCKING THANKS.

The worst they can do is use shaming tactics, that’s all they really are. Don’t think for one second that femi - nazis are the only people who resort to using shaming tactics when someone says or does something they don’t like! Alcoholics will use them against their children, drug addicts will use them against their friends who are trying to help them and so on and so forth.

The whole point of shaming tactics is to try and justify something that even they know deep down is in actual fact, wrong! It doesn’t matter if the person tells you about how hard their life was in comparison to yours, if they are using it to try and shame you into stop attacking them for their wrong - doing, its still shaming tactics.

Anyway, I think this is going to snowball. I’ve being too scared to spend my own money on such games because my family would attack with shaming language if I did. This actually happened when I brought Pokemon Red when I was 13, I was shamed by everyone in the family into returning it that day! Little wonder I felt like a doormat for years! To be quite honest, I’m still rather pissed off about the whole thing, especially since they hardly show restraint themselves when it came to drinking! Quite frankly, they are all living in a fantasy world where they think everyone has to suppress their emotions and desires, be dull and lifeless, work at some job they hate and then end up wasting all the money on shit they don’t need or drinking it every weekend!

Seems like I’m going to have to deliberately piss them off by going and buying some Mario or Sonic game for my DS and then watch their reaction, in fact it will probably cause a row but fuck it, I’m not going to live by that stupid BS double standard rule anymore, I’m NOT 13 anymore for crying out loud! Who knows, they might respect me more if I seriously put my foot down on this issue once and for all!

In a way, I could say that now, more than ever, I am happy to be MGTOW. I know what a lot of people think of me as being weird and odd but something tells me these same people will be wishing they spent less time mocking me and more time paying attention to me in just a few years! Ah well, its in herd nature to shun those who refuse to follow it so fuck them all, I am awake, I am going my own way.

I ended up becoming an MRA because I wanted answers, not excuses. I saw the double standards, impossible ideals that I was expected to live up but knew I couldn’t. I’m sure everyone who is an MRA or truth seeker of any kind started off just wanting answers because they have become frustrated at how things were so stacked against them and they knew this wasn’t right and eventually, they wanted answers and so began the truth seeking.

I am still learning, we all are. I’ve had a particularly rough summer where I felt as if everything was out of my control and I could do nothing about it. It was more of a transitional period, my sub - conscious mind was working on a new operating system for my conscious mind to replace the old, worn out one and its only now, as I return to college for my 2nd year of my Graphic Design course that it has come into effect.

As I have documented before, many of the people in my year see me as a threat or had a way of manipulating me to boast their own egos. Many of those who didn’t take kindly to this at the start of the year eventually sold both me and themselves out because these same people are the ‘ popular ‘ types in my year as well. Herd mentality at its best, don’t you say?

But you know what? Fuck it. I’ve already resolved to never go to any class party ever again because I refuse to give those people any more ammunition than they already have. Besides, all they are piss ups and I don’t drink anyway. The worst offenders will also not be getting any help off me - PEROID, even if they desperately need it. You reap what you show, you know.

Yes, I know that is pretty much what they want in the first place ( save me dropping out or failing a year ) and I KNOW I will feel like crap sometimes because of this decision but in the long run, it will save my sanity and give people less ammunition to fire at me for whatever stupid BS they think of!

I will make my own way in this world. As ( almost ) everyone is out there having a good time and only thinking about the present. I will be busy planning for my future. I’m aware that I am alone in doing this and that I will often be friendless ( as if I don’t know how that feels already! ) but I’ll keep going.

My fellow MRAs, we all have our ups and downs. Sometimes things are going good, sometimes it looks like the world is going to collapse on you. But alas that is what makes us HUMAN, that we can have all these feelings in the first place. That is what matters. Feminism, Marxism and all the others are attempts by the Elites to suppress and destroy human emotion, they want to bring us back to the level of animals. Is that what we really want? Do we really want to live in a world of perpetual childhood? Or do you want something more than that?

Until next time,