Friday, March 28, 2008

Moving On - Goodbye

I have being doing a lot of thinking lately. I have come to the conclusion that I became an MRA for the wrong reasons and have therefore decided to leave the MRA scene. This will be my final post on this blog. I would like to take this oppurtnity to explain my reasons on why I'm leaving.

I was 20 years old when I first came across the MRA scene, back in the Summer of 2006. It was here I learned of MGTOW, or Men Going Thier Own Way. I could say I got sucked in quite quickly and boy, did I get sucked in!

You see, I never really had that much luck with women in my life and had gotten to the point where my frustration was beginning manifest itself as anger and rage. I was looking for something, somewhere, to point a finger at and behold, through the MRA scene, I was able to point my finger squarely at feminism!

Needless to say, I became quite paranoid about women. Instead of actually going out there and doing something to improve my situation. I didn't. Instead, I observed and mentally checked points in my head that proved points that I read about on Enternal Bachelor or Fred X. In short, I was using the MRA scene as an excuse to not only justifiy my lack of usccess with women but also make it seem NOBLE.

Now, I'm not saying there isn't problems, there is. There are many that I won't go into here but they are there. There have always being problems with interactions between men and women and the way the genders treat each other or how they are viewed, be it 2008 or 1779! Its called LIFE, we just have to put up with it! But NO, as soon as something happens and one gender doesn't like it, they completely FREAK OUT and demand that things are put back the way they are.

Don't even get me started on conspiracy theories. If you want to drive yourself completely demented, then be my guest, they are there for you to read out there, become so bloody paranoid you can't leave your home without thinking some man-lizard thing who is a member of some apparently satanic cult that is clearly visible but is invisilbe at the same time is going to come and get you and brainwash into a zombie. Please, not for me, I've wasted enough of my youth as it is, thank you!

I guess it all boils down to one thing, MGTOW is quite open in my view and here I am, doing just that, I am Going My Own Way. I am making my own decisions in life, I know of lot of other MRAs will disagree with my thinking, some may even come out and say that I've sold out and that I've become a mangina and only care about ' The Golden Pussy. '

Look, I'm not stopping anyone from saying anything and I'm not going to censor any comments, your welcome to. Though I'll only allow comments for a short time before disabling them and streamlining this blog before I leave for good.

That being siad, I would like to extend my gratitude to all those within the MRA scene who have influenced my thoughts, ideas and actions in whatever way, be it big or small. I would like to thank you all, you should know who you are. I wish you all the best with your future hopes and aspirations and I hope they all come true for you all.

All that remains for me to say is goodbye everyone, see you all on the flip side!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Inspiritional Speech

I just happened to stumble across this while looking at the Youtube awards nominations, namely the inspirational ones. This is just over an hour and 15 minutes long but it is worth EVERY SECOND watching this this.

This completely blew me away and I don't watch such long videos normally!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blame and Responsibility

What I am going to say here may offend some people here but we value freedom of speech here, don’t we? Besides, its always good to bring up a something that could start a debate.

This steams from Friday, when I had my Christmas review in college. Unfortunately, while passing everything else, I failed the main module, although I wasn’t the only one, 16 other people failed along with me! So yeah, I kind of obviously felt down about myself as a result and has led to me thinking about where I am in life at present and my future, including whatever or not I should drop out.

I decided against that, instead deciding that I’m going to put my head down and really try my hardest, put in 110%, starting with the next project, which we will get on Monday, Among other things like going to a lecturer known for his brutal honesty ( who also happens to be the best - and the most real world experienced - lecturer on my course ) and asking him where I am going wrong and what I can do to fix it.

But anyways, enough about that, from this, along with talking to a fellow MRA in the Chatroom last night, I spoke to him about how I, along with many others, were constantly complaining about the department being under - resourced, morale being extremely low, that the project briefs were crap and in my case, living an annoying 40 minute bus trip from college and coming from an unstable family life. In other words, I was blaming everyone and everything else for my failure but myself.

With that I said this little gem that deserves to be shared;

Accepting blame - even embracing it - is a sign of maturity. That is why we live in such an immature society!

Which brings me to the core of this topic; In modern society, there is no where near enough responsibility. The vast majority of people dread the word ‘ responsibility ‘ as it actually makes them stop and think about the consequences of their actions and that maybe, in reality, they have no one to blame but themselves for their own shortcomings in life! Instead of accepting blame for their failures and shortcomings, they instead go around blaming anyone or anything else for it. This makes them feel better and at the same time, it also gives them an excuse to not do something about it.

Like I said, accepting blame is a sign of maturity. Sure, it might make you look and feel like a fool but in the long people, you will gain more respect from both others and yourself. You will be able to trust yourself and people will be able to trust you. Accepting responsibility for your actions also means that if you make a serious error of judgement, you know that its your own fault and yours alone and this leads to you doing something about it. This in turn leads to you becoming a better person in the long run.

Now, the trouble is, this train of thought has lead me to realise that I too, am guilty of not accepting blame for my own failures and short comings in life. I’ve being very vocal about that here on my blog, like blaming my parent’s alcoholism, for fucking me up and leaving me with a negative self image when in all honesty, I’m really should be blaming myself. Its not what happens to you in life, its how you react to what happens to you in life that makes you who you are.

I’m not saying that the current cultural climate is entirely blameless, it contributes but like I said, its how you react that matters. You could what the manginas do; wallow in self - pity, blaming skanks, jerks, big government and feminism for all the ills and failures in life, not just with women. Giving them in their heads, a justifiable reason to not actually do anything about their situation! OR you could do what a real man would do; Take a long, good hard look at themselves, realise that they only have themselves to blame for the situation in thier lives and then go out and do something about it.

Feminists, western women in general and manginas go without saying here. However, I also have reason to believe that some MRAs would fit this profile as well. I know I sound like a jerk by saying that but think about it, the MRA scene gives some guys, particularly ones who have never being that successful with women to begin with ( like me ), a justifiable reason to whine about it and not actually do something to improve the situation!

I’m not saying that dating a WW / AW should be a goal or is even a good idea for such guys. I mean that these guys are using the MRA scene to hide from the idea of accepting blame for their own failures or shortcomings, which in turn leads them to becoming stagnant and bitter with their lives, not to mention shutting others wit different ideas. While I don’t too much about the respective issues, from what I gathered, TMB and AWS are examples of where this happened or is happening, correct me if I’m wrong.

That is the beauty of MGTOW, it’s a philosophy of life, one that encourages men to face responsibility for their actions and accept blame for their failures and shortcomings and with that, take action to make themselves better people as well. Unfortunately, as it is so broad, it also leads to laziness among some men, who see it as an excuse to never face up their shortcomings or improve themselves and hence never, come to anything. What kind of life is that, one might ask?

So, that’s just what I wanted to say, we as men should face up to our failures and shortcomings. Doing so will lead us to becoming better people.

Finally, this topic has remined of the scene from Rocky 6, I posted it and spoke of it before and it deserves to shown here again as it suits the context of this topic perfectly;

Until next time,


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something Different.

I don't normally post this sort of stuff but this guy has got talent! I was looking up remixes of the song he does when I came across this. A lot of people say that dance music takes no effort or talent to make. I think to this will prove those people wrong, especailly considering the fact he did this in real time as well.

Now, I wonder what type of people are going to mock me because of my musical tatstes? ;)