Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

To all the MRAs reading this, Merry Christmas to you all! May all your dreams come true this Christmas season!

To all the femi - nazis, manginas and trolls here too, I hope Santa brings you all a bag of coal!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Time

I’ve said last year that I’m a bit of Scrooge, Christmas isn’t exactly my favourite time of year. Maybe that will mean I’ll end becoming a workaholic later on in life!

Joking aside, I actually love the lights, the decorations, things like that. I’m very much a visual person and I love the time and effort into the detail around homes, shops and the like to make them as ‘ Christmassy ‘ as possible. I love Christmas lights that are hung up in towns and cities as well, EXCEPT where I live, they use plain bulbs instead of Christmas lights here and a fucking pole for a Christmas tree, cheap bastards!

Unfortunately, its what Christmas has become that I have a problem with. OK now, lets see, I’m barely back in college in September and a fucking Christmas shop has just opened in the local Shopping Centre! ‘ We believe that people are spreading out the purchase of Christmas decorations over the year! ‘ So, they claim. Well, if that was the case, why don’t they have a Christmas shop open all year round!? ( Crap, I’m giving them ideas, shut up, NHY! )

And what about those toys all the kids seem to want that supplies of become oh so magically short in the run up to the holiday season? it’s the same bloody thing every year with the so - called ‘ most wanted toy ‘ , be it Furbies, Robots that can make your fucking tea or whatever it is. Haven’t any of you noticed that the top toy is strangely ALWAYS in short supply in the run up to Christmas? ‘ Wouldn’t have they made enough to keep up with demand? ‘ You might ask.

Well, the truth is, the short supply is deliberate and intentional. In fact, they could have plenty of them but the truth is, supply is controlled, they might tell you they have none when in fact, they might plenty of such and such a toy in the backrooms! This is done to create the ILLUSION of demand outstripping supply. Why? So that they can jack up the price of said item, that’s why! You really don’t want to disappoint little Jack, do you if you can’t get him that Robot you promised him for Christmas so you’ll be willing to pay an arm and a leg for it! The film Jingle All The Way comes to mind here. Yes, I know, its sick but hey, that’s the marketing machine working at is best for you!

Speaking of the marketing machine, at this time of year, the thing is roaring along so loud at this time of year, some of us can’t get to sleep over it! ‘ Get him this! Get her that! Get Susie this doll! Kiss your girlfriends ass with this useless ( and well overpriced ) diamond! ‘ The pressure is awful, its implied that if you DON’T buy a present for every single relative you have, even if you don’t like them, then you’re a bad person! Sorry but the only person I buy a Christmas present for these days is my sister!

And what this about if your not dating someone at Christmas, then apparently, you’re a loser? Once upon a time, it used to hurt me, and I thought I’d never be loved and was always lonely at Christmas and would never be loved because I wasn’t this thing or that thing. Ugh, it’s a vicious circle, huh, guys? I don’t really care now, sure it would be nice but I’ve learned that it isn’t so bad, why should I worry, at least I’m not having to waste my money on buying useless shit for some girl who might only be using me as an human ATM machine, so yeah!

Mangina’s think its alright to suck up to their masters, sorry I mean girlfriends, with expensive shit at Christmas time because they MIGHT just get laid this time. Chances, its not going to happen, buddy! She’ll probably complain to you that its not expensive enough, about how all men are evil and then tell you need to ‘ man up ‘ at the same time! lol, contradiction!

Admittedly, Christmas is a rather lonely time for me. Where I live has nothing for me, the place is a mess and I have no faith in this dump! Most of the youth are of the scum type, anyway and I want nothing to do with it! ‘ Yay! Its Christmas, lets go bushing! ‘ Nothing new there, really. Meanwhile, the good people are left, neglected and questioning what the hell is this all about. I know that because I often asked such questions myself.

People in general are so gosh damned, I don’t know, artificial. You all feel guilty because you drank too or ate to much at Christmas! Again, that’s the media using shaming language again. Enjoy yourselves without having to worry later, for goodness sake! I couldn’t care less if you gain a few pounds by actually enjoying yourselves over Christmas, like I said, shaming language. Again, the media plays on such things, you are aware that we’re going to get bombarded with fitness ads in the new year?

Now, New Year Resolutions aren’t a bad thing…. As long as you stick to them. That is. If not, they are just superficial. Sure, it’s a new year, a new beginning but trust, just because it’s a new year, that doesn’t mean you’ve changed! Your still the same person you were at 11:59pm! Besides, there are PLENTY of other and indeed more powerful occasions that you can resolve to change yourself for the better.

One thing I read on a message was one guys New Years Resolutions include getting a girlfriend! UGH! OK, lets get this straight, you say you want to get a girlfriend then don’t say it as a bloody resolution! One thing that I believe and find hard time fully implementing into my life is the notion that by eliminating desire for something, you will get it!

And at this time of year, maybe that might the best thing to practise….

Until next time


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Awakening!


Do you remember me? Yes, its NHY here ( or as some of you might refer to me to as, Irishman. ) coming out of hiatus ( well, briefly at least. ) for the Christmas holidays, I most say, I even surprised myself as I kept my word! I did update some links and did some other minor bits and bobs around here during the hiatus, though. Its good to see the ‘ big 3 ‘ weren’t kidnapped, gang raped by femicunts or anything like that. Captain Zarmband, Eternal Bachelor, I welcome both you back and Fred X said that he will return but only when he’s ready, so let him be.

As for myself, college has had me busy, really busy actually. Man, the workload is actually pretty heavy! I like it that way, though. Keeps me on my toes, even if I am, so I might say, a somewhat laid back person ( but not entirely lazy, I seem to work better under pressure anyway. ) I’m more comfortable with myself this year in college as well. Maybe it’s the fact my braces came off a week before we started back or all the dicks in my year got placed into the other group this time around? Perhaps it was just me using my imagination against myself and as the saying goes ‘ I think, therefore I am! ‘

While I’m around during the Christmas holidays, I’ll probably be revising or deleting some posts in this blog because quite frankly, I look at some of my earlier posts and they make me cringe. I usually write my posts on the spur of the moment, when I have time. It probably explains why some of them are so full of crap. I know that ranting is a good thing but I can’t be doing it all the time, in essence, my future posts are going to be more thoughtful and observing.

So with that, I’ll end my brief re - introduction here.

As always, until next time,


Friday, October 12, 2007

A Sort Of Hiatus

As I detailed in my previous post below, the graphic design industry I’m going into is a cutthroat business and it is clear that most of the lecturers on my course are not pushing us hard enough over some absurd political correctness.

With that in mind, I obviously won’t have as much time for the MRM as I really do want to dedicate myself to my studies as much as possible. Blog posts will dry up but I will still maintain and update other aspects of this blog, like comments and the links section. That being said, expect a little something from me soon, I won’t say what, though. Its still very much a work in progress but I will see that it gets done!

That and the fact my life has improved a lot since I went back to college after a rather depressing summer, I guess it has something to do with me embracing the MGTOW mindset more than ever before I went back, along with the fact I got my braces just before I went back as well!

Virtually no one I know in real life knows that I am an MRA and I don’t think you would too if you saw me. I keep quiet on that area, unless of course, I’m poking fun at someone! Trust me, humour is a good way to get a message across. You’ll be happy that you’ve said something but at the same time, most people wouldn’t think that underneath your joking, you were actually saying something serious!

Anyways, I’m happy with where I am going now and trust me, when I have more time, I will be back.

And if you want to contact me, I am a member of the Niceguy Forums, the Anti - Misandry Forums. At weekends, you can catch me on The Men’s Chat Network.

Until next time,


Political Correctness in College

While I’m not terribly sure that feminism has wrecked havoc in my college ( there is some rather male friendly societies there ) one vile thing definitely has; Political Correctness.

The reason I’m speaking of this is because one lecturer on my course in college was willing to tell us the honest truth about our work. He kept quiet during the Crits ( a kind of show and tell of our work where we get feedback ) on Tuesday but the following morning, told us that he thought about not coming in because he was so disillusioned by what he say. He thought it was pathetic and crap and we, who were there, myself included actually fully agreed with what he was saying!

He told us that we’d better not tell any of the other lecturers or indeed the head of department about what he said and he’d get into trouble over it and how the college would get sued over someone taking his criticism the wrong way and then crying ‘ ABUSE! ‘ No. Fucking. Joke.

He then repeated about how the standards coming from the course have plummeted over the years because of the system that in place where the lecturers are too nice to students and dare not criticise the students in fear of getting sued over ‘ abuse! ‘ He told us that when he was in college, his lecturers would often look at his work and if they didn’t like it, tore it up in front of his face!

This guy is an asshole but a good one, I was actually warned to be weary of him by not one but 2 people I know who were on the course and had him before me. What the fuck has happened to all these types of lecturers. Here is somebody who can actually teach me something, even if I resent what he does and says about my work!

To be quite frank, the structure of the graphic design course in my college is a joke. You learn NOTHING useful in 1st year, it was nothing more than stupid and pointless art course. Who the fuck let a woman head the fucking 1st year course!? My other 2 lecturers in design this year ( the core subject ) are not much help either, too nice. Well ones a woman and the other has being married for too long and its clear who wears the pants in that marriage!

Don’t they realise that the Graphic Design industry is a cutthroat business!? Then again, I doubt they had much in the way of proper industry experience. The lecturer I speak of in this post has had plenty of experience. In fact, the reason he started lecturing was because he was disillusioned by the crap standards of graphic design students just out of college and felt he had to do something about it!

I came to college to be a graphic designer, a good one at that as well. I DO NOT want to end being thrown into a trash heap like a lot of the others students this lecturer has told us has happened after they graduated. FUCK THAT! I DO NOT want that fate!

Seriously, I hate the idea of political correctness more than ever now because of this crap. Besides, if you want to make it in the graphic design industry, that is one thing you need to throw out the window, the whole idea of political correctness!

Until next time, be Politically INCORRECT!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

I no longer care.

No, I don’t mean I don’t care about myself, that’s stupid. What I mean is that I longer care about the whole stupid dating game, the hoops a guy ‘ has to ‘ jump through in order to get the girl, the notion you need to be polite to a girl all the fucking time, blah blah blah.


Why jump through hoops? Why be so damned polite to them all the time? Why even play the dating game at all? I do know the game is rigged, the filthy skanks have every cheat in the book and there no consequences for their actions. The poor nice guy who actually follows the ridiculous rules of dating are cast aside as being too boring or as marriage material while the women go off with the scum with flashy cars, who deal drugs and who even abuse her!

What does that tell you women? Maybe they actually WANT to pushed around, maybe they want to be called and their bullshit, maybe they want a guy who ignores the hoops and goes straight for the kill! Back in my nice guy days, I never thought of that but now, in my awakened state, I’m not only aware of it but I accept it for the way it is.

And you what, for the first time in a long time, I feel good. I feel really good about myself. Its like with that hindrance gone, I am free to by my own man. ‘ Its only when we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything ‘ so Tyler Durden from Fight Club speaks and he is right. For a nice guy, when the pillar of illusion collapses, you are free to live your own life, your own way.

No more of this taking of BS from women. You will begin to call them out on their bullshit and not only will you get away with saying it but other guys WILL agree with you as well.

Man, I’ve changed. When I first came here, I was still hanging on to the threads of an old fantasy. Now that I’ve fallen and gotten back up, I’ve found being on the ground is a hell of a lot better than hanging from a fucking thread! Needless to say, I’ve still got aspects of myself that I need to work on but that’s what men do ( Unless your chained to a femi - nazi wife. If so, go out and get testosterone shots… PLEASE. And watch Fight Club while your at that! ) , we constantly improve ourselves. We are perfect by our imperfections. After all, Perfection is BORING.

Everywhere, everyday. We are bombarded messages from family members, your friends, work colleagues, school and the media about what is the definition of being a man. ‘ Oh, young boy! To be a man you never speak your mind, give up all your desires. Work a job you hate, buy shit you don’t need. Fall in love, get married and work until you die! ‘ That is what I call a FALSE DEFINATION!

Its false because generally most people’s views aren’t really their own. It is given to them, either through the media, through other family members and society in general. They are herd people, living in a complete dream world of perpetual childhood. They don’t realise this and they think they know everything they need to know!

What I want to say is if it the definition of what is a man being told you to by everyone feels wrong. The chances are, it probably is. If want to make the most out of your life, then it is YOU who most come up with your own definition of what a man is. If you spend your life living by someone’s else’s definition, then you will feel hollow, worthless and weak. Is that what you really want from life?

We men are hindered in today’s society. I am well aware of it. But will, that stop men from succeeding against the odds in life? No, it won’t and it shouldn’t for you. The important is to Not listen to what others think is a man, especially women! Sure, your family and friends might have some helpful advice and you shouldn’t ignore altogether but if it is up to own to define yourself otherwise, you will never be comfortable in your own skin.

It doesn’t matter if people turn away from you for being true to yourself. It is THEIR LOSS. Its just a sign of what they are going up as; SHEEP! Your going your own way by refusing to be a part of the herd while they submit to it. Besides, you can always make new and cooler friends, huh?

Life is meant to be lived. You not supposed to just EXIST, your meant to LIVE.

Until Next Time,


Thursday, September 13, 2007

This my friends, is a MAGINA!

Man, I thought I'd seen a mangina but here comes someone who blows off the lid in that department! I present to you, THE BIGGEST MANGINA EVER.

You have being warned.....

Man, if this what we face, then I am willing to promote masculinity and true manhood whever I will go in my life!

His brother is a mangina too but quite frankly, the video I saw was far too disturbing to post on a blog. Yes, it is THAT BAD.

Something tells even I could probably beat them up without much hassle and I wouldn't be surprised if their parents kill them and themselves when she see this!

Until next time,


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Panic Attacks!

I have no doubt that many of you have heard of the countless terror alerts, wars and rumours of war, the imminent collapse of the stock market, the foiled ‘ terrorist attacks ‘ , 2012 and so on and so fourth. The message, while varied, is generally the same; The World is going to end! We’re all going to die! Everyone is going to live on the streets! Everyone is going to starve! We’re going to get nuked any day now! The cold war is returning! Etc, etc, etc!

None of these threats are ever likely to happen and even then, never underestimate the human spirit and will to survive! The whole point of such reports in the media is to SCARE people. That’s the real purpose is to have people living in fear. People are afraid to go out of their homes, in fear of being attacked by some phantom thug or terrorist. They are afraid of talking to each other, in case that person is a member of some random extremist religious order who will then use that information against you!

Your so scared that you willing to give up your freedoms in exchange for security. God damn it, fucking trees and dogs have more rights than humans now! I care about the environment and animals but remember who the hell is supposed to be the top breed on earth; Man! Natural resources are meant to be tapped for our benefit. Are you really willing to freeze to death in a forest of wood because the trees apparently have feelings too?

People don’t see much point in planning a future, seeing that the whole show is going to end in 2012 anyway. ( Note: I DO believe that something is going to happen in 2012 but nothing as drastic as what we’ve being told and definitely not the end of the world! ) Hell, why not take up drugs and other self - destructive habits, we’re all doomed anyway, so why not?


Has it ever come across your mind that you might just be taken on a wild goose chase? Everything these days is crisis this, crisis that. Crisis every-fucking-where. There is a health crisis in children and they fat and lazy. Hmmm, lets see. Over at the nice guy forums, a member by the name of fschmidt post this;

Here in San Francisco, we used to have wonderful playgrounds for kids. But they have been remodeling them. I just saw the result of the remodeling of what was the biggest and best playground. The high swings were replaced with low swings. All the fun hiding places for kids have disappeared. Most of climbing structures are gone. It is the same pattern as with the rest of the playgrounds here.

Women prefer toddlers to children, but men prefer children to toddlers. These playgrounds used to be primarily for children, with some (enough) space for toddlers. After remodeling, they are almost entirely for toddlers. Women don't like children because they can't control them the way they can control toddlers. So women have effectively castrated our playgrounds and eliminated the things that were fun for kids; swinging high on tall swings, hiding in obscure places, and climbing tall structures. American women don't just inflict misery on men. They inflict misery on children too.

I responded that by saying this;

By doing this and through extreme political correctness, they have effectively made being a child illegal. Instead of being outside playing in the woods and talking with people, they are stuck instead, playing videogames and eating junk food laced with dangerous chemicals as a result they become fat and obese. The feminist government then go off and blame these people for getting fat when in fact they probably caused it all in the first place!

This isn’t just limited to San Francisco, its all over the west, America, the UK and even Ireland as well. Sure, parents as well as the child itself have to carry some of the blame but seriously, society and big government has to carry the bulk of the blame of this mess. Yet those ignorant bastards have the guts to turn around and blame it all on us and that we most change our ways, we most tax you even more to put in place in even more programs that don’t work!

Couple that with the fact that children spend most of their days locked up in a classroom, often with little or no PE at all. ( There was no time for PE with the Leaving Cert here in Ireland! ) and you then you have the reason why children are so fucking lazy. And even when they get out, you can literally say that an unspoken rule is ‘ No playing in the playground! You most be politically correct! You might hurt someone and Oh Noes, we’ll get sued! ’ Guess what? Its not all the child’s fault. The feminazi mother, who can’t fucking cook and instead orders fast food every day and big brother government with their insane PC agendas have to share the blame as well!

What about the great crisis in education? You know, the one where people go through school and come out not even knowing how to read or write? The one where boys are shafted in favour of girls, who are likely to end up bitter with cats and hating their jobs! Anyways, we all know how ‘ oppressive ‘ man has being to woman in the past, don’t we?

Education these days is nothing more than a social indoctrination program. All you learn is how to be ’ a good citizen of the world. ‘ In other words, dumb as shit and doesn’t ask questions! That is all it is anymore. You do not learn anything of importance to you. Besides, they keep on revising and watering down everything! Be it history or English! I am not kidding. Its all about being a part of a group. Those who can actually think for themselves are shunned for being ‘ weird ‘ ( Trust me, I know all about that aspect! )

Idiocracy anyone?

Man, I could write a book about all the bloody crisis the media is telling us about but I’d like to move on…..

In all seriousness, there is really no need to be afraid! Sure, of course, take a few precautions. There is no harm in learning martial arts or stocking up on some canned foods and learning how to live off the land if the shit hit’s the fan and you need to get the fuck out of civilisation, pronto! All this fear mongering and panic is ARTICIFICAL. That is all it is.

Anyways, I’m sure many of you remember one such ‘ crisis ‘ that turned out to be as flat as a pancake and we saw that we’d being had and people made money out of people fears. I am, of course, talking about the Y2K Bug. For those who are not in the know, it was where at midnight, 1999 going into 2000 due to an oversight where computers only used two digits for years, like 87, 93. As a result, computers would think its 1900! Oh my, did the propaganda machine go into complete overdrive! We were told that the power would fail, that planes would fall from the sky, things would explode and the world would end! OH ONES! We need to buy all this expensive trash to protect ourselves from Y2K!

Of course, nothing happened. Everyone, including a 13 year old me, had being scammed. I brought into the panic and wasn’t too happy that I, along with many others got had. At least I didn’t have the means to buy expensive trash! That is why when I first heard of the whole 2012 thing, I was sceptical because here is something that can easily be blown up sky high like Y2K again and as we know, herds tend to forget things quickly! Unlike many others, I was wiser from the whole Y2K incident!

That is just an example of how the government, the media and big business used the whole Y2K thing to fool the public, have people living in fear and make a killing in the process! The whole thing was a scam from start to finish!

I’m disappointed that so many people are living in fear, for whatever fucking reason. They most be safe, they most be Politically Correct, they most prepare, they most isolate themselves for safety. You might survive whatever is going to happen but I you’ll only exist. You won’t be living life, only existing. Is that what you really want?

Don’t exist, live!

Until next time,


Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Am Awake

My balls most be growing. For starters, I no longer really care about ever having a relationship with women, I’ve come to accept the fact I’ll never be in a relationship and have adapted accordingly. Thank you, women! Your selfish nature has awoken another male who will now live happily ever after as a Bachelor. Fishing, travelling, playing video games and all the type of stuff that if I married, would never get to do.

I can actually look forward to seeing the world now and taking my time while I’m at that! I will be able to start that video game collection that I know I will start when I leave the family home. I can live simply and humbly, even if I make more than 500k a year! Besides, what’s the point in buying all this useless junk that advertising literally demands we buy? I’ll buy what I need to get me by in life, nothing more. That’s not to say I won’t spoil myself every now and again but I have something many modern western women don’t have; Self - Control.

I will never own a credit card or at least not use it unless its an emergency. I will not bury myself in credit. Again its all down to self control. Why throw away your future for the sake of looking good in the present? Only cowards giving into peer pressure would do that!

I was in Bulgaria with the family last week, I brought various things on the cheap, one of which was a bootleg GBA cart with 100 odds games, mostly NES games but it also had 2 GBA games in it, one of which was Super Mario Bros 3. If you have being following this blog, you’ll know that my family think shouldn’t be playing those type of games because they are too childish and I need to grow up and cop on and be more responsible and sensible. In other words, become another drone who hates their life and feels trapped - NO FUCKING THANKS.

The worst they can do is use shaming tactics, that’s all they really are. Don’t think for one second that femi - nazis are the only people who resort to using shaming tactics when someone says or does something they don’t like! Alcoholics will use them against their children, drug addicts will use them against their friends who are trying to help them and so on and so forth.

The whole point of shaming tactics is to try and justify something that even they know deep down is in actual fact, wrong! It doesn’t matter if the person tells you about how hard their life was in comparison to yours, if they are using it to try and shame you into stop attacking them for their wrong - doing, its still shaming tactics.

Anyway, I think this is going to snowball. I’ve being too scared to spend my own money on such games because my family would attack with shaming language if I did. This actually happened when I brought Pokemon Red when I was 13, I was shamed by everyone in the family into returning it that day! Little wonder I felt like a doormat for years! To be quite honest, I’m still rather pissed off about the whole thing, especially since they hardly show restraint themselves when it came to drinking! Quite frankly, they are all living in a fantasy world where they think everyone has to suppress their emotions and desires, be dull and lifeless, work at some job they hate and then end up wasting all the money on shit they don’t need or drinking it every weekend!

Seems like I’m going to have to deliberately piss them off by going and buying some Mario or Sonic game for my DS and then watch their reaction, in fact it will probably cause a row but fuck it, I’m not going to live by that stupid BS double standard rule anymore, I’m NOT 13 anymore for crying out loud! Who knows, they might respect me more if I seriously put my foot down on this issue once and for all!

In a way, I could say that now, more than ever, I am happy to be MGTOW. I know what a lot of people think of me as being weird and odd but something tells me these same people will be wishing they spent less time mocking me and more time paying attention to me in just a few years! Ah well, its in herd nature to shun those who refuse to follow it so fuck them all, I am awake, I am going my own way.

I ended up becoming an MRA because I wanted answers, not excuses. I saw the double standards, impossible ideals that I was expected to live up but knew I couldn’t. I’m sure everyone who is an MRA or truth seeker of any kind started off just wanting answers because they have become frustrated at how things were so stacked against them and they knew this wasn’t right and eventually, they wanted answers and so began the truth seeking.

I am still learning, we all are. I’ve had a particularly rough summer where I felt as if everything was out of my control and I could do nothing about it. It was more of a transitional period, my sub - conscious mind was working on a new operating system for my conscious mind to replace the old, worn out one and its only now, as I return to college for my 2nd year of my Graphic Design course that it has come into effect.

As I have documented before, many of the people in my year see me as a threat or had a way of manipulating me to boast their own egos. Many of those who didn’t take kindly to this at the start of the year eventually sold both me and themselves out because these same people are the ‘ popular ‘ types in my year as well. Herd mentality at its best, don’t you say?

But you know what? Fuck it. I’ve already resolved to never go to any class party ever again because I refuse to give those people any more ammunition than they already have. Besides, all they are piss ups and I don’t drink anyway. The worst offenders will also not be getting any help off me - PEROID, even if they desperately need it. You reap what you show, you know.

Yes, I know that is pretty much what they want in the first place ( save me dropping out or failing a year ) and I KNOW I will feel like crap sometimes because of this decision but in the long run, it will save my sanity and give people less ammunition to fire at me for whatever stupid BS they think of!

I will make my own way in this world. As ( almost ) everyone is out there having a good time and only thinking about the present. I will be busy planning for my future. I’m aware that I am alone in doing this and that I will often be friendless ( as if I don’t know how that feels already! ) but I’ll keep going.

My fellow MRAs, we all have our ups and downs. Sometimes things are going good, sometimes it looks like the world is going to collapse on you. But alas that is what makes us HUMAN, that we can have all these feelings in the first place. That is what matters. Feminism, Marxism and all the others are attempts by the Elites to suppress and destroy human emotion, they want to bring us back to the level of animals. Is that what we really want? Do we really want to live in a world of perpetual childhood? Or do you want something more than that?

Until next time,


Thursday, August 16, 2007

NHY's Personality Test Results and The Future

Luke Skywalker over at Siberia Rocks posted a personality assessment of himself, so I decided to follow suit and here are my results.

Full Result Page

Honestly, This test result does describes me quite well at this present time in my own life. Apart from being an Advocating Experiencer, its acknowledges that I’m stuck in a bit of a rut at present. I have a LOT of work to on myself.

Before I go any further, I know that this blog often reads like a rant about my life but unlike many other MRAs, I’m comfortable about talking about it ( Not that I find fault for them for not wanting to talk about their lives ) and I’m aware that feminists and manginas will try and use this against both me and the MRM. If your such a feminist or mangina, I’ve got 3 words for you, to quote the late, great Fred X: ‘ UP YOURS FEMCUNT! ‘

Anyway, I love the idea of new experiences and hate routine and it bores me very quickly. Little wonder, that I’ve nearly driven myself daft this summer over the chronic LACK of such experiences. I’m also able to see the bigger picture and just nod my head in pity for those narrow minded people who only live for the weekend without ever really thinking of the future!

It also said that I’m highly compassionate and seem to know what people are thinking and how they feel. Pity the people I deal with in my daily life are generally such fucking assholes that I’ve stop being so compassionate, that is sad.

However, it’s the glossary of traits that I don’t like but its rings true. While in black and white here, it might look I have balls, in real life, I’m not so brave. I have low self - confidence and don’t have much faith in myself at present. I’m fucking afraid of doing this thing or that thing because I don’t want to upset the peace, I don’t want to be asked questions I hate answering by parents. There is stuff I want to buy off the internet but I’m afraid of using my home address as I don’t want my family looking at my stuff in any shape or form or asking me what the stuff is. Man, I should just say ‘ Fuck it ‘ and just order the bloody thing already!

I should just go back to that crap part time job so that I can save some money and regain control of my finances, instead of having to count on parents for money which makes me their bitch to be used as a free babysitter, house decorator, errand runner ( even though they were just down town ) and so on.

It also told me that I believe that other things, not me, control my life. That is true, it often feels that everyone controls me, except fucking me! My family is especially bad at this for the reason I listed above. My brother constantly harasses me to get a job, even thought he probably never known what is like to be in a situation where your can’t get a job because all the foreigners have taken them, that place only hire women and probably don’t even bother to read my CV or you can’t even get a chance to hand out CVs! Its makes me feel bad about a situation that I honestly have very little control over!

I admit I was pretty once much a full blown mangina who would bend over backwards for women so hence, that’s why my masculinity is only at 50 and my Femininity is 38! ( That’s too high for me, if you ask ) Thankfully, I’m very open to new things so I was able to save myself before I ended up becoming a wage slave to some skank!

Damn, this isn’t really encouraging, I’m trying to embrace MGTOW but right now in this part of my life, its more like MSOTA - Men Sitting On Their Ass! Its not easy for me. To be honest, my summer fucking SUCKED. My Jaw Operation in June did indeed go well and was worthwhile but that one thing messed up my entire summer, I missed the period to get a job, had nothing to do for the summer. Basically, I’ve being stuck in a rut and I’m not happy with myself because of that.

My parents think I hate them because of their drinking. Its not so much that, its really the total lack of RESPECT they show me, they’d completely dis - regard what I say or how I feel. Seriously, I don’t trust them because of the whole ‘ You too old to play Mario and Sonic because but you most instead become a man, work a job you hate, hide your feelings, suppress your desires and become an alcoholic like us and then justify that by any reason necessary ‘ thing that continues to this day. FUCK THAT! I hate having to be paranoid and keep my eye out for them when I play those games on the computer.


I have go to stop being such a fucking coward and just shout out to the world ‘ FUCK THIS, I AM GOING MY OWN WAY! ‘ And start living my life on my own terms, not the unrealistic terms of some misguided family member. Even if it causes me discomfort, I need to just fucking do it and don’t worry about the stupid questions I’d get asked or how I’d think others would disapprove, they won’t and they more than likely don’t care.

At least things are going to improve when I go back to college as I will be a student leader for the incoming 1st years. In fact, I’ve already decided that following this fiasco a few months back, to assume I’m uninvited to any future class parties or house parties unless I’m told otherwise, ignore pleas for help from those who don’t like me and just do my own thing in college, like I did in 1st year.

I also have plans to travel to North America next summer ( Yes, I know but give me a break, I want to see the place ‘ before its gone ‘ ) I’m thinking of somewhere in Canada to base myself for the summer so that is something to work towards to, I guess and I will make sure I have the means to do it.

Listen, fellow MRAs and MGTOW, if your like me, stuck in a rut, feeling trapped and don’t know what to do, JUST GO YOUR OWN WAY. Don’t care what your parents, ‘ friends ‘ ( true friends will understand, anyone else should be dropped like Windows Vista! ) , the community or anyone else says. if its feels right to you, then just do it! Are you’re a unique, independent thinking human being or just another one of the sheep being led to the slaughter?

Until Next Time,


Friday, July 27, 2007

How The Men’s Movement Should Go Foward

Hey everyone, firstly, I’ve decided to maintain both my blogger account as well as my Anti - Misandry blog. This means I have two blogs so that in case one goes belly up, I can fall back on the other one. ( I always write my posts offline so there is no need for me to worry about losing material. ) I guess I was being overly paranoid but hey, better safe than sorry as they say!

Anyhow, In spite of all the circumstances of the past month, with the closure of several high profile MRA blogs, not many of us are pleased with how things are at present. Some people have gone into the theory that the government ( in this case, the UK government as all high blogs closed the past month were based in the UK ) has begun censoring men in effort to prevent this from going mainstream while others have seen as a sign that the men’s movement is maturing after the initial ‘ angry ‘ phase, so to speak.

What I can see, is that in spite of these looses, the MRM ( Men’s Rights Movement ) is still growing. I’m not just talking about the internet here, I’m talking about in other areas, some men have gone public, like Fathers 4 Justice while others have being more discreet and decide to go their own way via their own independent thinking. I’m pleased with the growth, however, it is my belief that the MRM should never become a mass political movement like feminism.

I’m not saying the MRM should not have an active influence in the world, it definitely should but what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t want the MRM to end being as bad as the beast that is feminism, then it must never become a mass organised movement. I have a few reasons for this;

1. History has shown that any mass movement that starts with purely good intentions ( yes, even feminism probably started off like this ) usually ends up being hijacked by some psychopath from the top who in turn distort the goals of the movement in order to help achieve their own agenda or that of the elite, as what clearly has happened in the case of feminism.

To counter this, I believe the MRM most always be a leaderless and ( to a certain extent ) disorganised movement, instead valuing the power of independent thinking over that of group - think. With that in mind, the entire corrupt political system will have to completely over - hauled, doing away with the need for political parties, senates or presidents and instead giving the power to run the country the people directly if this type of idea is to prevail.

I’m aware that certain people will be better suited to lead than others so maybe the best way is to have this disorganised movement splits into different parts for each country of the world and have a different person chair each meeting, much like the formula used in Alcoholics Anonymous, which might be worth looking into as a prospective way of organising this leaderless movement

2. There is a possibility that some members of the MRM may be in actual fact, spies who are snooping in the activates of MGTOW and MRAs and reporting back to their seniors ( government ) and then figure out how to counter - act our efforts. While this may be a mad conspiracy theory in some people’s view ( Personally, I hate using the term ‘ conspiracy theory ‘ ) I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true.

To counter this will be tricky, will stretch the bounds of ethics but is possible. I believe if the MRM becomes a big influence, than any of the big speakers for the MRM will have to allow a full and comprehensive background check and if they are found to be in actual fact, spies or psychopaths placed there by the elite to distort the movement, then to put it quite bluntly, they will KILLED. We will have no time to be polite about it or any other niceties, if your found to be working for the New World Order’s Agenda, then off with the head, I say!

3. As with other movements in the past, if we do get our way, it is quite possible the movement will end up becoming corrupt ( even without the influence of any N.W.O. agents or anything like that ) as the years progress and people complacent and greed for more power and money sets in. This will result in the oppressed group becoming the oppressor’s which will result in another revolution down the road and then we’ll back to square one all over again!

A possible way to counter this to have a charter drawn up that once drawn up, CAN NOT be altered in any shape or form by anyone EVER. One might say it will become a religion without the mass brainwashing or scare - tactics associated with all other mass organised religions. It would be more of a philosophy of life, not much different to MGTOW in its current shape and form.

We will also need to see the bigger picture, beyond our lives and into future generations. ( The elites do this so why can’t we? ) We need to ensure that ALL future generations are taught about the evils and struggles of the past, full and unabridged so that none of it can ever, ever be allowed to happen again!

Men, if we want to achieve a real and lasting change, we must be willing to change EVERYTHING. The whole present, inhumane and highly corrupt system most go! We most need to come up with a new system and approach to life, one thing it would include would be doing away with the concept of money, voting and democracy completely. This WILL definitely not happen within our lifetimes, we will need to see the bigger picture and plan for our sons, grandsons and great grand sons to carry on our dream through to completion.

Until next time,


Friday, July 20, 2007

Blog Transferred

Hey everyone, this will be my final post on blogger as I transferred my blog to Anti - Misandry, you will be able to find it here;

Update your bookmarks, everyone.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

What the FUCK is going on over in the UK?

OK, its official, someone is clearly blackmailing, hacking or threatening UK MRAs and getting blogs shut down over there because yet ANOTHER UK based blog ha being shut down, in this case, Fred X.

I DO NOT believe for even one second that any MRA, especially Fred X, would close their blogs and delete ALL posts on their blogs. Something clearly is going on. I’m afraid to say this but now, more than ever that the UK is fast becoming a police state, something that seems to have accelerated of late.

Fuck it, even here in Ireland, I recently started noticing our Gardi ( that’s our police here ) walking around town, nothing new there, huh? Well, the thing is, in only the past 3 months, they’ve started wearing BULLETPROOF VESTS. So, in theory, Ireland isn’t too far behind!

First it was Eternal Bachelor, then Captain Zarmband, now Fred X has fallen victim to this onslaught in the UK. One thing is universal about all three; They were all hosted on blogspot which means someone over there is doing something to get these blogs shut down.

With this in mind, I’m announcing my intention to transfer this blog onto another blog service in the next 2 weeks. It is clear that the people who own blogspot will only allow speech that is approved by feminists, manginas, governments and the elties while they will do ANYTHING to suppress freedom of speech so fuck it.

Once again, I’ll make it clear that no matter what happens to me or what I’m threatened with, I WILL NOT STOP SPEAKING OUT. If this blog happens to suffer the same fate as these 3 under similar circumstances then IT IS NOT ME.

Until next time,


Monday, July 16, 2007

Laptop Problems - Resolved

Unfortunately, due to the fact the DC jack in my laptop has failed, I won't be on as much for a while unilt I get this resolved either by sending it back to Dell for repairs ( something that might cost nearly 400 euro! ) or I buy a new latop. Its annoying that my mother is trying to make go the send back to dell to repair route when a whole new machine would be a more econmical choice in my books!

Kinda sucks, really?

UPDATE: This issue has now being resolved, father rerouted the plug at the back but it is now a lot more fragile so for a laptop, its not really that portable anymore! Ah well, at least its back in a working state - from AC power - again, which means I'm back as well. Thank God, I thought I'd end up waiting a few weeks for this mess to be resolved!

Anyways, until next time,


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another blog bites the dust

Captain Zarmband, incidentally another UK based blog, has just being closed.

The final post.

I starting smell a fucking rat here, guys. First, Eternal Bachelor, now Captain Zarmband, what the fuck is going on? I’m now starting to fear that both guys were blackmailed to close their blogs, with the threat of their livelihoods being destroyed if they didn’t. The archives of Captain Zarmband have also being deleted as well, coincidence? Somehow, I don’t think so. The extremely short final post is also very suspicious as well and I don’t think anyone say this coming, either.

If what I fear is true for both parties, then I think the feminists are starting to panic and are resorting to blackmailing those speaking out into silencing them. Sorry feminists, but all your doing is encouraging others to fight even harder, even face persecution in order to have their voices heard.

At this point, I personally am going to make one thing VERY clear. I WILL NOT give into blackmail, they can go ahead and do whatever nasty things to me that they want to but I, for one, will NOT give in. They tell the world who I am for all I care, make me look like a terrorist, they can arrest me, torture me, even kill me but I WILL NOT GIVE IN. So, if my archives get delected and there is an announcement made here that I'm closing the blog, IT IS NOT ME.

Nevertheless, I still wish Captain Zarmband all the best.


‘ In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act ‘ - George Orwell

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Take on MGTOW

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you may think what that sign on the top of the page means. I’m aware many of you already know this but here I am going to offer my own views of it.

Firstly, this logo is the symbol of MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. Their manifesto I will post here based on the one on the MGTOW website.


The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!

By instilling masculinity in men, we make men self-reliant, proud, and independent.

By instilling femininity in women, we make them nurturing, supporting, and responsible.

By working for a limited government, we are working for freedom and justice.

Women have other qualities is not interesting to men because we don't need them! Femininity will be the price women pay for enjoying masculinity in men!

This is the aim of "Men Going Their Own Way".

By holding this point of view, we are helping other men and, more importantly, we are helping boys grow up to become men.

This goal is to take away everyone's "right" to vote on other people's affairs thus rendering it impossible for political organisms and ideologies to impose their personal will on everyone else. It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect - but not directly and not as a political ideology. Only the future will show
what happens and by going our own way we are preparing men and boys for that future.

It is important for men to have a practical approach to implementing our strategies.


We have 3 main strategies:

1. instilling masculinity in men by:
Demanding respect for men
Serving as good male role models
Living independent lives
Fighting chivalry

2. instilling femininity in women

We will hold women equally accountable to men and ignore and shun those who refuse to take any responsibility for their own circumstances. Thus we induce women to take a complementary position with men instead of a competitive position as is now the case.
Feminine qualities we want from women:


3. Limited government

In order to be independent of society, and live within it, while at the same time work for limiting governmental influence upon our daily lives, men will:

Go Their Own Way
Support other men
Legally reduce any taxpaying
Truthfully act out any duties in accordance with their conscience
Use any rights to the benefit of other men as well as themselves

It is those 3 strategies that come together in one.

Lets make things clear, MGTOW is NOT a political movement and apart from some websites, isn’t an organised movement either, it’s a philosophy of life. We are simply individual men who, after seeing how society is slowly decaying from within, simply decide to say ‘ Screw this, I’m going my own way ‘ and so go forth and do things their own way.

To put another way, if current society as we know it is being run on a unreliable, crash - prone, bloated resource pig of an operating system ( Think Windows here. ) then MGTOW is a whole new operating system for the minds of those men who are able to handle it. A more attractive, flexible, cheaper and generally more reliable system of living.

One of the real beauties of MGTOW is that is so flexible. This means, as an individual man, as long as your life on your terms, not that of some mis-guided parent, skank, some insane feminist or highly corrupt and PC mad politicians, then your one of us, truly a man going their own way.

For some, the marriage strike that now in full swing is more than enough for many men but for many others, that isn’t enough. There are the ones who are speaking out, much like myself. There are ones who are going off and marrying foreign brides, the type of haven’t yet being corrupted by the foul beast that is feminism.

Then there are those who continually strive for improvement in all areas of their lives, be with eating a healthy diet, developing their mind, connecting with nature, the list is endless. I don’t know of any MGTOW who are not doing at least doing something in this area, this is generally speaking, a universal trait of MGTOW, we continually strive for improvement. Why? Because we know we’re not perfect but we must strive not to be perfect either because perfection is boring.

MGTOW don’t subscribe to the propaganda machine that is the media. We know that it lies, based on sensationalism and is generally speaking, depressing. And I wonder why there is so much unnecessary drama at home with the family! In fact, MGTOW don’t subscribe to the popular culture at all. Instead, we create our own culture, one that we can call our own.

MGTOW are gentlemen but that does NOT mean we are wimps either. As I have spoken of before in a previous post, we are polite but if the need arises, we can be aggressive as well. This type of philosophy is necessary if one is to succeed in life as we must grab every opportunity we get in life by the balls and squeeze it HARD. There is no such thing as a successful wimp.

For the websites that exist where MGTOW gather, we are then a brotherhood, bound by the fact we have adopted the philosophy of MGTOW into our lives. Everyone there looks out of for each other and offers the type of advice on life that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Its little wonder that when my father offered me advice that confused me, I brought it up on Niceguy’s MGTOW forum as I knew I’d get the best advice. Not the stuff I wanted to hear but the actual truth. They say the truth will set you free but it will hurt at first. No truer words can be spoken!

Some might say that an MRA and MGTOW are both the same type of person. That’s one of those both yes and no answers. Many other MRA’s have adopted the MGTOW philosophy, some have not but may follow a similar lifestyle in that regards. While certain MRAs might be cynical of how life has played out to them, MGTOW fully embrace the doors that have opened to us as a result instead of mourning at the doors that have being welded shut!

To be honest, I’m still learning as you can see from reading my blog, some of the posts read like something from a personal rant journal but I couldn’t care less. One of my character traits is that I like to speak my mind, even if it offends someone without me realising it ( depending on the person I usually apologise after I realise my error, unless I meant it ) I’ve learned so much about myself and the world around me.

All this simply because I’ve decided to just go my own way. Even when I was only 9, I was already going my own way. I was cast as a cat in school play and fully embraced the role, to the point I crawled on the ground to get the cat impression right! I didn’t care what people thought and the end result was fantastic, we did the play for competition and my character was directly complimented by a judge afterwards. Fuck it, I’ve always being going my own way, only I didn’t realise it!

As a fellow Man Going My Own Way, I see things getting better for me from here on in and that is a good thing. My jaw operation I spoke of was a success and as I’m fast healer, the pain and swelling is pretty much gone. My new smile and bite are going to do wonders for my self - esteem and its worth the hassles at the moment but I guess that fits right into the MGTOW philosophy, in order to get what we want from life, we first endure some hardships in order to get there. These hardships are there to test you and you will come out a stronger and better person!

So, that’s my take on the MGTOW philosophy.

Until next time, keep going your own way!


Friday, June 22, 2007

The End of Eternal Bachelor

As and some of you will have no doubt noticed, the blog Eternal Bachelor has just being closed down.

The Final Post

Man, this is sad to see. It was actually one of the first MRA blogs that I read when I first came across the MRA movement last year and it was a good blog but alas, Duncan had good reasons for closing it down and I wish him all the best in the future, you’ve made a huge contribution to the MRA movement and will be sadly missed. Thanks for everything, man.

On that topic, over at Pook’s Mill, Pook made an interesting post in relation to the end of EB that is worth reading by everyone. It’s called ’ RIP Eternal Bachelor ‘

Pook’s Mill

Until next time,


Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Response to Claritus

Recently, I was passed a link to Claritus' Blog, with the person who posted it telling me the writer was apparently neutral and tries to see things from both sides in regards to feminism and MRA's, the post that struck me most was this one. Which for a suppossed neutral blog, was rather biased against MRA and our plight.

Here, I am going to post my response to that post. It was meant for as a comment but due to a some weird glitch, my full comment was not properly published. However. I DID save it. So, I'll post it here instead.

This copied and pasted as is from the save file my hard drive.

Hi, someone left a link to this blog on my own so I thought I'd drop by and have a look.

I understand that your trying to remain neutral here but I couldn't help but notice there are is a lot of biased information there. I'll point them and give my commentary.

Even the dreaded feminists can manage to write a post on equality without having to resort to calling men names! I read once that ‘women should not call men dogs or bastards’. I fully agree. Women shouldn’t call men names. BUT men should be able to write a sentence without referring to the entire female population as prostitutes!

With respect that isn't true. There are plenty of MRA blogs that write posts without referring to the entire female population as prostitues.

I generally don't read feminist blogs so I can't provide accurate commentary on that issue.

This is what I’m talking about. Men’s Rights Activists seem to be labouring under a huge double standard. Feminists shouldn’t generalize men - but MRAs can generalize women! Women shouldn’t call men names - but MRAs can call women prostitutes just because some women are!

Well, if you've being the reciving end of the stick for most of your life, wouldn't you be a little angry at the people responsible to the point you start calling them names and get really cross at the world for allowing this to happen? I sure would, a lot of us MRAs are angry and rightfully so, I'm not going to blame them for calling women names.

Another thing worth nothing is that most MRAs have stated that what they say DOES NOT apply to ALL women, only MOST of them in western society.

They want women to stop having sex all the time (to the point of inserting chips into their arms so that men can tell if they want sex or not), just for the pleasure of it, (like the feminists have encouraged women to do) but they still defend the old line of ‘men are genetically hardwired to spread their seed’ meaning, basically, that men should get carte blanche to have sex with as many women as possible.

I know both men and women enjoy sex for pleasure but the problem with Promiscuity that is clearly rampant in today's soicety is that the wrong type of men benefit as a result from it. I'm talking about how the good men, the one who push themselves and want to make something of themselves are being cast aside by most women in favour of the bad boy, thug and player, types of men who provide her with excitment but are whom have no future and only live for the present.

And men ae hardwired for sex by nature, its a survival instinct. For the poor good guy, women abuse this to get things done, get money or a free meal and don't give anything in return. Do you call that fair?

You know the thing that really gets me going when I read MRA blogs? (which I don’t do much anymore, by the way - too hard on the blood pressure) Everything is the fault of women.

What do you want to blame instead, ourselves? If you look it up, most divorces are initated by women who are bored of the husband and want a change with benefits.

The case study you provided was kind of a bad example as well, in most cases, its usually the other way around and then the man is blamed for driving the women into the arms of the other man. Also, most of us MRAs would correct ourseleves if such a story came out and later details emerged like the way your desribed. I would.

I read a post, which I liked a lot, which talked about women’s rights. She said she thought women’s rights were the right to physical protection and safety, the right to emotional protection and safety, and the right to respect.

Almost all MRAs have no problem with this ideal. What we DO have a problem with is when laws come in telling companies that they'd need to hire a certain amount of women or risk getting sued, even if its clear that men are far more work focused and suited for that type of job than women amongst other laws that descriminate against males and the assumption that males are ' guilty until proven innocent ' and that all females are ' victims ' and that all men are ' oppressers '

In the MGTOW manifesto, it says men are going to expect respect from women. Nowhere does it say that they will give equal respect TO women. Is this fair? No. Another example would be women who get drunk, have sex, then claim they were raped. Now, according to some posts and comments I’ve read, the women should take responsibility, and not have sex, or even, and this was very recent, that women should have a chip inserted into their arm which glows different colours so that men will know if she actually wants to have sex or not. Why don’t men just not have sex? There’s a shocker. Why don’t men take some responsibility.

I thought that kind of thing in regards to respect would be would be autimatically assumed. Women give us men the respect we deserve and we will return the favour.

And like I said, the type of men that most young women in the west spend thier prime years hanging out with men don't know responsibility! The good men are responsible and looked what happened to them, they get brushed aside!

Another one. Women want to walk down the street without guys leaning out their car windows and yelling, making hand gestures, and basically making them feel very uncomfortable and unsafe.

If thats the case, then the woman should dress in a more respectable fashion, like you siad and generally speaking, the type of who do this are more often than not, the type of men who don't know responsibility if it hit on them on the head!

on a feminist website, and one of the comments from the women on the debate said something to the effect of if women should have to watch the way they dress, then men should exercise the ability to keep their mouths shut

With all due respect, we have kept our moths shut for 40 years while the feminist movement flourished and we got screwed over. Ditto in regards to the type of men who can't keep thier mouths shut around attrative women!

No. Fair exchange is no robbery. If women should look at the way they are dressing and curtail themselves for the benefit of men, then men could at least extend us the courtesy of treating us like human beings, not slabs of meat on show for their approval and delight.

We will, most of us MRAS would do just that if that occurred but remember what I've siad about the type of men who can't keep thier mouths shut!

There’s a saying that men are looking for someone to mother them, when they look for a partner, someone to look after them. After looking at these blogs, I have to say that this saying might be right after all - these men certainly don’t seem to want to take responsibility for their actions.

So men are nothing more than irresponsible, lazy slubs? I know you don't mean it like that but in essense, most of us men know how to look after ourselves quite well.

So, I gave you my commentary on this post, I hope it isn't too unreasonable, I tried to be as fair as possible in my commentary and don't mean to offend you. At least its written in a way that won't start any trouble and for that, Kudos to you.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What I’ve Learned - Summer 2007 and looking ahead

Last December, I spoke of what I had learned as a result of being an MRA for the 6 months beforehand. It has being six months, give and take, since I posted that and as I said at the end of that post, I would be doing this again in 6 months time. Well, the time has come everyone to once again go down that road and see what I’ve learned about myself, my family and the world around me in the past 6 months.

* In respect to recent occurrences, especially in regards to the post below and some others. I’ve learned that feminists are so up - tight and so determined to hold onto their precious status as ‘ victims of society ‘ and ‘ oppressed ‘ when in fact the opposite is true, that they are willing to go to ANY lengths to silence their critics. This includes shaming tactics, screaming over trivial matters, pretending to be MRAs and causing shit on MRA blogs to make us as all look bad amongst other things. Thanks feminists, I’m fairly confident that I now know your tricks and will be able to laugh them off in future.

* In regards to the situation at home, nothing much has changed, accept that for some reason, I no longer really give a fuck about it. Why? I’m not entirely sure. All that I know is that even they acknowledge that I’m different… only to go off and tell me I need to do this and that to become more ‘ normal! ‘ Even though they are flawed, they DO have wisdom to share, the same goes for everyone else. For those who are still living with family. Yes, I know it can be tough be and they can be flawed but don’t completely ignore them, they might have something worthwhile to tell you!

* I’ve also found a possible reason for all the chaos at home and in my life; Predictive Programming. Its basically brain washing people to behave in a certain manner. The weapons of choice? School for young people and the mainstream media for everyone. Through the presentation of the media, through its constant depressing news, sensationalism, stupid TV dramas with an inordinate amount of chaos in them and so on. People parrot what they see and hear through the media.

School is less about learning and more about indoctrinating children at an age where they take in things like a sponge to accept what things are going to like for them when they grow up, how society will treat them, how others will treat them and how to treat others.

The result? People are more isolated from each other than ever before, in spite of all this ‘ communications technology! ‘ The family has all but being destroyed and most of those that still remain are all but dysfunctional, with the unnecessary drama and chaos brought about as a result of predictive programming. Generations are separated from each other, men from woman and child from parent.

* I too, like everyone else, am a victim of this predictive programming. I’ve being conditioned to despise manual labour, amongst other things, like many of today’s youth. As a result, people don’t form an appreciation of those who do these shit jobs as many of them are the very people we depend upon to keep society going or for life in general. I too leech money of parents while I’m in college and being honest, I hate it. I don’t particularly like or want to be dependent on them. My father gave me advice to go and work in a building site or something similar for a few months, the one thing I despise above everything else, saying it would be good for the mind, body and soul after I get over the anger, frustration and depression of having to do it.

I guess I owe the people at the nice guy forum a thank you for pointing me in the right direction when I brought it up. I posted it there instead of elsewhere because I knew I’d get the most blunt but honest answers there. I have it in mind now to do that once, just once for 3 - 6 months before I enter my chosen industry, even if that means I’ll have to wait until I after I graduate until I do so. People, even my own family would probably think I’ve gone mad but if anything, it will be an exercise in ‘ deprogramming ‘ myself and will help me to become more mature and straighten my prospective.

* That there are jackasses everywhere. Let me tell you this, I thought the situation in secondary school was bad but man, the situation in college is actually WORSE! I’m talking about people who get a kick out of making fun of me because of my middle name to the I behave. I’ve covered what some of the girls thought of me a while back, most have looked at them the wrong way.

Also, apparently, whenever they have party, everyone is invited……. except me. I guess they really don’t like me for some reason. To that extent, I’ll probably NEVER go to any class party they organise again unless by some disturbance in the force, I’m elected class rep in second year. Better to not go then go and end up pissed off! I want to enjoy myself too but I want a degree at the end of this as well. If I have to completely alienate myself from my year to achieve this goal, then so be it.

It will be interesting to see all these people in about 10 years time and how they will wish they paid more attention to me while in secondary school / college and less time poking fun at me! Of what fun will that be when I’m a made man and the shit has hit the fan for them!

OK, now that I’ve discussed what I’ve learned in the past 6 months, I would like to take some time to talk about the future. Well, I’m be finding out my first year exam results on Friday, based on those results, I will see where I will be next year. I’ll more than likely be a second year graphic design student. The following Monday, June 11th, I’ll be going for my Jaw Operation, something that will put me out of action for at least a few days as well as effect my diet for about 3 months! At least I’ll be dependent on my family to do things for me for a change as opposed for to them being dependent on me to do things!

As for the blog, I’ll probably delete the link to my Anti - NWO blog and instead dedicate all my resources into this blog. So, expect more varied content here in the future as I diversify my subjects. I’ll keep the name An Irishman Against Feminism though because its my trademark now, anyways, the text under the title ‘ I am an Irish Man. I am against feminism and all things surrounding it or it surrounds. Need I say more? ‘ is there because when I created this blog, I knew I’d be eventually going into other topics related to Feminism or Feminism is related to that effect us all.

As I’m learning, men all over the west are slowly but very surely waking up. This is always a good thing. The more men waking up to the injustices of society and saying ’ Fuck this, I’m going my own way! ‘ , the better. I can see a hopeful future for humanity if we can keep this up, not the dark future that the elites want. The rate of which men ( AND women too! ) will be waking up will accelerate over the next few years and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are sure most interesting times we live in and I believe that we’re soon heading into the end game, the final battle between humanity and the elites. This will pit man against woman, boy against girl, man against machine. What will YOU be doing? Will be a passive observer and perish or an aggressive warrior?

Until next time,


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Anonymous ’ MRA ‘

This post, like most of my posts here, has being written in a word processor with spell check enabled.

OK, someone who claims to be an MRA and who runs his own blog and tells me I’d end up resenting him if I knew who he was has being making some nasty comments here in the past few days criticising me for the fact my posts are apparently full of spelling mistakes and tells me that I should make more effort in making my posts and that as a result of my laziness, I am embarrassment to the Men’s Right Movement.

I want to make a few things VERY fucking clear here.

* This blog is a collection of my thoughts and observations about living in a feminised society. Did I mention anything there about research? Of course not. Unless its for something relating to Graphic Design or college, I generally speaking, don’t do research. It seems that our Anon MRA has a problem with this and so demands I stop posting until I put more effort into my posts.

* I write the vast majority of my posts in a word processor with spell check enabled, with the exception of some of my shorter posts. I really don’t know how my posts could be so full of spelling mistakes, as you claim they are.

* As for the whole Galileo thing , he took back everything he said because he was threatened with fucking death! If YOU were threatened with death because if you research led you to, would YOU take it back to save your skin?

One thing he said has alarmed me…..

You stupid motherfucking cunt, what did you get in the leaving? You didn't even get into proper college after school so don't be shiteing on about MY education

OK, How the fuck did you know that? I’ve never spoken about what college I’m going to or how I got there in this blog, the only places I would have spoken of it is on the mancoat fourms or the Men’s Chat Network. Your attacking me because I didn’t get into a proper college after school? Not only are you insulting me but your also insulting all the people who go these apparent ’ improper colleges ’ that you describe. That is fucking LOW. OK then, if your so fucking smart, then your welcome to tell me exactly WHAT college I go to and how did I get there. I will however, not publish that comment to protect my identity.

And for your information, I got 330 in the leaving, 5 Cs and 2 Ds. Does that make me dumb? Does it mean I’m uneducated?

Now, a message to all other MRA’s, arguing amongst ourselves is going to SOLVE NOTHING. We are living a culture where feminists are wrecking society as we know it, men are being reduced to nothing more than sperm donors and human ATMs and thugs run rampant. Instead of giving other MRAs who methodology heat because you don’t like the way they do things, DO YOUR OWN THING!

God damn it, I’ve being left ostracized from enough things in my fucking life because of who I am and how I do things. What shit are you trying to pull here? Are you trying to ensure by hiding behind An Anon id, that I would end up distrusting most MRAs because I’d think one of them is saying this shit? If you think I’m going to resent you so bad if I knew who you were, then I don’t fucking care. If your so sure about it, Then IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

There are plenty of other MRA blog’s out there. So if you don’t like one, there are plenty of others that will satisfy your needs. If you don’t like one blog, there is no need to read it!

Until next time,


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Man bashing in the Irish Media: Road Safety Ads

I've never really looked into examples of man - bashing in the IRISH media yet. ( Then again, I generally stay away from such media! ) So, I thought I would and what better examples to start off with than the infamous hard hitting road safety ads that are broadcast here. Obviously, while these ads DO have a good, well intentioned message ( I'm well aware of this so please, no comments about it! ) it is usually done under the guise of the male being the person who causes the whole damn mess.

And before you ask, no, I don't know what's its like to be in a car crash and to have someone I know either killed or maimed for life as a result of such an accident.

Warning: Graphic Content

Here's the most recent one that I've seen;

I've seen some over the top road safety ads but this one takes the biscuit. I've never heard about or seen any similar accident like the one depicted here ( If anyone knows of a such an occurrence in real life, please tell me in the comments section )

The first thing worth nothing is that it was a male who caused the crash by driving too fast and not paying attention. He looks young and dress like a typical male around my age. Hmmm...... What does that make you think? That all young male drivers are nothing more than accidents waiting to happen and as a result, all young men should be charged through the roof for car insurance? I think the demonisation of men comes without mention as well through this ad.

Another thing worth noting that apart from our speeding male who causes the crash, all the other male victims of the accident died. Those being the guy who got almost totally impaled by one of the cars and the other male driver in the other car, both females survive, hence, the main one is maimed for life. What's the subliminal message here, I wonder? That men are easily expendable and that if they die, not many people will care? Instead, femi - nazis would think ' Yay! That’s one less man we have to worry about! ' Think about that one, readers!

Until next time,


Friday, May 18, 2007

Vote Angry Harry!

Unlike the Irish Election campagin that's going on at the moment, heres one that I actually encourage people to vote for;

Blogger's Choice Awards; Angry Harry

Angry Harry is one of the many MRA sites and I am urging all my fellow MRAs and everyone who believes in free speech to vote for this blog and make it number 1 and throw off the top.

If he wins, this will be a huge boost for the MRA movement and will force men's issues out into the open.

Until next time,


Sheeple, Rants and The End Game

Hey everyone! Thank god my exams are over! Now I have the prospect of…. A Jaw operation to look forward to in June! ( It BETTER be worth it, its seriously going to mess up my plans for this summer and 2nd year in college! ) I doubt very much I’ll go to any end of year class party, though. Well, I know that one’s on but if I don’t get any personal messages form college mate about it, I’m going to assume I’m not invited and won’t go. That way, I’ll prevent another fiasco like the one I’ll talked of recently!

I know this blog has being reading like a rant rag lately but honestly, why should I apologise for it? Its bad enough that as a male I get discriminated against in the West but throw in the fact I have to deal with a dysfunctional family ( There doesn’t seem to be any FUNCTIONAL families anymore. ) and the fact I feel everyone else has getting passes I never seem to get among a hell of a lot of other things it would drive anyone mad!

However, I still carry on. Why? Sometimes, I don’t know why I persist when all the odds are stacked against me and then there are times where I think of when after I graduate, I can finally have my revenge on all those who wronged me. Why should I think revenge ( I mean not physical revenge, more of a spiritual thing ) is wrong? The church has being teaching people that it is wrong to stand up for what they deserve.

I mean…. WTF? Heck, even when they thought us this in school, I thought to myself ’ Huh? That doesn’t make sense ’ That is sheeple talk! Look where that got 32 people over in VA! Look at all the crime in this world, look at all the wrong and yet those in power tell us NOT to stand up for what we deserve? BULLSHIT! If that’s the case, we’d never have made it out of the caves, or even survived at all in the caves!

Mankind got to where it is today because of men who stood up for what they believed they deserved! Only the strongest survive and they are the ones who stood up for themselves. Jesus Christ, the media makes us look like fucking wimps who can’t stand up to bullies, who get away with everyone if you do something against, BAM! Your fucked!

The system will stop at NOTHING to break men like me, posing obstacles every fucking step of the way. Right now, I have no real money, no social circles and I’ve never even being kissed! Its all thanks to the evil feminist movement which made women think that emotional gratification is fun and letting good people rot is EXTRA FUN! What kind of sick world do we live in?

Its getting to the point now where I don’t care about what people think of me, they can hate me and think of me as weird or as a little toy to fuck around with all they want, I don’t care. I had it for so long that I accept I’ll be a loner for life. Heck, in college, where apparently, there would be much less assholes for me to deal with, the situation there is actually worse than what it was in secondary school. I mean, WTF. How the fuck did THAT happen?

There’s too much coldness in the world. Because of the advances in communications technology, the world is actually a lonelier place! Think about that one! I can personally tell you that the idea of me ever having close friends is not going to happen, all because of how fucked up society is! I’m a lone wolf, always have, always will.

That’s what will make the men’s movement all the more dangerous when the shit hit’s the fan. Lone wolves, like me, who don’t have anyone to worry about are the ones will lead us to victory. Heck, it is my belief that the MRA movement needs a martyr in order to truly get the ball rolling! Someone who so set in their ideals, they are willing to DIE for it!

If feminists really think all men are evil and don’t deserve even a whiff of their golden pussies, so be it. Come with even more extreme false statistics, how about you come and say that EVERY WOMAN will get raped in her lifetime! Make staring at a woman a crime punishable by death! Using IVF and tell all wannabe fathers to go fuck themselves. Have your fun with all the bad boys and thugs, get fucked and chucked because its sooooo exciting. Do EVERYTHING in your power to piss as many men as possible. Tell they are nothing, that women are better and men are pieces of shit to be used as slaves and nothing more.

Then, femi - nazis, you will see the greatest backlash in the history of humanity! You will be DESTROYED by BILLIONS of VERY VERY PISSED OFF MEN! Oh, what will think then? No one will there to save, not even the elite and their complex mind control shit, EVERYTHING can be broken, nothing, absolutely NOTHING is fool - proof! Enjoy your thrill for as long as you can, feminists because when we the men raise up, you’ll all regret ever being born female!

Until next time,