Friday, September 29, 2006

Thoughts: Today's society and where it might go, from an MMORPG prospective.

I was working on another post when I went off talking about this instead. It might of interest to some guys here, though. Might give afresh prospective on things. This is more a thought than anything else, Its what I think of today’s Feminist Society and where it might leads us, from the prospective of an MMORPG, as this is how I kind of see life, as one big MMORPG!

Maybe you could say I see the world from the prospective of an MMORPG. No, I’ve never played one and don’t plan to. What I mean is, I see life as a video game, complete with certain missions to complete and that getting a girl is one of them. In the past, this would have being a compulsory and easy relatively easy mission for most players to complete. However, in today’s society, this mission has become vastly more complicated. It also doesn’t help that the fact most of today’s player’s are also either absolute wimps and end up failing the mission because, even though they talked and thought it out well, they did NOTHING.

Likewise, there are other player’s who rushed in and treat the girl like crap, they get the girl but end up failing the main game completely! What about those who actually pass the mission? Well, in most cases, their class is changed to slave and they are now such to the girl, who gains weight and robs you of all your gold and if you divorce, you automatically lose ALL your properties, gold, etc. and are left with NOTHING.

The developer’s ( in reality and from my prospective, this is God but feel free to use whatever suits you ) saw this and was completely disgusted by this serious bug. However, it is not easy to fix and will take at least 2 generations to do so. Until then, the developer decided to put in a temporary fix; they made the ‘ get a girl ‘mission optional by default. At first, the player’s who decided against taking the mission were in the few and far between and were scorned down on. However, as time progressed, more and more player’s saw the light in this and decided to skip the mission also.

The head player’s tried in vain to overrule this option by using cheats that effected the game world, taxes, and police states along with other things. However, they still could not stop it. Eventually, there was a great crisis in this world. Not enough new male players were coming on and this led to a great crash in the world. The big player’s were torn down and the whole world rumbled. Not much was left, except a small group of player’s who decided to return to old values.

The developer saw this and it was good. The bug was fixed. The players as a whole saw their fault and the mission to get a girl was once again made compulsory. The world returned with a vengeance and better than ever before. The developer loved this and rewarded all those who survived greatly.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another nail on the coffin for Sony?

( or How NOT to use the online market in your game, in this case, GT4 )

According to the Famitsu inteview with Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo HD will have two SKUs on the PS3. One of these games will ship with no cars, all of them will be purchased via microtransactions.

The other, Gran Turismo HD: Premium, will ship with two courses and 30 cars, with an additional 30 cars and an additional two courses online at a later date. The Premium game is being considered a prologue to the PS3's eventual Gran Turismo 5.

The microtransaction-focused game, Gran Turismo HD: Classic will be the online-focused entrant into the GT-series. In this game, players will (reportedly) start with no cars or courses available to them. Instead, they will need to purchase their stable of cars and courses to race on. The pricing reported in the Famitsu piece indicated that cars would cost between 50-100 yen ($0.43-$0.85) and courses between 200-500 yen ($1.71-$4.26). There are approximiately 750 cars and 50 tracks available for purchase in the GT: HD Classic.

A complete copy of the game will cost gamers somewhere between $426.50 and $975, and that's without factoring in whatever Sony decides to charge for the menus (since that's all you'll get with GT HD: Classic).

Read the full story here

OK then, this is just plain crazy. Really, it is. Not only is the Gaystation 3 ( Sorry, I'm not homophoic but I refuse to refer to it by its proper name )

* Going to cost over $500 ( or in Europe, probably 800 Euro or more! )
* Delayed in Europe until 2007
* Uses an anti - competive technology that will probably flop
* Rips off idea from pretty much EVERY other company.

They are now expecting us to pay for a bunch of menus! NO WAY! Geeze, Sony really ARE digging thier own grave! Well, its not Sony here, but still, it just comes to serve what ' amazing new technology ' you can expect from PS3!

I'm sure the Internet will be out raping this so I won't add anything else. All that I'll say is that I'm Anti - Playstation. I reckon they ruined the games industry. So to see them in ruins will serve them right!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Story

I guess my story about my mis – adventures in our feminist society and the brainwashing that comes from is similar to that of most other guys here, except there is one twist maybe. Maybe these guys also had a similar problem as I did only they don’t admit it.

I was a very happy child. A very bouncy and hyper – active one. I loved to draw and play video games and developed a passion for all things Mario at this time. The only drawback to this was I was a loner, mainly because I liked it that way. The fact I had an acute hearing problem at birth and had to take speech therapy until I was 13 could have attributed to this. I turned inwards.

Now the problems for me started when I was 11 or 12, when all of a sudden and out of nowhere, My parents told me, in a way, that pretty much EVERYTHING I was passionate about up to that point was childish and that I needed ‘ to grow up. ‘ One of my key passions was ( and still is ) all things Mario. Now I know some guys reading this will disagree with me and will tell I need to grow up. Trust me, I’ve tried to give it up and guess what happened. I felt empty, as if someone had taken the life out of me.

Why am I saying this? Because when I did this and suppressed it all to please them. I was greeted by an awful truth; A Dysfunctional family. The poison? Alcoholism. Even at 11, I knew that this what they wanted me to grow up to be, their idea of ‘ normal ‘ , an alcoholic. I was also assaulted numerous times by my father if I tried to do anything about it. Its just sick and twisted! I’d take all things Mario any day over alcoholism!

That led to me becoming very depressed and the fact that any advances I made towards girls at this time was greeted by rejection ( and in the first case, ice thrown in my face…. Ouch! ) did not help AT ALL! I became what most seduction-based websites like sosuave would call a ‘ nice guy ‘ or an AFC, an absolute doormat! And, I can tell you, from personal experience, nice guys are NOT really that nice! Trust me, there is one incident that occurred when I was 16 that I want to forget and I am ashamed of! I was also quite close – minded at this time, shunning those who drank or smoked, which, in our drink and smoking crazed society, left me with barely any friends! It also this factor that led to a fall out with a girl which led to my breaking point when I was 16. I was thinking of suicide. It was then I realised, either I had to change or that I’d become a suicide statistic. I’m also from the suicide capital of Ireland! That didn’t help either!

However, I somehow managed to pull through that VERY dark period in my life and shortly afterwards, during which I felt emotionless. I got my first awakening. It was then that I first realised that I didn’t need to live to what other people expected me to. That I could be a better person and that the only person that I should please is myself! This started me off on my spiritual journey, which continues to this day. I changed…. I became open – minded and now greet almost anybody with open arms now!

Anyways, that led to me finding sosuave in my journey, the first time I came, I ended up discarding it as I thought I could make it on my own…. I was wrong. I came back last year to try and figure it out with its help. What I instead this time was another ‘ awakening ‘, when I saw why exactly women are acting the way they are in the first place and that I was being screwed over from day one! Fortunately, I’ve NEVER lost any money over any girl, mainly because I was too shy but in hindsight, I realise that, even though I’ve never even kissed a girl ( yes, I know, pathetic but so what? ) I was saved a lot of misery and hassle from being run over by a Femi – Nazi, unlike my brother.

I’ve had some interesting experiences. I’ve being part of exhibitions, field trips, pilgrimages, summer schools and whatnot. I might have it harder than some due the fact of the alcoholism in the family but ultimately, I’ll be the one who is successful and will be able to leave it all behind!

So, Here I am today. I’m now 20. I’m a first year Graphic Design student. I might not have a part time job, for which I am constantly nagged about but the idea of working in a job where all work ethics and employment laws go out the window? Not for me. I had such a job once, it nearly drove me insane! I’m not about to risk my sanity for the sake of having some extra money! I also don’t have either a driver’s license or a car because of costs and for the reason above. I don’t need one anyway. I’m also insanely private about what I do when I’m the computer and hate being watched by family members. This boils down the fact I still follow my passions, secretly though. I don’t want them to know and it DOES bug me that the house is too small for me to get any proper privacy but I’ll have to live with it!

I’m also still single but with each passing day. I’ve strangely accepting the fact that I may NEVER have a relationship, it is like as if it I just don’t cut it. Either that or the feminist society that I’ve being reading about the last few months disgusts me and I want no part of it! I also honestly have no real prefernce in regards to political parties. They are all the same to me. Corrupt and back stabbing groups and who have connections to a cult that wants to take over the world! ( ok, sorry, I went a bit out of line there )

So yeah, that is my story. Sorry if it isn’t exactly what you expect form this type of site but I felt I needed to tell it. But if there is one I want to remember, it is this;

Follow your passions, for to forsake them for the sake of being cool or popular would mean the death of your soul!


I guess I should introduce myself. I go under the alter ego of NHY ( which also means Neo Hyper Yoshi – exposing the fact that I’m a HUGE Mario fan but that’s not for here. That and the fact I’ve being using NHY for almost as long as I’ve being on the Internet, so changing it doesn’t feel right to me ) I am 20 years old and I am from Ireland but I am well aware of world events and things going on around me.

I created this blog so that I one place to post all my thoughts and any other thing relating to the men’s movement along with pointing out anything that is man bashing and whatnot. That and my previous blog here got really messed up, contradicting itself entirely! Hopefully, I can keep things one way here!

Anyways, while you’re here, be sure to check out the links on the side, there is some interesting – and shocking information and truths on them!

Later everyone.