Sunday, January 28, 2007

My first critic!

Its being a while coming but it was inevitable, some Femi - nazi who thinks she knows it all has tried to use shaming tactics on me! The results were hilarious.
ahahahahhahah, stupid cunt, imagine using a film as a code for life... Neo? PLease, you know he is fiction right? Same as Rocky?
Great, another stupid fearful fuck wit who blames women for his failings. Grow up kid, maybe you won't be such a wanker then.
Firstly, that didn't even work, all it did was make me LAUGH. Also, guys, you won't believe this but her username on blogger is....... fatmammycat!

Anyways, on to MY thoughts about the comment;

Of course I know they are fiction but they are a mirror of to life, so to speak. In the case of Neo, he is awoken from the matrix or to put into way, he sees the world for what it is, that it is all ONE BIG LIE. At first, he doesn't like what he sees but as we all should know where he ends up by the end of the first film.

As for Rocky, well, Rocky is a reflection of many of us in real life, getting hit HARD by life and seems to be living in the past, however, that didn't stop him from moving forward and opening up his own restaurant. Sly said that when he wrote Rocky Balboa, the Rocky character also reflects his mis - fortunes he has had himself in the past few years, which makes him all the more human.

What about all the other great works of fiction, are you trying to say that they are all irrelevant to life because they are fictional? Well, lets see. Shakespeare's Hamlet, about a person whose, personality isn't suited to dark deeds, like revenge, is burden with doing such a task and the whole play is about how this affects him. Can't you see? That are MANY people like Hamlet, burdened with tasks that don't suit them, be it a job they hate, a femi - nazi for a wife, all lead to the collapse of that person's character.... and soul.

Finally, I DO NOT blame women for my failings, in fact, in my eyes, I'm anything BUT a failure! Stop telling me to ' grow up ' , I've get enough of that from mis - guided family members! I guess your idea of a guy ' growing up ' involves them working in a soul - destroying job for 60 - 80 hours+ a week, they come to a nagging wife who then proceeds to spend the guys money on stupid stuff and drag them even further in debt! Sorry but No Thank You!

Heh, I feel sorry for the cats of Ireland with people like you around!

Monday, January 22, 2007

For your amusement....

Some er.... pro feminist humour..... :O ( its amazing what you can find on college computers! )

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rocky saids it best....

I went to see Rocky Balboa on Friday, very good film, if you ask me. Its good to see such an inspirational film at a time where it seems to be out of fashion! However, there is one key scene where Rocky is speaking to his son that is worth noting.

NHY calls all whiny feminists and manginas to watch this. Yes, you lot, take note!

This is good to see, it seems as if the world is finally waking up to the fact that feminism is BAD NEWS. ( couple this with Borat a few months back and how he made a mockery of a group of Feminists in less than a minute as well, its going good so far ) The feminists forget that it is MEN who built society to the way it is today! Without us, we'd still be in caves and whatnot! If this discrimination of men continues, I can see a new Dark Age come where the masses are uneducated and ruled by a few big guys with an iron fist.

Its the last thing anybody wants but thats what we're being led to! The problem is that most people are BLIND to it! They are not people, they are SHEEPLE! They refuse to see how big brother is watching, how invasive laws are taking away our freedoms and how ' nanny states ' have left once mighty countries like America and the UK a freaking DISASTER AREA!

Some of those who do wise up who not be able to see a way out of it all. Some of them turn to drink drugs or even suicide to escape it all! They have being brainwashed all their lives to see that ' The Way ' ( get educated, get a job, make money, fall in love, get married, buy a house, etc, etc. ) is the only way and that any other way is wrong! That your not being ' a man ' by not following ' The Way ' , let me tell you this, it is the BIGGEST LIE ever sold!

I was there once, a bit like Neo when he first learned the truth, confused and lost. I took of a lot of hits psychologically, something that nearly caused me to crack. Then one day, when at was at its darkest; I finally said ' screw this! ' and confronted the nightmare. Throwing facts is a mighty weapon! After that, I realized, for the first time, that I didn't need to follow this path that I could do things my way and hence, its why I'm here today.

Those who support ' The Way ' are women, big business, corporations, governments, etc. Who ALL want one thing; the biggest false god of all; MONEY. Ignore them, my friends and if they persist, just throw facts at them! :D

Remember, life isn't about how hard you can hit but how hard you can get hit and keep on moving! Keep on moving and NEVER give up, for that, you WILL reap the rewards at the end, I assure you on this.

Until next time,


Monday, January 15, 2007

Another website link

My friends, I present to you this Christian themed website for consumption, its supposedly one of the longest running websites on the Internet today;

Rapture Ready

This site deals with current world events from a rather admittedly pessimistic end times / second - coming - is - upon - us prospective. That being said there are some interesting ideas here that might be worth checking out, especially for those who want to keep their general spiritual health in check.

You are more than welcome to discuss this, however, any arguments over religious beliefs here WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Later everyone,


Saturday, January 13, 2007

ALWAYS trust your instincts

' Never give up, trust your instincts '

- James McCloud, Starfox 64 / Lylat Wars

I was out tonight, well, I always go out every Saturday, same time, same place, a local bar in town. Its my thing I do at time of weekend, depending on the crowd, I either stay late or leave early. I have seen a lot of skanks around, I'll admit, a lot. You should have seen the place on ' Little Women's Christmas ' last week, It was DISGUSTING!
However, a chain of events tonight occurred and its after ticking me off.

You see, one of my many little posses I have thought it might have being funny to try and convince to me to chat up a certain girl in the group and telling me to sit on her lap as it was her birthday. My instinct told me that they were lying because she wasn't exactly in a celebratory mood! I was later to proving right as later, when I was hanging around the group and one of the lads was REALLY trying too hard to convince us and then she shouted at me to ' FUCK OFF FOR A MINUTE! ' Needless to say, I was a little shocked and insulted and to tell you the truth, had this happened back in my nice guy days, I would have being broken by it! ( Side note; I don't even like this girl too much. I kept on asking ' WHY? ' when the lads insisted on me doing this crap! )

Turns out that she had split up with her boyfriend earlier today and she was not in a good mood and pushed by others and me indirectly, she took it out on me! I was cool with it but I think I'm going to hold a bit of a grudge against said girl from now on! ( As well as placing her into my DUMP category ) My instincts were right, I was being made a fool out of! Had I ignored my instincts, I'm pretty damn sure I would have gotten a lot more than a verbal bashing! Years of being victim to these bad jokes have me weary and I'm sure I've missed legitimate opportunities as well but what the hey, if I want to find a girl, I'll do it myself, thank you!

I'm aware many other guys may have being treated in a similar manner to this, either by their girlfriends, mother's, wives, friends or even people they don't know! Listen guys, don't take to heart, they seem to have nothing better to do than worry about their so - called ' problems ' and then take out their frustrations on YOU, either verbally or even physically! Guys, remember this, if your a MAN, you do not need to or rightly should put up with that crap! If I were you, I'd give her marching orders at once! I'm aware that some married / long term relationship guys are worried about divorce and being screwed over by it but remember this; she may take your money, your assets, your children and even your life but she can NEVER, EVER take your soul! He who has a soul is already rich beyond his wildest dreams!

We all have problems, each and every one of us ( I've being quite public about mine ) BUT just because something crap has happened to you recently doesn't mean when someone is fooling around that you have to snap at an innocent bystander! Its a little thing called CONTROL. I know its probably hard to do but it can save time, friendships, money and even lives.

So, the moral of this story is; Always trust your instincts and you will NEVER go wrong!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Belated 2007 wishes!

Hey everyone, Happy Belated New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed New Years Eve! I know I did, with the help of... ahem.... some shots! :p

Into 2007 we go then. The year of the seven, its a lucky number, you know. Maybe this could just be the year that feminism and all the lies that it represents, is finally blown open to the public! Many mainstream sources are starting to say ' Oh my god! What the hell have we done!!??? '

Maybe it could because the powers that be, the owners of all the large cooperations, ( mostly MEN, remember, lets stay out of the whole area of NWO here ) realise that maybe they too are in danger of being screwed by over by the VERY society they've helped create! I think the whole Paul McCartney / Heather Mills thing has gotten them alarmed, they could be next and rightly, they now want to be rid of it!

I'm quietly optimistic about 2007. For one, I can say that the nice guy in me is now DEAD. There was no longer any place for him, so he passed away. I'm now more hardass, a real good guy. I still play the dating game, yes I do but now I play it by MY rules! Why CARE?

As many other blogs have noted, there has indeed being an explosion of MRA / MGTOW related blogs on the internet but it is still in its infancy, the REAL battle hasn't even started yet! The early adopters, like Pook's Mill, MRA Revolutionary, Captain Zarmband, Mirror of the Soul and the likes will be looked up to.

I hope to post more personal observations, more examples of Irish Femi - Culture and the likes. I also wish to touch on the NWO and all the things that surround it but alas, that is all to come... in 2007.

Have a safe journey in 2007, comrades.